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  1. Very bad service
    Mac Arif
    I start using today toup with 10 pounds and its stop suddenly... after 2 to 3 minuts call its discounted automatically.. Waste of money ..... Awafull service ... BE AWARE EVERY ONE DONT WASTE MONRY AND TIME ..never ever do it again .....
  2. Not good
    Shamla Fowmey Shiraz
    This keeps dropping my call every 1 minute. if i try to call back to the same number it says i dont have enough credit to call, even i got enough credit to call them. It takes around 5min to connect back. Fix it please. Am really disappointed.
  3. faraz ahmed
    Does not connect your call.. keeps saying network failure and disconnecting
  4. I cant top up the voucher i have with my phone
    asma abdirasak
    Can you plzz tell how to use it with my phone and i wll give it 5 star
  5. Poor service
    Pearl Sackey
    This app has been good until now. It doesn't allow me to make my calls, it keeps saying "this number is only allowed for calls made with white card app". It's getting so irritating now. It goes off in the middle of a call and tells me the number is only used for calls that uses white card app. Very disappointed
  6. Unable to enter pin
    Najeeb Ahmad
    I was not able to enter Pin. It says incorrect pin or re-enter pin. I was able to use it nicely earlier. Don't know what happened now. Also i have uninstalled and re-installed no use. Please help me...
  7. Not topping up
    Abdul Karim
    I am a regular white user that always buys the white calling card from local shops to call my wife in Bangladesh. Upon discovering the white calling android app, I thought I'd be able to buy card from the shop and register the pin to my app. Just tried doing that but it's not recognising my pin and saying it's incorrect. Customer service Lines are closed aswell, it's driving me crazy
  8. Best n secure calling card with best costumer services..
    binay kumar yakso
    I have been using this card for more then 3yrs.they are very helpful indeed.I used to topup from digicalling card.once I had problem with fake white card but I was instantly refunded after I had a chat with costumer service...this guys are the best..
  9. Sukh Phagura
    Works perfectly! Have always used white card but now this app means no need to buy from a shop. Sorry retailers!
  10. Ranjit
    Ranjit Gadhvi
    Excellent! No need to use different sims. Good rates to India and 0845/0800 nos.
  11. Don't use it........ ridiculous service!
    Dishank sharma
    They are giving same pin number to two or more will pay and it will be use by others .....I have called them and asked about it and they said they can't do anything about it...ridiculous customer service.....I always make calls to India and when I asked them about my balance they said you call to Bangladesh, is it not strange.
  12. Galaxy s4
    soyabbhai haji
    I couldn't use my normal one pound card before I start using new app and the app wouldn't let me use my pre paid card ..The app nd some work doing. ..
  13. Ali
    Ashraf akbar ali
    1st saying credit low then cuts 7.7 from my balance what a scum and ripping off rubbish
  14. Why do you need access to too many things?
    Nandu N
    Why do you need access to too many things? browsing history and bookmarks? Calendar? SMS? Camera & Gallery? send sticky broadcast? Similar applications don't require access to all these!!!
  15. Rubbish
    Harun Rashid
    Does not let me phone others or sign in or put the card number in. Plez fix.
  16. syed ali amish
    Using this card since 2 years very good service
  17. Seriously - refund wanted
    Gemma Robertson
    I have complained about this for a month now. The card doesn't connect me and I want my money back. Biggest rip off ever.
  18. Amy
    amy begum
    I just love it...its very cheaper to talking in Bangladesh. .
  19. Amazing app
    Mehreen Adnan
    No need for another phone now. Instant need to dial the pin numbers again and again. How long is a recharge valid for btw?
  20. Help
    Jamshed Gilani
    I need help how do u top up on the white card i need help as soon as possible thankd ☺


What`s new

- Performance improvements and fixes
- Same low international call rates :-)



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