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Gareth Jennings | Key Account Manager at SG Interactive

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Louise Burt | Senior Account Manager at SG Interactive

Leeds, United Kingdom |

Jim Thompson | VP of Business Operations & Strategy

Cedar Falls, Iowa |

Gerard Shryane | Senior Product Analyst at SG Interactive

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Reviews 514,728

  1. Sucks!!!
    Mike A
    4 hour bonuses suck, pay outs suck and games are tighter than any casino I've been to. I dropped my rating from a 2 to a 1.
  2. Gold Fish Casino
    Jenn Luoma
    I used to love this app because it has so many great casino games until I hit level 200. In order to play anything I have to buy coins in order to play because my minimum bet is $3000.00 per spin and I only collect about 2 1/2 spins every 4 hours. Total dissappointment, to say the least. My advice.....don't even start with this one!
  3. Update sucks
    Julie Loera
    Used to play all the time. Since updates, it wont load. Tried to uninstall and reinstall but now it won't reinstall. Fix issues and will give 5 stars.
  4. Mary Mendoza
    The every 4 hr bounce points are not given complete, be truthfull with what you say your going to give. Don't lie. I do like playing some, like fish and cheers.
  5. Lucky Slevin
  6. Fun casino
    Jules De Silva
    Lots of fun games but some don't work. I was totally ripped off playing Invaders from planet moolah. I won but no credits were added.
  7. Much to complain about
    Rose McCrady
    I love this game but my 4 hour bonus is 10,000 and my minimum bet is 7,500! Obviously the owners of the app couldn't care less about people's complaints since there's so many of them. I've put in tickets for help with bullshit responses. No help whatsoever. In the lower levels you can get in like 10 or so spins on your 4 hour bonus. It should be comparable in the higher levels. Why ruin great games Goldfish? Obviously new management is needed because whoever is in charge here is an idiot.
  8. Game Gold Fish
    Ruth Chandler
    This game constantly freezes, especially on 5 of a kind wins and this game also won't stop cycling. I have not been credited for thousands of $. This problem needs to be corrected!! Also, why is there a notication setting when mine is set at NO and is always disregarded? Take that out of the setting if it is going to do whatever it wants to!!
  9. Awesome?
    Keith Edwards
    The app is really awesome and it has all of the games a favor at an actual casino, however i am disappointed cause Im starting to notice that after i made my first purchase from the site I hardly ever win anymore and when i do collct free bonus it hardly wins any making me lose interest and to wait every 4 hours to play unless i purchase is crap it should be like 2 hours or something. And i dont see how to contact the site to tell them i have participated in the free coins ads and not even received the coin
    Linda Hitchcock
    I was playing I had a couple of BIG win and didn't get any credit for it and I have been playing this game for a couple of years now on my phone ...when I got the big wins the game would boot me out and I lost like a million tokens in the process...please fix and I will give a better rating
  11. Jason
    jason nishimoto
    Not sure why someone would play when the game never let's you win anything. I guess maybe if you buy coins it would be different but I won't do that just because of what I've played so far. It's not very fun when you don't win.
  12. update not good
    Brenda Billiard
    use to like playing but since update wont open so uninstalled and reinstalled and still wont would have given 5 stars
  13. Worst customers service ever
    Mercedes Tabb
    Sometimes when my internet connection go out after a bonus I lose my coins but I was told I have to screen shot the proof in order to get my coins but how can I screen shot on my computer. ...
  14. Rip off
    Jen Johnson
    Disappointed. I'm level 194 and still only get enough free coins to spin 5 times before I'm done, and that's only if I play the first 3 slots, because the rest cost so much I might get 2 spins. I've spent plenty of real money and find no benefit to doing so. There should be lasting perks. It's too bad, because these are my favorite slots, here and at the casino. Now I'm level 200 and my minimum bet has gone from 1500 to 3000 with a free coin bonus of 8000. :( now my bonus is 10000 with a minimum bet of 8000
  15. Waste of money!
    Thomas Colloca
    I figured I would buy coins to get more play out of the game, nope! Didn't get one bonus, pays are worse than going to a casino. Don't waste your time waiting for a 4 hour coin bonus either, you will go through that in just a few minutes.
  16. Still ticked...
    Diab Shetayh
    The games are just like the ones I play here in Vegas. Difference is, when I get 3 scatter symbols on KISS it actually gives me the bonus, unlike this app which didn't. What's up with Planet Moolah? Every big win I get and the app closes. I log back in, none of the money I won shows up. It's bullshit.
  17. Missed bonus
    Amy Wade
    I was playing kiss and i got 3 symbols 3x it did trigger any of the bonuses thats crap i even screen shotted a pic
  18. Jennie Spears
    The game won't let me play as a guest anymore don't know why,but it will let me collect my coins and bonuses.i don't have any problem playing on Facebook. Can someone please fix this is my favorite game of all ,thanks
  19. Gold fish casino
    haley davidson
    Used to love it but since the last update your coins are gone in 2 or 3 minutes and hardly ever get bonuses anymore
  20. Thank you for ALL THAT GLITTERS
    Sarah George
    How about giving us the option of buying buying it? All the games are awesome and exactly like the real casino slots.


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