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  1. Buggy
    Brianna Zaino
    Buggy on my Nexus 7 tablet. Often has problems opening the game and loading levels. Can't even download on my Samsung galaxy S5 due to a 905 error
  2. Fixed
    Alice Edwardson
    It took some time, but they seem to have fixed my previous problem where I had not only lost all progress but also could no longer progress past world 1 of the main levels. Also liked that they upgraded my extra world purchases to a ssn pass. A great game, worth the money.
  3. Like. But error
    Brittney Stewart
    I like the game but when i open it it gives me a warning that askes me to delete user made objects and whatever i click it wont go away and wont let me play. Please fix.
  4. Love it
    Jeremiah Swoffer
    Plzzz add a red hair boy skin and others to we need more people to be .
  5. I love the game but something is wrong
    Graeme Tang
    I got the game on my ipod a while ago so when I realized it had come to the android market I was thrilled. I bought it but now it apparently won't install on my galaxy s4, as soon as it works, this will definitely be 5 stars
  6. I would give it 5 stars but
    Chastity Henry
    The last worlds I bought disappeared. I bought the additional world and I have played many if them, but now it is only showing the first 5. -_-
  7. I change back
    Hayden Rinker
    Awesome Warner bros studios or whoever made this game just make it so it dosent load so slow and fix up bugs and glitches and the game would be even better than it is now
  8. Disfunctional
    Charlie Parker
    It won't let me pick up objects without at least 80 attempts. Focuses on making the character move instead. Terrible control layout - refund!!
  9. Missing worlds
    Oriana G
    The game was great, but I opened it up and all the worlds past 5 are gone. I don't even have the option to rebut them, not that I would want to but they're just gone. Fix please! I love this game but I've already beat the first five worlds to completion.
  10. Error
    Dragon Noble
    I love watching people play this game so I paid for I, but when I try to download it has an error 905 pop up and I tried to fix it but doesn't work please provide a way for me so I can rate higher
  11. 1 thing.
    Brad Gerthoffer
    Maybe could you put in numbers. I would love to write like ak-47
  12. Wth
    Matthew Deleon
    When I put portal gun u just give me gun when I put teleporting guy u just give me guy maybe instead of saying did u mean u should give us what we asked for
  13. Nice concept but touchscreen fail on Galaxy note 2014 10.1
    John Collomosse
    I liked the concept but this doesn't work properly the UI prevents me processing past the tutorial first steps due to buggy touchscreen on my galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition. Refunding.
  14. Broken on lenovo tablet
    Ethan Cooper
    The ground and NPCs are glitchy they don't show up properly on the screen and there all over the place and only when I die the screen and other characters go back to normal, please fix for lenovo tablets and I shall rate higher and if you can't please tell me how I can solve it
  15. Hilarious!
    Caitlyn Morgan
    This game has the most random vocabulary/library; you can even make a Jenny Greenteeth! The puzzles are challenging and make me think. However, I'd like it if I didn't have to go through the "Level Start" and "Hint" windows every time I fail or reset the level. And... This is kind of weird... Any time I create a 'super' object and it gets damaged, a Winged Polka-Dot Bathtub shows up.
    Tina Esquivel
    Shesh man, this game is awesome. Some other people think its bad because of bugs on the game. Actually think again. Its your device which doesn't accept the, I have a nexus. It doesn't accept Scribblenauts even when I uninstall all the apps downloaded! I love the game still though because you let the creativity on the other side of my brain explode.!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
  17. Rip off
    Gabriela Arroyo
    Just takes your money what a RIP OFF and you have to buy everything character s more levels playgrounds uh WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY DONT BUY IT
  18. da best
    Michael Ochoa
    Its great like its creative fun a real mental challenging game I like it a lot just one problem why can't everything you type actually come? Like even if its like adult stuff just do it and more peeps will buy
  19. TERRIBLE!!!
    Vinny games
    I take back what I said about this game being awesome I have the first and second Scribblenauts games on my DSI and it was way better than this crap!!! Seriously Warner bros HA more like Warner bruhs. The reason why I am saying this is because I can't even download it. :-(
    Pepe Ruiz
    I need a refund the game does not work I mean like when I go to the app it is just blank with a gitch. It slows down my tablet even only if I have 3 games and no longer lets me download apps. So can you fix it creater, or give me a refund, or I will just share it to my friends and family members so they do not buy this game because it is a waist of money.