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midnight cinderella


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  1. I LOVE IT!
    fatima badayos
    This game is really awesome,I swear! I wish that voltage will continue to make such a grat PARTY versions of their games like this.
  2. 89cb27df here is my code
    Elizabeth Engebretsen
    It's a really good story so far, and it's free unless you want to progress faster, but it gives you something to look forward to when you get your love passes every day at 11am.. But if u feel like spending .99¢ for on pass then more power to u lol, and I can also earn gems rather than buy them.. be patient :-) it's worth it!!
  3. Ong uh
    The thing is.i got 6 love pass and i have to restart the whole chapter where i stopped ald at 5/10 and the lpvr passes are limited. Can you us to continue our romance without the love pass? So far the story was great.
  4. What is going on
    Heather Abbitt
    I've been playing this game for over two months and now all of a sudden I log into the game and everytime I click on anything in the game it goes straight to ads won't let me do anything not even read either story. Once that is fixed I will give 5stars but not until then. I really like the stories but don't like what's its doin. Will uninstall if it keeps messing up.
  5. Sleepless is a dreamy adventure!
    Leanna Selby
    I'm totally addicted to this game. The hunger for more to the story rages on! lol
  6. verity stuart
    addictive affection... Easy to catch the lonely in games of love. Give me what I need and I'm all yours! Call me a sucker for love but, I need these games! Love all the angles. Still can't find the code and I still don't mind.
  7. veronika kristanti
    I really love this, finished reading mirai story.. but sadly if i want t change the character after this I have to reinstal since it didn't start from the prolog since the prolog can build chemistry too
  8. Perfect
    Katherine Turner
    Bb4d2cd6 here's my code. I love the beautiful artwork and unlike other fantasy games I've played, I love how you can wear whatever you want and still keep the glamour. And a fever days are great for catching up!
    gina bailey
    I love it with a capital L_O_V_E i mean best app ive ever owned!!! PLEASE EXTEND THE BRIDAL EVENT IM HAVING A GREAT TIME DOING IT AN IM NOT DONE AND I RLY DONT WANT IT TO LEAVE! Plz plz plz extend if u do i will go back to 5 stars
  10. Love it!
    I love this game. It's not annoying like other games where you need over the top amount of chemistry to get a happy ending plus you can raise you chemistry easily in my opinions. So far i have finished yuzuki and noel's route it's cute and now i am playing satsuki. I have a feeling that I will like satsuki's route more. So far one of the best games I played along with be my princess party.
  11. Love It (this account is meh moms -_-)
    tina farrell
    I love ot but the thing is I get sad when I wake up knowing its not my own life I really wish I could have a life like this it would be awesome with a mysterious romance I always wish it would happen and I download a lot of their games... I feel like its my life and I cant stop playong I get sad when its not my life because i kinda hate my life hoping it gets better.. Help Me Please??!?!?!
  12. My favorite game of all time!!!!!
    Kanchana Munoruth
    I love it soo much..! This is the best game ever..! The characters are soo cute! I love Mirai Kangeyama..he's soo cute and funny! I'm now reading the story again with Ryoichi Hirose! I love him when he blushes..he's soo cute..! I recommend this game to all story lovers..!
  13. Love it
    Lana Delrayzx
    This game Is really amazing , the guys are cute and sexy especially Satsuki ^.^ also I love Noel with his attitude and quietness. Yuzuki can be a bitch but hes cute and for the rest they are amazing(even perverted ryoichi) oh and talk about funny thy are all cute when they fight lol good game xD :3
  14. What the hell?
    Natsumi Okizawa
    I try to post this comment on my friend's page "Hi! Thnx for the interviews!" And it won't let me post! How the hell is it inappropriate??? Also I often can't even write a simple "hello" on their pages. Seriously????
  15. My invite code -- 9ebc98c0
    Kelly Evans
    This game is really good I love all the characters. And their stories are also wondrous. Some grammatical misspells but quiet enchanting. All the detail in the backgrounds and everything else is amazing. Voltage is the best. Keep it up!!! My invite code again: 9ebc98c0 (to get free items in game) = ̄ω ̄=
  16. :3 A Free Game, Finally! (Or Not?)
    Lily Rainne
    Actually, I wanted Voltage to see my comments and reviews on their games... I've loved everything about Voltage's games, but they're paid :/, since I still don't have a job and just can't ask for my parent's money, I still have to wait for another 7 years =_=)... But, finally! A free game made by Voltage! :DD I deleted the game at first thinking that I'd waste my time reading a free prologue again and need to buy the stories, but no... FInally a free game! T^T) Still haven't tried this yet, but I hope Voltage will keep releasing apps like this! :DD
  17. Love it.
    Trisha Jean
    The only thing is i wish voltage can give more love passes. I mean can all of us get 10 love passes a day? It makes me feel really excited (mixed emotion haha). And the other thing is can't we get gems without purchasing it? Still okay if no. I know it also costs money for the voltage inc. But this is really awesome game! I really love it.
  18. Awesome!!!! - ef2eaf1a
    gureumin pcy
    Voltage, you're as great as ever!! This game is so incredible. I've always wanted to play it for so long and then you release the free version!! Good job guys!! Plus, all the characters are so hot, especially Yuzuki♥ and the BGM is nice too! - ef2eaf1a
  19. Amazing Story
    Jessica Owens
    Even though there has been a few misspellings and grammar errors, this game is an absolute MUST download if you like Otome games. The stories are so submersive and detailed that you feel that you are there with your celebrity. My favorite so far is Satsuki Kitaoji and I am currently on Yuzuki. I hope they get Chihaya into this game. Totally worth the space and maybe more space. :D
  20. Would give it five stars but...
    Samantha adeagbo
    At a recent event. There has been a glitch where furniture I have "received" has not been put in my room I've look for it over and over but could. Ilnot find the furniture. (The furniture was room bases and wall papers etc.)


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