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Adam Cleland | Beccia, Chief Compliance Officer, Circle

Tamer El-Emary | Officer

Nikki Frostick | Recruitment Business Partner

Wayne Scott | Head of Global Banking

Reviews 51,805

  1. Great app for fast money transfer and good exchange rates generally
    Robert Horn
    The app is good allows you to transfer durectly from bank to bank with pol its much better than western union
  2. Iryn Bibi
    I have tried more than 1000* but never succeeded. Always got the notification confirm with your bank which i already did but still i cant send money..very disappointed
  3. Kacy Odoh
    It didn't work at alllll. kept saying my information and account data was invalid......and nothing specific about whatever was invalid....I hate this kind of stuff after giving all my bank info it says it is invalid.....sounds fraudulent.
  4. Good little app
    mutsa ushewokunze
    Could be great if it allowed me to create reference description against each payment
  5. Instant to m pesa doesn't work
    Kenny Mbuguah
    Trying to send money to my mobile number in kenya from has only one option. Sending inform of airtime only
  6. Good App but needs optimization
    Kirubakaran Shankar Coona
    Good Service and fast transfer with competitive service charge. This app has some bugs like app doesn't accept special characters in password whereas web allows. Recommended to reduce the App size as it is huge compare to competitor app size. App size goes equal to a game app size :)
  7. What's wrong!?
    Misty Mendoza
    Been trying to send money since yesterday but to no avail. Last 7 transactions were smooth. Tried sending again but going nowhere. I have sent an email to the CS but no response yet. I'm worried that money has been deducted already, worse maybe deducted twice now. Will still have to check later. Please worldremit do something.
  8. Worked for me
    kasule hassan
    It is 4 stars coz u took long to respond to my 1st initial email complaint which made it take long to resolve my issue. But I liked the follow up & the subsequent prompt interactions. App users, always give the right info wen making a transaction. It will save u a lot of time & unnecessary trouble. For mobile transactions, mind the network courier which world remit transacts on where ur sending the money. That was the mistake that I initially made.
  9. Best thing ever
    Ebsalom Matapo
    Easy to use and can easily send money from the comfort of my bed
  10. Sofia Abdalla
    great service,never dissapointing ..there just a phone call away to sort the problem if there is one
  11. Sharon Pechette
    I like the app but it needs to have help to explain exactly how this works.
  12. tina eve
    Money transfered straight away to the reciepient...Brilliant App..
  13. excellent service
    marlon PINASO
    very friendly to customer,, excellent service, thanks for helping millions of Filipinos around the globe
  14. Mary Grace Lago
    I wonder its always says error cv2
  15. The best money transfer app
    Abiola Fasasi
    Can send money or airtime anytime, anywhere you are, Cool.
  16. Low exchange rate
    Muyiwa Edun
    Compare to azimo, the rate is too low.
  17. After 6 days
    Riggie Allan Domingo
    Finally after 6 days and 35 minutes on hold on the phone they finished my transaction, money in the bank, wife happy...that is all that matters. Thanks tom!
  18. Simple and Works
    Amin Tazifor
    Pros: With a few clicks you complete your transaction. The only problem I experienced is that it takes a long time to load contacts from phone.
  19. Convenient
    Sam Dee
    Easy to use. Exchange rate is a huge cheat. Highway robbery.
  20. Paras Patel
    Very easy to transfer money at anytime


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