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  1. What the fuck did just happen???
    Spencer Gabrylle Heafy
    Isn't it the purpose of logging in to your Facebook is to save your game progress?? Then why when I'm trying to log in, my game restarted?? Come on top farm, this is my favorite game,,, and now im really disappointed in what was happening!!!
  2. Love this farm game
    wendy cumming
    Love this one. Much better than hey day. Great car actors. So much fun. "How much longer do we have to wait for the island to open??"
  3. Wow you really messed up this game
    Diane Murphy
    Now you have to sign into Facebook to use some features. Not everyone has a Facebook account nor wants one. I have emailed support 3 times and have not received any useful response . I refuse to spend money on a game with such terrible customer service. I used to love this game but since the last update I am losing interest in it. Fix this or lose me forever. People are waiting for some kind of response from you. Hello???? UPDATE: 6/3/2015 Still waiting. I guess Vostu/Halfbrick only wants "Facebook people" to play Top Farm. So be it. Goodbye. UPDATE ...Finally fixed ....thank you
  4. Aniv Lee
    Every barn and silo are too small and they r all full. You must spend a lot of time to earn a little bit coin, but everything is so expensive!
  5. Lost everything!
    Bianca Pool
    Been playing 2yrs and game just restarted. No option to log off and get old Facebook account. Received no answer when complain
  6. Tim Woods
    Still shuts down when trying to access the market truck. Played relegiously but not since i cant access the market truck. Did the recent update but still can't access the market truck. Fix or will uninstall!!!!!
  7. Would give it 5 stars but,
    Destiny Day
    It wouldn't let me even access my market truck before but im now trying out the update to see If it works thanks for doing this it was a huge bug now it's not and my barn was full and so was my silo I was like how in the world are you supposed to even enter your market truck with an ad popping up every single time
  8. Great game
    Ct Nur Fi3
    If u stop popping out the advertising ad would be great..
  9. Force stop
    cody araman
    The game was working just fine and now i cant collect my sold itrms from ma market truck it causes force stop...plz fix i really love this game
  10. Sheila Johnson
    Love this app if only the players didnt charge so much for goods it would help others
  11. Cute app
    Lisa Lacefield
    Update fixed nothing! Still shuts down when clicking on the market sale truck, very frustrating, please fix this fast!
  12. Brilliant... 5 stars!
    Katy Costello
    I love this game! So glad the Facebook thing is sorted, can't wait to send my van off :-D
  13. sania afzal
    Please update the game correctly because the animals automatically going outside from there pen's.... Please update fast...
  14. Hayley Gardner
    I've been playing this game for about 6 mths & have just reached level 48 but still can't get on the long have you got to wait?
  15. Suck !!
    corne marais
    The tools needed for upgrading your machine's are very rear and you need the tools to make your producing rate faster. And The blue,green,red and brown recycled bags are no where to be found !!! Please try to fix these problems
  16. Let's see how the updates play out...
    madmiss bliss
    I was having major problems with the Facebook login push. We'll see...
  17. Awesome
    Levi Ballard
    I am a farmer myself and play this when I get a break and it's great and realistic!
  18. Decent, entertaining
    Meredith Pustell
    Aside from the whole "spend real money on game stuff" thing which this game (and many others) has going, this is pretty fun.
  19. Good fun
    Laura Noe
    Very fun way to kill time, great art design. UPDATE: Thank you for fixing the market truck.
  20. julietta benn
    I can not get to sell anything on my market truck please will you fix it.


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