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egg baby
pou 2
моу 2
моу 3


Reviews 59,627

  1. Hate it
    Ebony Thomas
    No matter how many times I tap it still don't open
  2. Omg they made It sooo much better
    Kiran Mumtaz
    Welll done its gone soo much better now keep up the good work
  3. Guys r u kidding me??????
    Addy Schmid
    It doesn't matter if it has 999,999 taps to get it open it doesn't matter what prize u get in the it doesn't matter if u care for the pou like the first one it matters about the game no matter if u like it or don't like it it's really fun u should thank the company for the hard work the did trying to make those 999,999 taps or getting the sup rise ready u should like this game if u don't have it download now plz oh AND whoever created this I thank u and your company for the hard work. Thx☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
  4. This game is stupid
    Kailey Shull
    I know What you get it is stupid dont install it is a waste of time you have to go through over 100,000 taps to get the prize I dislike this game
  5. I love it
    Layla Fullilove
    Nelson zepeda you said that only dumb people would download it well your calling yourself dumb you downloaded it think about that and i appriciate the people that gives it five stars.i love this game whoever made it i really appriciate how much work you put into it thank you and the people who did not like you might want to change those 1 stars to 5 stars thank you
  6. There's no point
    Emma Walton
    You're tapping a stupid egg for eternity. And for what? NOTHING! It's completely pointless. If you want to tap on your phone for 1000000 hours for no GOOD reason, then you'll LOVE this game. If you hate that kind of stuff, then don't install this COMPLETELY pointless app. Save your sanity and DO NOT install this app. EVER. P.S I can't help noticing that the majority of the people who played this game didn't give it 5 stars. The majority gave it ONE.
  7. Suck
    Eli Smith
    This is a fake to the real pou I thought u will have to raze pou start to bottom
    Aislinn Clark
    After you hatched the egg all you get a snowman and that all you get and you can restart or nothing you can't even do it again to get more prize this game sucks
  9. Stupit
    Dominic Wharton
    It's a east of time because you have to do 999,999 taps to open it and all I got was a Stupit snowman. I thought you would have to look after Pou like you do in the first one
  10. Mercia Russell
    Very disappointing... Now it's hatched and nothing happens.... Why don't you make once the pound egg hatches you can cary on playing like in a normal pou...feeding....etc
  11. Hate hate hate ?
    Palki Mehra Kashyap
    I really hate it. This is the best way to waste your time don't download it. It is really really bad.
  12. Worst game ever
    Dario Cordova
    Lost 10 days playing this crap and the prize is a retarded dancing snowman?! I don't know what I wanted but I guess something that worth it....
  13. HORRIBLE!!!!!
    nelson zepeda
    I just spent HOURS trying to crack this egg open. Do not install this thing! It is a waste of your time. Only dumb people would make this app.
  14. Ughhh
    Hannah Portwood
    Tbe thing that bothered me was that u cant restart the game once you hatch it theres no going back it just stays like that forever
  15. Soooooo bad
    Alina Harkins
    Why is it taps?!?! I broke my finger doing this I actually broke it!!!!now i wear a little finger cast and I want revenge this won't be good for kids because I'm a kid u mad bro?
  16. WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!
    Emily Price
    uninstall this game NOW! If u r gonna play it just watch the videos. This is a total waste of time spoilers...... the prize is a pathetic little snowman that says ngggggg DONT INSTALL IT AND IF YOU HAVE UNINSTALL IT NOW!!!!
  17. It is great
    alanah medina
    Think about it if you were said um i am going to get in the shower or something like that in 5 minutes the u could play the when you have a alarm on for 5 minutes you could play the game then when your alarm goes of then you stop
  18. mia valles
    I got a small snowman with a christmas hat on ,and if you tap him he says hey, but if you want to hatch the egg faster ,just keep watching the videos and play the mimi games, i hatched the egg in 1:00 hour.
  19. Stupid
    Tracy Bryant
    All u get is a freAking snowman then u domt do anything.they need to fix this game.i mean who wants to spend an hour tapping on a screnn 999,999 times just to get a dumb snowman.what a waste.of time !
  20. Stupid.
    Danielle Johnson
    I hate this app... Once you finish it (it took me less than one hour) its says you hatched it and it still has tap bonuses.... Plus the surprise i got was a snowman that just stood there. Who would want to hatch the egg for NO REASON?!?! DONT BUT THUS UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME WITH A STUPID EGG!!!


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New egg game.
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