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Reviews 23,475

  1. To think, we thought this app would be different.
    Bob Smothers
    It is not, if you are watching a video and ANYTHING happens with your phones screen. That causes the app to leave the screen. Will cause you to lose your place in the show you are watching. Among other technical snags. The real issue, is why CC can't stop catering to their cable company overlords. It all breaks down to regional ads, only reason why they need you to sign in through a cable company. Just keep pirating, the talent already got paid, and you don't have to deal with CC and their advertising!
  2. Really, developers?
    Tiffany SouthernHelle
    It's bad enough I have to download the CC app to binge on zen (Android tablet), but I can't view it in landscape, AND the link doesn't even work? For days now? *facepalm*
  3. Terrible UI. Terrible app
    Adam Roark
    Love the programming, hate the app. Don't ever close the app before you're done watching a video, it won't remember where you are and it's impossible to get it anywhere near the time you left. Also it will never remember your login information. What's most irritating to me is the volume of the commercial verses the actual video. It's ridiculous, literally have my tv's volume set at 24 for the video I'm watching, then right before the commercial break I've got to get it down to 8. Otherwise my hears bleed.
  4. Connection speed is bad
    Matthew Schwartz
    I want to love this, because I love the shows, but it sucks. It is midnight on a Tuesday and it sucks cause it clicked in for a second and was awesome so I know what it could be. Could be on my end. But right now it is blurry awesome.
  5. App sends notifications about promoted shows
    Micah Catlin
    The notifications bar is incredibly privileged space on a phone. Don't use it for advertising content.
  6. Honestly
    Felicia Welch
    Comedy Central has been on DISH Network for years, it's ridiculous that it's not supported by its app. Deleted!
  7. Enabling this racket
    Michael Bukowski
    Much of the content is held behind a login based on a cable suscription. They have removed content from Hulu Plus (which is a pay wall) and put it behind a higher pay wall.
  8. Crap is an understatement
    Jenna McW
    Don't get me wrong , I love South Park. However, I'd like to watch other CC programs as well. No joy. No app. See ya!
  9. lazarus343
    I was watching the month of zen on my tablet through the website and it suddenly stopped working. The site gave me a message saying that I had to watch it through the app, but the link does not work. PLEASE FIX. I will adjust my rating when it works. EDIT- Just updated to lastest version, month of zen still doesn't work.
  10. No Dish Login? I've waited patiently.
    Ryan Hodek
    Still no Dish Login. Absolutely ridiculous. I've been patient, assuming it was it was being worked on and yet almost a year later there is still nothing.
  11. App to SDcard...
    Jovanny A Rodriguez
    Please add the ability to be able to move the App to the SDcard. Thank you...
  12. TV providers
    Miguel Hernandez
    It would be nice if u could add Dish network
  13. Great app, all content, can stream to my roku stick
    Zubaer Jalil
    I don't know what all the noise about not streaming is about. I'm able to cast screen straight to my roku stick and enjoy all the shows on my TV. I just hate the cable login access requirement.
  14. Jake Waage
    How the holy hell does this steaming pile of unusable BS have 4 stars? Slow, buggy, horrific UI. Spammy notifications. I finally tried to use it because I wanted to watch an extended Daily Show interview. It honestly wasn't worth the pain and drove me back to Hulu - not exactly the pinnacle in app design, but better than this. Ugh.
  15. Ron Archuleta
    Needed a TV provider for some shows is quite frustrating for those of us who are trying to "cut the cord".
  16. Can't zen binge on Chromecast
    Jeremy Martin
    Still can't zen binge on my Chromecast. What a waste. Who wants to be restricted to watch this on their phone, tablet, or computer when you have a nice Chromecast hooked up to a TV and the app supports Chromecast? Why did you exclude Zen from being able to Chromecast?
  17. South park
    Gerardo Rodriguez
    I love this app for SOUTH PARK AND KENNY
  18. Can't stream to my chromecast.
    Angel De La Riva
    I tried watching The Meltdown to support & not pirate it and it works perfectly fine when I try to watch it on my phone, but then when I try to stream it to my chromecast there is a 90 second commercial literally every minute. Makes it unwatchable.
  19. Waiting for cable provider.
    Shawn Miller
    I've been waiting for some time now for my cable provider to show up on on the login screen "charter communications". But to no avail.the app in it's self seems decent. I would like to be able to explore it in it's entirety. Ty.
  20. Whyyyyy?
    Jean paul carret
    Whyyyyyyyyy is the dose the screen dosn't plz fix it i will rate you 5 stars if you fix it


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