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Ben Chandler | Developer

Francisco Grundislav | Designer

Janet Gilbert | Chief Technology Officer

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  1. Gemini Rue
    Daniel Gore
    I had this game on my home P. C back in the day's of Windows XP lol and i was blown away. Now I have it on my phone which is only a small cheapo Alcatel pop c1 and ITS STILL FREAKEN AWESOME! If you like investigation RPG'S get it, get it, get it, get it! (new) lost my Alcatel now using Sony Experia, wow. Did I mention that you should "get it, get it, get it " lol
  2. Great old-school game, but a fatal flaw
    Paul Friis-Gallagher
    Lovely point-and-click-style adventure. Tapping on the screen interacts with the protagonist, moves him, and also skips speech. However, internal monologue, and conversations with NPCs can happen without warning, and if you are busy tapping the screen at that moment you find you dismiss the information, and there is no way to retrieve it. After doing so countless times, and fearful that I missed just too much information (and getting annoyed) I gave up playing and uninstalled. Please fix!
  3. Nice atmosphere and story, ok puzzles
    Thomas Zangerl
    If you loved point and click adventures like Blade Runner, you'll sure like this game. Good story and great sci-fi noir atmosphere. The puzzles however are not great and on the easy side. Appreciated the game as a fragmented tale though, and very much so.
  4. A modern classic
    Zack Taylor
    Very reminiscent of the point and click adventure games so popular in the 90s (think Blade Runner, Simon the Sorceror, The Feeble Files, Broken Sword etc). Interesting plot, well designed, fitting graphics, nicely animated, great voice acting especially for the mobile platform where such things are largely forgotten. A must play.
  5. Great game
    Chris Murphy
    Grew up on adventure games. Love the story, gameplay, and sci fi noir style. Definitely recommend it.
  6. Incredible!
    Keyser Soze
    There needs to be more games like this. *****
  7. Very good!
    Maryan Duritan
    I was completely drawn in by the game. Marvelous story.
  8. One of the best point and click adventure games on android
    Sagar Asthana
    I have no words to describe how awesome this game is...the story,the gameplay,the dark atmosphere,all of this adds up to a very very interesting adventure game...if you are a fan of point and click adventure games with a great story then this game is definitely for u :-)
  9. Error everything I try to download!
    Gruagach. Iron Shoes
    I really want to play (and buy) this game but it gets so far then and error message pops up!?! I've got a brand new top spec xperia so don't know whats the craic?trying again 3rd time so I will adjust the rating accordingly.
  10. Fans of sci-fi / dystopia noir take note
    Dean Faccini
    A fantastic game. Worth every penny. Make a sequel! !
  11. Very good game
    The ending was meh, overall very interesting game. Would like to see the developer make more games like these.
  12. Loved it
    Adam Bown
    Proper old school point and click (touch?). Felt like the old Blade Runner game.
  13. Best adventure game for Android!
    Dan Peutrill
    This is an awesome game! Reminded me of beneath a steel sky but better! It's sad that there's barely any point and click adventure games released on Android. A must for cyberpunk fans!
  14. Good game
    Rhysalius M
    I enjoyed the game very much ,but I am disappointed in the length; they could have made it longer for the money spent. The story was interesting and kept my attention tho. I look forward to more like this.
  15. Adventure genre, exemplified.
    Josh Wermers
    With an atmosphere that sets a mood of grim noir, Gemini Rue is a walk through the echelon of great adventure games.
  16. :-(
    Mihir patel
    This game hangs after a "Juice Level" and I think it is due to sound & graphics. Other then that game works just fine.
  17. Great game!
    Tim Bannister
    Played this on PC and was really happy to find this available on android. I've only played it for a bit and so far my thoughts are: Good controls, good gameplay, nice storyline. I hope that they will be able to port Resonance some time in the future.
  18. Rick Woolcock
    How to spoil a good game. Great fun. Got almost to the end, until the combat bit in the tower. Had to give up. No way of bypassing it. Don't bother if youre no good at combat.
  19. Great retro game with Great story!
    Timothy McBearington
    I loved this game. Made me feel like I was a kid again playing old dos adventures. Its a point and click adventure / puzzle game that I couldn't put down. The story was great! I cared about the plot and it had a few twists and turns in it that I loved. I really like the questions it brings up about the self and questioning who we are and what makes us ourselves. I miss games with great stories. The focus of this game is the story driving that makes sense you hungry for more. Felt like I was playing a movie
  20. Combat
    Helen ST
    I love a good adventure game and this looked promising but I stopped playing after a few hours. Too many gun fights, which are infuriatingly laggy, have a poor user interface and if you die you're sent back to a certain point and have to click through the same tedious conversations to try again. I'm not great at (or interested in) shooting games so this quickly sucked out all the fun.