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Reviews 175,118

  1. Sucks more with every update
    Kelly Cruse
    No more one free entry into daily tournament, no more free play tournament days, no more biggest winner tournament. Doing everything they can possibly do to get you to spend your cash. Then Google Play will just creep in and steal your cash. DONE.
  2. Addicting
    sharon blumstein
    Fun and challenging. Very addicting. Gets better with each game. Need to develop an easy way to end a game instead of having to wait days.
  3. Love but new update ruined it
    Melanie Sessions
    Ever since the new update it won't let me log back in through Facebook so i can have all my old dice again
  4. Dice with Buddies
    La Ray Pesch
    I used to love love this game,now I hate it!! Bring back free roll days and dump the winnig tournament.. you know onesie twosie& so on! You cant beat level four to advance no natter what! Its just stupid!! Bring back free roll tournaments & will give 5 stars!!
  5. Disappointed
    Nick Cianchetti
    Missing the Freeroll days and the different names for the daily tournaments! I could care less about the Dice Masters Showdown, it's just a way to get rid of our extra rolls. Bring back the better days and I'll give you 5 stars again. Still nothing after the update...I feel like all our comments are falling on deaf ears! I mean, isn't the whole reason for feedback is to listen to your consumers?
  6. Linda Bick
    Love it!!!!! How do you invite friends?
  7. No more free play
    veronika prisztas
    They used to have a whole day or two per week when we could enter the daily tournament unlimited times. No anymore. I miss it
    Teresa Drinkwater Embrey
    I don't care for the new tournament type know, beat Onesie then Twosie...and so on, & so on. It was fun when you had the "Free Roll Tournaments", I used to look forward to an evening of playing when a Free Roll was announced. I still have three buddies that I play with every couple of days, but I don't play as often now. I also find that the custom dice are kinda stupid...I wanna have the opportunity to win scratchers & rolls...NOT custom dice that are hard to read and harder to win!!!
  9. Used to like it
    Kathleen Maynor
    The scratchers are like real lottery scratch tickets: you'll win the smallest prize possible or no prize at all. The Dice Master Showdown is a streaming pile. I got all of the way back up to level 5. I was winning by a large margin until the next to last roll, when suddenly I was losing & being prompted to either use bonus rolls to start the round over or continue and risk losing. I continued and grudgingly purchased bonus rolls & lost by 4 points. Lost all progress. I'm done with it. I'm not paying to win.
  10. Won't work for my Galaxy S6!
    Callie Clark
    I'm giving this a three cause it worked on my S4 mini but I just upgraded to an S6 and it won't connect to Facebook and bring up my old games and stats.... please fix it because I really enjoyed this game!
  11. Its a jokr
    Chenoa Beauchamp-Barden
    Used to love the i hate it...cant log in with facebook and when it finaly does says ill loose all progress and games..cause aparently you cant choose to keep your old account or new account....really shouldnt i be able to determine if i want to start over instead of telling me...hate the showdow really having to go all the way back to the first level...that sucks im thinking about not playing as much as i used to...way to much hassel and bugs....
  12. Tanya Martin
    Absolutely love it..playing with friends and meeting new people is fun..and you don't even have to play straight can be quick or they could take days!
  13. Used to love it
    K & N McCormick
    I thought the new Daily Showdown was fun until I lost. Having to go back to level one and completely start over changed my mind. Especially when you only get a chance at it once a day. Bogus!
  14. Selling scratch cards
    Brian W
    But never a winner, certainly not motivated to buy losers!! Too many other options out there.
  15. Mindless Activity
    Donna Hahn
    It takes my mind off things for a while, but it doesn't deserve a 5 star rating. I NEVER earn more than 3 bonus stars and 2 scratch tickets. You need to allow us to reach the top amount of stars once in a while.
  16. Very addicting! Great for passing time
    Erik Earnhardt
    Been playing this game for a while now and never get bored. Yahtzee basically, and brings back memories of playing the real/physical board game style as a kid. Developers always trying to keep things interesting with new rewards, game formats etc. and do a great job keeping the app up to date and mostly bug free. And 24/7 there's ALWAYS someone to play against! Reason I changed from 5 to 4 stars is although I do like the new dice masters seems like a ploy to get users to buy more bonus rolls.
  17. Was good got horrible
    CJ Anderson
    You take away the free tournaments after you play 1st one, scratchers suck never get anything more then 3. No way to level up at all. Rolls on games are horrible now.
  18. Frequent connection problems
    Mark Haury
    Getting worse all the time. Beat a Dice Master by 40 points and it said I lost. Frequent "mismatch" errors. Other apps don't have these issues.
  19. Dani Turley
    I think it would be better if you only lost one level on the show downs rather than having to lose all your progress. Otherwise I enjoy the game.
  20. Fun game
    Dawn Wheeler
    I really like this game but I don't like the Dice Master Showdown. Every time I get up a little I lose and drop back down to the first one. I haven't made it out of the bronze level. I'm tired of playing the same games over and over again. I have even bought extra rolls but I still end up looking. I'm not buying any more! I don't expect to win every time but to be dropped all the way back to the beginning sucks.


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