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  1. Great but...
    scott allen
    You won't get a 5 until you make it shield controller compatible. Please make it so, and I will do the same. Thank you
  2. Slow loading and can't see the cut scenes!
    Oldies Mex
    I recently bought the game for my Samsung tab4 liked the first level but won't load second level and the cut scene don't play it just shows a black screen and I can hear the sounds and but no scene please fix I'll give you 5 stars when fixed other than that fun game .
  3. Needs improvement
    Ashton Rubery
    The game is great and its exactly like the 3DS version, but the controls are very bad. Instead of swiping make a D pad so its easier to move. If u did I would of rated 5 stars.
  4. It force closes on start up
    Arlene Esquivel
    Every time I start the game it automatically force closes on me. What is the point of buying a video game that doesn't work? For a Sprint Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
  5. Almost 5
    Joseph Mennit
    How and the heck do you do the super moves, I see what it says but it don't work. Will get a 5 star once I get that to work.
  6. Very very addicting game love it
    Danny Vaca
    I'm starting to get addicted to this game very very good just at time the controls can be annoying but other than that it is an amazing game..... I originally wanted to play this game but they didn't have it available in the android market Just for Apple and iPad
  7. Would love to have freeplay around the city
    Adam Funderburk
    Wish it had the free play feature that let you just mess around in the city (like the console version) after you've completed the game. It would increase the fun/replay value when you just want to kill some time.
  8. Love it.
    Brody Ennis
    It's tricky and drives me crazy sometimes but it's awesome and worth the money.but I would like to be able to go to the city and mess around like on Xbox but it's still great.
  9. Not sure
    Jessica Collett
    My six year old seems to like it, but he's too young for an expensive tab so the app is just too large. He can't download anymore than two small apps after this one. SUCH A BUMMER!!!!
  10. Excelsior
    Camron Walker-Baker
    Warner bros. You guys have out done yourself with this game . Please release a lego batman 2 game for the Google play store that would be amazing.
  11. Superb in everyway!!!
    Now this is a complete port from 3ds!!! Runs top notch on my Samsung galaxy light running 4.4.2 kk/1.4 quadcore... Graphics are good, controls are responsive, gameplay and story are very entertaining. I feel for this more than lego star wars complete saga I've got also..things react better when you hit or shoot it in lego marvel super hero's in my opinion :), keep up the great work Warner bros!!!
  12. can't see cut scenes
    Nicholas Martinez
    On my galaxy tab a when go to the cut scenes ,they last 5 seconds and the screen goes black and cut scene is over so please fix ,so nobody else who buys this game has to have that happen
  13. Battery drained fast
    Fat Monkey
    Had been holding on to iphone because it used to be available for ios. didnt see anything difference except battery. For 1 level, 3% of the battery gone :( .
  14. Great game
    choo zhe rui
    It's a great game, Lego and marvel, however, the controls seems to be buggy. The physical attack button always seems to clash with the direction. Upon tapping, my character turns and takes small step instead.
  15. Please read
    k leedy
    What? It just starts out with iron man and hulk fighting abomination but WHY? There is no intro for me did you guys get one? It also crashes every time I complete a level. Please reply and I might get it again. I was really looking forward to this game. I dragged my dad to target to get a 10$ card and head phones but I cut the cord to the headphones and now this game doesn't have a story. I'm disappointed and kind of upset. DO NOT BUY ITS NOT WORTH IT, ITS NOT AS FUN AS YOU THINK I WANT A REFUND!
    Kbjbufu Jfdjejd
    Awesome game but,complicated controls but still cool....amazing work..! Do more Lego harry potter,Jurassic park,one marvel only maybe like iron man ( only)to get the dpad control go tap/click the thing under the Lego brick! :3
  17. Jason Brown
    I love this game, but what messes it all up for me is the controls, I really don't like the swipe mode to move as it is difficult to get used to especially when fighting. And, when you switch to the "analog" mode to move, you can't do certain things like shooting three different targets at once, which you need to do to open doors. Please fix the freaking controls....I did pay 6.99 for this game when there are far better games on the market for free with better controls.
  18. Boden Smith
    I love this game on the 360 but there needs to be d pad and not swipe controls so fix that plz google play
  19. Hell yea
    Travis Chambers
    Not bad at all. Runs smooth and is super fun to play. Its just too bad there isn't multiplayer. The controls can be a bit wonky at first but you get used to it.
  20. Good but
    Jack Lee
    There is no free roam like I thought u could buy a person and play free roam please add it in


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Bug fixes and optimizations to bring you an even better experience.
- Fixed the Nexus 7 crash and improved compatibility with other Android devices.
- Added Support for Immersive Mode (requires Android 4.4 or higher).