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James Tucker | Creative Director of Animation Mike Carlin, Director

Joel Schumacher | Board Member

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Reviews 17,599

  1. Please fix
    I bought this game because it looked amazing, but when I got in the textures on some people weren't working. I tried to play the very first level but it just crashed instantaneously. Please fix this. Until it is fixed it's a quick way to make money (Galaxy tab 4)
  2. Fix It! Thief!
    G Clare
    I can load a game and just like a Wii it will show you the faces of the characters that you start as but then it goes black! It doesn't work on my memo pad! Who ever made this game needs to fix it or he/she is a THIEF!
  3. Is it awsome? Yes
    Sean Conner
    This was and still is one of my favorite games, but it sometimes force closes and also lags a bunch but it is definitely worth the 7 dollars.
  4. Great game.. But (updated version)
    forest lee
    Great to have on my phone. I loved it on my console years ago.. But it lags my Sony z3 which isn't a slow phone.. So needs some work please
  5. Just black
    Logan Carter
    I open the game and I can hear music, but no menu shows up. I am on a motorolla xoom, and that may not be the best tablet, but my iPod 4 could handle it, this should too
  6. Bug
    Jake Clark
    When I want to do FreePlay mode and wanting to pick Stranger 1 & 2 it instantly freezes??? Plz fix
  7. Great no lag for me
    People are complaining of lag but I have no lag at all this app would be great if you could connect a controller such as the moga or other brands still love it though
  8. Lag
    Jonah Cortezzo
    I love this game, still remember playing 1 and 2 back on the GameCube. Phone version isn't completely optimized though and unfortunately has lag issues. This isn't a game ruining thing, but it definitely hinders the experience. Please fix. UPDATE: game randomly crashed. Have to do a whole level over again. Annoying.
  9. Mackin Cheez
    Please update for the note 4 snapdragon 805. Crashes and can't play with customized character in free play. I can't move on with the story. Already emailed. Please fix or my stars will decrease to 1. I don't want a refund I want a fix. It's also laggy in some of the levels. I want to play the whole game
  10. Love it but...
    Love it but I am getting frustrated that when I play Episode IV: New Hope Chapter 6: Rebels attack on freeplay it freezes within first few seconds it freezes and quits the game the other levels work fine.
  11. great game but needs optimisation
    Charlie B
    it brings back memories and has all the features of the console game for a small price but is laggy very often and in my case has crashes before cutscenes, making it difficult to progress through the game
  12. Great game¡
    Isaac Little
    Love this game, remember playing it on PS2 and was so excited when I saw it on the Play Store. Most of it's done well, but I have problems where it keeps crashing, which I can live with. However I also have the problem of level 6 of episode 4 ALWAYS crashes as I try to go into the second area. If you can get this fixed it'll be a brilliant game¡¡
  13. Alexander Charlesworth
    I was really looking forward to playing this game but as soon as it starts the theme music it crashes this is on my hudl 2
  14. Roman Kartar
    This game is cruddy thing one minute great 2 secs later it is a cruddy game it is horrid fix or I will delete it now fix Disney Lucas film and whatever other company it looked like the thing on the Wii or ps3 x-box or whatever but it is not at all fix it and I will give you 4or5star guys
  15. Get rid of the crashes
    Gerrard Shelmerdine
    OK so the game isn't terrible, 9/10 levels work fine however it crashes on any free play mode with custom characters and story mode 6.5 Please get these fixed and I'll give 5 stars. Sony z3 Compact
  16. Good but not great
    charles hardy
    Good for a port. Keep running into issues though. Most common tend to make game unplayable. Loy of force close issues. Mostly encountered while playing the episode IV stories, particularly level 5 and 6. Annoying cause flying the x - wing is fun but I can't keep the game running more than about 30s into the level. Playing on a nexus 7, cyanogen mod firmware. .. no issues with any other apps. Hook it up and fix please
  17. Luv it
    Ian Ruddell
    Every thing is geat i loved this game then and now 1 thing on th last lvl of a new hope and the melenium falcon lvl in empire strikes back the game crashes while im playing
  18. Fix the graphics
    Billy Kopp
    Playing on Nividia shield tablet, game flickers and glitches out a bit every time there's an explosion, which is often. It's starting to make the game difficult to play. Will rate 5 stars when fixed
  19. Doesn't load on tablet
    Brett Hearne
    Don't buy yet it doesn't load its just a black screen and forced closing all the time on my lenovo 8" tab I'm very disappointed even sent report and nothing from the developers after 2 weeks
  20. Just doesn't work
    Vicky Dowding
    Crashes as soon as you try to leave the cantina. Textures not loaded properly. ..characters missing bodies and heads. And I'm running a brand new tablet with plenty of memory! What's worst is that this game was free on iPad and works perfectly. One very disappointed son, one very disgruntled mother who wants her money back.


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