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Reviews 712,710

  1. It is worth more stars but game is impossible without purchases
    Nikolas Marosfalvy
    Beautiful game but impossible without in-app purchases. I'm a very capable Dots player and have currently gone through 15 lives on level 32 and have only even seen the 13th anchor appear once on the screen in that time. It is clearly designed to get you to buy more moves and lives or power ups.
  2. The best... But
    Joseph Thompson
    This is such an elegantly designed and intelligent game. My only complaint is that I've lost my progress twice because I don't have a Facebook account to sync. There really should be other ways to sync your progress... 235 levels down the drain because you had to reset your device is hard to stomach.
  3. Great game
    Trevor Hartigan
    Fun and simple game play. Increasing margins of difficulty only add to the brilliant mindfulness element. Excellent way too break the cycle of work for 15 minutes and reset my brain. Really want a twodots designed T-shirt!
  4. Fun and challenging
    Tevyn Payne
    This game is awesome. It's minimalistic design combined with its randomly generated colors make it difficult but enjoyable once you beat that level you're stuck on.
  5. Its pretty fun
    Blake Odell
    Its kinda like candy crush but i wouldn't say its really a rip off of candy crash it had many diffrences and some of the levels can be challenging but challenges are fun. Its a great time waster!
  6. Lost Boosters
    Stefan Vrachev
    I have one complain that I think is pretty big. I had to reinstall my phone recently and while my progress in the game was recoverd by facebook account, my won boosters were not. I think you should addres that. If somebody for some reason reinstalls the app, he looses all bonuses he won, they have to be synced with the progress. Please respond to my problem. Otherwise - Great Game(sorry for bad English - not native language)
  7. andre gabriel
    Its a love/hate relationship with this game some levels are super hard like 2 or 3 days hard...waiting 20 mins for a life...but i keep playing. Just upaated cause 360 levels wasent enough hah!
  8. Lots of fun
    Noreen Dalton
    Love the original DOTS and this is intelligent and fun.... refilling squid ink.... eating cheesecake.... great fun!
  9. Squares don't erase all dots
    Kathleen Vaughan
    Recently when I make a square not all the dots of that color go away, it only does it sometimes. Is this a glitch in the update?
  10. Ernest Wong
    Mindbendingly addictive. But I have no Facebook account to boast my victories
  11. Mama Can't Stop, Won't Stop
    brettandjaimi Vander Berg
    I'm hooked on this game. It's beautifully designed and increasingly difficult. I appreciate not being bothered by tacky adds and can easily ignore the in-app purchase offers (extra moves). It's the perfect thing to keep me alert while late-night nursing. ;)
  12. Almost perfect
    Károly Tendl
    Very good art and level design, music, gameplay, everything is exeptional and exemplary, but one thing: micro transactions. I guess I'll have to get used to that. No more games where power ups are earned with gameplay instead of money... I would BUY this game and enjoy working for power ups. Good thing, though that so far i have managed without power ups and they are not pushed into our faces too much. But again: I want to use power ups... Anyway: definitely worth downloading!
  13. Great!!! Love it!!!
    Dee Marie
    If you enjoy puzzle or mind stimulating games you'll love this. At first it seems too easy, but after you cruise through the easy develops into a challenging and complex game. I love how new components constantly get added, keeping the game fresh and new. This game reminds me of candy crush but better.
  14. Almost the best game ever...
    Clever Clogs
    However, 20 minutes is too long to wait for a life to regenerate, esp as a game can last under a minute. Doesn't matter how long you make the wait time guys, I'm NEVER going to waste money on lives or power ups! Ideally, it would be a 10 minute wait max. The current wait disconnects me from the game and actually makes me forget about it and go on to other things. Apart from that, wonderful conception, beautiful art work, addictive and fun playability with just the right balance of frustration and challenge.
  15. I love you, TwoDots
    Maheen S.
    I'm obsessed with this game! The colours and graphics are beautiful, the music is fun and lingers in your brain and playing this game is surprisingly calming! On top of all that amazingness? The people behind the scenes will do anything to help and make sure their fans are happy. I lost my progress thanks to a broken phone and Shakira sorted it out in minutes (Thank you!). How awesome is that? I look forward to seeing what you guys do next! :)
  16. love this game
    anna maurya
    i am basically addicted. haven't had to buy any boosts...yet. might be cool to have an option like on Dots where you can trade dots for boosts, though.
  17. Used to be fun
    Matthew Finco
    Was fun before, but recently added levels are too hard to beat without paying to win. What a horrible concept. Used to be a wonderfully addictive time waster. Now all its good for is uninstalling.
  18. Angela R
    Great game, like it as a time killer. Simple concept, relaxing gameplay, cute and appealing graphics. Draws you in. My only grumble is I wish there were a confirmation screen before a purchase is made. Let a friend try the game on my phone and because the "refill lives" and "close" button are so close together, his chubby fingers selected to refill lives twice before I saw what he was doing! ...I thought he was playing a fairly long time. *sigh* I've now "made" two purchases I would not have otherwise done. Not happy about it. Move the buttons apart, or provide a confirmation screen pls. Then I'll increase my rating.
  19. Frustratingly Fun For All
    Melissa Hussell
    Clever design, simple gameplay, and at times frustrating! One of the best puzzle type games out there. I highly recommend it! Beware though, it's quite addictived
  20. Ruined by In-app purchases
    Riley Lynx
    Could be a very fun and polished game if it didn't seem designed to constantly try to sell you extra lives/moves. Show me some respect and I'll happily pay for permanent unlocks such as unlimited lives.


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