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forge of empires
город и ферма
построй свой дом
ферма на русском
بناء مدينة



Evgeniy (PuPs.) Sorokin | CIO

Москва, Россия |

Maxim Trukhin | CEO at Webgames LLC

Россия |

Елена Ляйс | Financial Controller/IFRS WebGames LLC

Москва, Россия |

Тамара Троцкая | HR BP – Webgames LLC

Москва, Россия |

Reviews 25,260

  1. Newest update KILLED it! If not changed will be UNINSTALLING!!
    Emma Wild
    Been playing for 6mths & really enjoyed it til now, b4 the newest update things bugged me (Yellow energy 2long 2build up/Use, Workers way overpriced & some collection items impossible 2find) but can't please everyone. Newest update RUINED it, changed so much it's like a completely different game. The fruit/veg now take a ridiculous amount of time to grow just 1!! & why take the workers away u can find? LOVE the OLD version HATE new version! Will wait & see if gets changed back if not I will be UNINSTALLING!
  2. Newest update changed everything for the better!
    S Benoit
    I was happy to notice that after today's update the cost to buy workers went down considerably! Instead of 10 gold coins you only have to spend 1 gold coin per worker now. Earlier today I was contemplating on giving up due to high cost of things in the game but I'm definitely giving it another shot now as I just love the game otherwise. Thanks fot doing the right thing devs! :)
  3. Whats with this latest update?
    Tristan Hodgson
    I was happy just putting 10mins into the game now and then and was progressing well and occasionall buying gold. But this latest update ruins the game! Gold is needed for everything now and by the looks of it they have removed the ability to earn workers, you have to pay now for them all! Granted the price has been lowered a lot to buy workers but still no excuse. Too much has changed and devs have got greedy. This game is dead, its no fun! ile wait to see if another update comes out, if not. Unistalling.
  4. Kayla Horton
    I'd give a better rating except when I did buy gold coins, the game took my money but didn't give me the coins I bought.
  5. Love it
    Sherry Calloway
    Needs a Lil more instructions, I'm kinda lost! But still a great game.
  6. Better b4 update
    Laura Mullins
    I loved this game and even spent money on it but now ur asking for money to be spent constantly considering deleting game
  7. Virginia Torstenson
    Its horrible now. I play this on Facebook and thank goodness. I had been playing for awhile. Gives us back the workers we could collect from doing things
  8. Was good.
    Andrew Daley
    Complete game overhaul in latest update sucks. Was getting somewhere now back to the start. I get game updates, but a complete game structure change isn't good. All prices changed, time length to do things etc. Game has great potential, but this latest change has turned me off. Got up to level 28 and loved it..... But now uninstalling. Even after getting all my gold for the missions already completed before the change, it will be far too difficult to play at a reasonable pace and get somewhere.
  9. Slot machine
    Ken A
    Game has good potential but after a few hours cant go further without spending real money. Everything requires gold coins. The few things you can buy with silver cost at least 700 to 1500 and this is when just starting. Selling crops gets you 70 silver every 5 minutes at best.
  10. I would give a 0 rating if I could!!!!..
    Lynn Hall
    I hate the new version!!! Just plain hate it!!!! Change it back to old version when things were fast paced and could get things you needed!! Now its to slow, the wait time way to long, takes keys to open chests you find now!!! REALLY? WOW!!!WILL BE UNINSTALLING OR WAIT FOR THINGS TO BE CHANGED BACK!!!
  11. Michele Moss
    Loved this game. Last update killed it though. You guys changed too much of it, it was great as a fast pace game. Im uninstalling it.
  12. Cindy Woehrel
    Too hard to move ahead without spending money.
  13. Silver and gold coin
    Maximilian Andi
    Why is so hard to get the coin?and why if cut a tree it cost 1 gold coin..this game is imposible tp play
  14. Good game
    matthew simmons
    Love thw game already level 38 with spending no real money in a can be done... my problem is i lost a 1.5 times profit and cant get a hold of developers to fix the problem. ..also there is no way of interacting with neighbors to get social achievement
  15. Bogus. You need gold coins for every interaction, of course you have to pay real $ or wait forever to try to find all the required components to build or buy the workers. Really annoying and way too slow.
    Suzanne Kelley
    Don't waste your time or $. I am winning gold coins that don't even get credited to my account. I should have 11 and only showing 4.
  16. Future problems
    Eric Peters
    Listen guys and gals f,you have gold problems or achievements to unlock and,the game won't allow it. Email the maker. Its on the bottom of,the screen. There quick and accurate. Beside The gold it keeps me busy and you,choose how fast of a pace you want to work
  17. Missing gold
    Nickie Brough
    1 star until my golds restored or I get a refund I've emailed twice now
  18. Help, want to play, but it won't open.
    Amy Commodore
    I enjoy the game, but it keeps force closing :( The game itself is hard to get further through the because u need energy and collections that don't show up much. Takes a long time to get workers/people to run ur stores, fields, farms, and homes. Unless you want to pay real money :(
  19. Michael Wayman
    I would give 0 star rating if i could its to hard to get workers and things you need to complete tasks not worth playing
  20. Graphics good gameplay awful
    Shara Sims
    Great graphics, but you find yourself doing nothing but plant and harvest for no reason as doing anything else costs gold coins which cost real money. I was really interested at first but after a couple of hours I realised I was getting nowhere unless I was willing to spend real money. Looks good though.


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