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  1. Great!!
    Miyuki Yamasaki
    I play Voltage &Arith sims and I'm very happy with them both. My only complaint is towards the people who whine that these games should be free. The people who work and present these games work very hard and certainly should be compensated. Why are you arrogant enough to demand that these should be free?! This is a business and if you don't want to pay for these, don't download them. To the Voltage staff, i support your hard work and will gladly pay to play these great games. Thank you .
  2. So happy to pay
    Gen Nobody
    I am so happy to pay for the stories rather than the free to play visual novels out there that you have to wait to finish reading the chapters. I get to read it all in one sitting. With that being said it sucks it's so much for each story but worth it.
  3. Can't play at all!!
    belle cannon
    It won't work for me!!it keeps saying ERROR Mobile Device Info samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 Error Info Third party software is acting on the emulator. Repair Methods Please restart the app on a device without a prohibited third party app. But even if I restart the app it still won't let me play the game! PLEASE HELP I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!!
  4. OMG Yukiiiii, the sweetest guy ever!!!
    Silver Kan
    Yukinojo is such an angel *o* omg I really fell hard for him!!! Just...absolutely adorableeee!!! I can't get enough of him! My heart goes all flustered when I read his story.I love the plot. All the guys are great,the music is just awesome!This is my fav Vol game. The conversations are so well done and depict pretty well each character's personality. I don't mind the pay since it's totally worth it.It's the whole hard work of Voltage's people so pls anyone complaining about paying,respect their work.
  5. Error
    Heather B
    Can't even play it always gives me this dose anyone know how to fix this. ◆ERROR◆ ■Mobile Device Info samsung SM-N900P ■Error Info Third party software is acting on the emulator. ■Repair Methods Please restart the app on a device without a prohibited third party app.
  6. Van Gopher
    i really do love this game, i do wish that i didn't have to pay to read the rest of the story though, i got really sad and felt let down when i figured that out :/ but id have to say that Kyoga is definitely my favorite :)
  7. Love this!!!!
    Kasey Smith
    So worth every penny!! Can't decide who is my favorite hehe. If your looking for something to get pulled Into this app is for u! Please never stop creation for this app. I'll follow it always!!!
  8. Ria Riyz
    I'll rate 5 stars maybe if you release new more story. Maybe a story bout after the child born? XD
    Kirarinku Amie
    I bought Yukinojo's story and I'm not disappointed or anything~♡ it's so sad and beautiful. I LOVE IT! But there is one thing that I'm not pleased.... Why can't the game can be played offline? Beside the emails from the characters when finishing an episode need online mode but I really want to play the game wherever I go :(
  10. Sucks
    Ajazia Edwards
    You seriously have to pay to play this game?! That sucks, I'm going back to my Shall We Date games, they're much better than this anyways
  11. Fuuuuu!
    Sakura Chan
    I had purchsed and read all characters main stories and three of the epilouges . Game worked fine for a few weeks then started to crash on startup every time. Uninstalled and reinstalled repatedly but no luck getting the game to work. I HATE LOSING MONEY! More so since i was really enjoying the stories and would have bought more if this problem hadnt continued update, finally after a long wait my game is loading again. Hope this continues
  12. Great as ever!!! - 5E8Z2az
    gureumin pcy
    Voltage has released a great game again!!! I really like this game's theme!!! All the guys are really really hot!!! I just can't wait for other characters to be released!!! Please use my code to unlock your CG: 5E8Z2az
  13. Amazing! 5l3yl3u
    Monique Aguirre
    Please use my invite code: 5l3yl3u thanks! Invite a friend campaigns end May 29th!!
  14. Why pay for everything? And glitches
    Wannaplayaj Animaljam
    I feel like you get all the regular story's should be for free ex. 1 2 3. Make all the little stories stay paid for. Not every1 has the money for all of them. It still is a great game! Also during the prologue it glitches out.
  15. I'm worried
    Nightcore Cute Girl
    Please someone tell me that it won't work with my Samsung too please I'm pretty worried........ (blushing).. please
  16. Very upset
    Tate Cook
    Yuki story I paid for and now because I had to get a new tablet. I! Using my same Google account that I paid for the story with. Its basically telling me I have to buy it again. That is a rip off. I paid about 5 bucks and can't get to my game. removed it very mad
  17. Kawaii game yo!
    Celeste Royalstone
    Amazing the story is great! And I love sales ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
  18. Not Free
    Morgan Loughner
    This was really well made however this is not free. It cost 3.99 for the main story. Ive read others from a different maker and their main story was all free! Im very disappointed. I really wanted to read the rest of the story.
  19. Miku Hatsune
    I love this game ♥. I really love Miyabi, Shinra, and Chikage. Keep making new games
  20. But.....
    Alana Smith
    I love it but I wish you didn't have to pay for anything


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