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  1. Lotsa Fun!! (& more )
    Judy Klassoff
    Deceptively simple. ....until you start playing, then you will find it gets more complex and more entertaining and more addictive with every game! ! Fun for All Ages! !!!
  2. Dick Day
    Love the game! One of the best I've played, BUT absolutely horrible on my new OPO with Cyanogenmod 11. Crashes after every level and sound is so buggy it wiped out the system sound scheme on phone. Totally not happy with all the crashes and bugs. Insult to injury is full page ads after every level, just before the crash. Brilliant concept, execution sucks. Uninstall...
  3. Really confusing, really good. Really. Probably.
    Pete Sztencel
    GraBLOX is a simple-looking app with ridiculously difficult puzzles. Clearing the blocks often defies all attempts to visualise a solution, and in many instances the gameplay mantra is TAP, FAIL, UNDO, TAP, FAIL, UNDO. It's engaging and amusing but still quite baffling - much like gatecrashing a Stanley Unwin convention: I understand the words, but the meaning escapes me. I think. Perhaps it's the other way aroundlode. Not only is the app free, it comes with a great bonus. The Developers allow you to devise your own levels with their GraBLOX 'designer's kit'. Deep joy! It's fascinating and fun. Overall, this is an absurdly hard game made entertaining by the Undo and Restart Buttons, the lack of a clock/timer (phew!), and the fact that one's countless failures remain just that - uncounted. I don't exactly love GraBLOX yet, but I do enjoy graPPLING with it and think it deserves 4 stars.
  4. Deceptively challenging
    Ericka Nielsen Barber
    It starts easy and obvious but builds quickly to challenging. The frustration is eased by the Go Back and Reset buttons (and on to the Solutions page, if necessary), and no keeping count of how many tries it takes because, who cares? Solving a complicated puzzle on your own is exhilarating and amazingly satisfying for such a simple game. It's Free! It's Fun! Get this game!
  5. Simple, bugs free, addictive
    Harry Stratoglou
    The one game you must have! Try it, and you will see what I mean!
  6. Can't decide
    Leah Lidholm
    For not having written instructions it's not hard to play and so far it is challenging enough to keep me playing and even writing this rating... I can't decide if I like it or love it.
    Rebecca Garcia
    Totally different game from all the rest! Challenging, frustrating, fun & infuriating all in one!! Great job guys!! A++++++++++++++
  8. Samsung galaxy s4
    Joel Childrey
    Very addicting as well as annoying " when you find the answer to the puzzle and it was so simple ".
  9. hard but fun
    Glyn Johnson
    Makes me so frustrated to see how easy each level is after I finally figure it out. Very entertaining. If I keep playing maybe my IQ will go up. Lol
  10. So much fun
    Mickey Mostoller
    I have this game installed on all my family's devices!! LOL
  11. Fun & addicting
    Jeremy Bauman
    The puzzles are fun and the noises & are cute... How can one not things that squeal joyously at getting blown up?
  12. graBLOX
    William Wigelsworth
    Enjoyable game..some are really hard..some really easy..all fun...
  13. Time stealer
    Nick Green
    I spend way too much time unravelling some of these puzzles. Great game to strain your brain.
  14. Great challenge
    Ruth Marshall
    Really enjoying this game. Easy to pick up and do a couple of levels and come back to later. Quite addictive.
  15. Christa Marshall
    Just when you think you're never going to figure it out, you get it! So fun!
  16. Great puzzle-game!
    Leslie P
    It offers a wide range of difficulty. Love it!
  17. Rebecca Needham
    Challenges me to consider alternative scenarios. Good brain exercise!
  18. Good game
    Tantan Hadiansyah
    But crap im stuck at page 6, and my brain hurrtttss so much more
  19. Grablox
    Donna Thornock
    What a fun and challenging game. I was hooked after the first game I played.
  20. Fantastic Game
    Mark W
    No flaws yet. An thanks for the tips. Every once in a while I might have to peek