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JF Prata | COO at WGT

San Francisco Bay Area |

Joseph Leybovich | Game Client Engineer at WGT Media Inc

San Francisco Bay Area |

Krister Fardig | Games Product Manager at WGT Media Inc

San Francisco, California |

Reviews 173,378

  1. Great game but add-ons are too expensive.
    mitch jones
    Such a fun game and never a problem finding someone to play against. Gimme putts should be taken off or limited to 3 feet just like real life. Overall great game but lower the add-ons and allow our play to earn more coins.
  2. Michael Pollock
    Like the game, best golf game out there. But almost impossible to get new gear with spending real cash. And as of the last update I now get a 30 second advert before each round. Will probably lead to uninstall.
  3. Great game.
    Dominic Bartnick
    I've become addicted to this game. I even quit playing WoW. It's really great. One thing I want to mention though, this game is not exactly "free." You really cannot progres without buying the higher stat equipment. Really though, if you really plan your purchases you can get through this game spending less than you would for an Xbox game. Enjoy!! (get putpal and shotpal and do the math for shots! It's the only way. )
  4. Abysmal support: unusable
    Perry Michael
    I provided the Gmail account linked to my device and Google Play, the same account used to download and install the app, and every attempt to begin using the app by adding a username I get the error "A WGN user already exists for this Google account. Save account on original device to enable gameplay on multiple devices." I can't get this to work on one device. Support can't even provide me the supposed existing username so I can try a password reset. Basic authentication support folks!
  5. Fabulous and addictive
    Bob Timmons
    I am not huge on playing games but this golf app is amazing with great graphics and public interactive. I think the gimme shots need to be less or option of not at all.
  6. Good game
    Gene Waggoner
    Would give it 5 stars but the coins are near impossible to earn so you basically have to spend real money to get better pretend golf clubs.
  7. Horrible game
    Mat Hoskins
    Impossible to get new gear, putting is impossible. Needs a bigger perfect swing stopping point will be unistalling very disappointed
  8. Why the low score..
    Jason H
    Because I accidentally hit my home button on TAB A tablet and when I tried to go back in, it did not come up to allow me to continue a head to head match. You need to fix that otherwise the stars are justified. Also the friend search doesn't work, it just sits there like your support.
  9. Excellent
    Ciaran Lawlor
    Great game for free only thing stopping me from rating 5 stars is the camera angles are hard to adjust to be much better if you were directly behind
  10. Mikey
    Michael Guerra
    This game is one of the best golf games out there. I enjoy playing but add on are too expensive and not enough money to b won. That's the only problem
  11. FORE
    J. Cee
    Respect all the preshot instructions or find yourself hitting from the rough. The shot meter occasionally stalls making accuracy difficult. Players that quit rounds early suck! If you are losing bury your pride and learn from your errors. No one, outside your friends knows you.
  12. Wtg only wants real money to get better equipment what a piece of s*
    Charles Ryan
    You only get 650 coins to upgrade your equipment in the 1st 34 levels customer service rips you off on the ways for you to get extra coins my advice IS TOO PLAY ANOTHER GAME unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars to get better clubs BEWARE
  13. Too much stutter, too few coin rewards
    Steve Vandergriff
    Frame rate on my Note 4 has way too much stutter - UNPLAYABLE. Also not enough coin rewards to upgrade to even a basic driver. So Par 5s can't be reached in 2 no matter what for a beginner like me, due to inferior starter clubs. Otherwise, it'd be great with smooth animation and better rewards. UPDATE: Stutter even worse on my laptop. Real golf is easier!!!
  14. Too many issues
    Ty Howard
    First off the game is very expensive to truly enjoy. Poor compensation for playing well. Secondly I can no longer connect as it says I don't have a good data connection. I'm on WiFi and have LTE full signal, every other app and game works, so it's not my data connection that's the issue. Finally the game has some glitches in the swing meter and is inconsistent in its putting accuracy. Hate to say it but just not worth the hassle or expense.
  15. Good game, bad stutter
    Khanh Nguyen
    Everything about this game is great except for the stuttering power bar. Works fine on the pc but on the phone the bar stuttering means shots are consistently bad, either to early or too late means bunker every time. Lost too many for it to be fun now. Uninstalled
  16. Using Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    David Seal
    Whilst I enjoy the attention to detail with regards to the courses. I think more thought needs to be put into the camera angles. The 3rd person views on occasion are less than useless and the wind readings are at times completely different to the actual. The shop prices are too high for the equipment returns, value is not a word which springs to mind. Having said this, I really enjoy playing. The game is addictive, the playing interface is of a good quality and the backdrops are very nicely done.
  17. Chad Evans
    I guess I'll never know what this game is like because every user name I've chose is already in use. Combination of random letters and numbers are even taken. Why don't you just give me a name so I can play the F**kin game!? I've been trying different combinations for the last 40 mins. There has to be a better way, this stupid.
  18. Great gameplay, add ons are a joke
    James Chmielewski
    The gameplay is easy to pick up and very addictive. I've enjoyed leveling up and unlocking new courses along the way. My one complaint would revolve around the price of add ons and new equipment. The game has no problem plugging brand name equipment, which I'm sure they get a nice ad paycheck from, yet you can't even afford those clubs without spending money. I've tried doing surveys or downloading other games to earn free credits but never once have those coins been put into my account.
  19. Looks great but be prepared to wait
    TJ Galda
    Lots of lag time between shots to wait for the opponent. 30 secs + each shot, I didn't make it pass the second hole despite being in the lead.
  20. Serious Swing Meter Issues
    Todd Moser
    Good graphics, very poor physics and camera angles. Game is hampered by clunky controls, as well as connection problems that affect game play. The swing meter glitch is built into the game purposely, to get you to upgrade equipment at astronomical costs. Putting is unrealistic and fixed beyond belief. Developers are blatantly greed driven. Upgraded clubs offer some benefits but they really screw you on golf balls that are decent. This game is a scam on all levels. Cheaper to play real golf. DELETED!!!


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