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Adrian Lawton | Brand Manager at Team 17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Aaleyah Symons | Marketing at Team17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Pawel Goleniewski | QA Manager at Team17 Digital Ltd

Leeds, United Kingdom |

Lélia Peuchamiel | Producer at Team 17

Wakefield, United Kingdom |

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  1. Great Game but with 1 current bug
    Gustave Gerhardt
    Notifications on my stock 5.1 Lollipop Nexus 5 do not seem to be working. I have to check for new multiplayer activity manually. I imagine this is why most of my games time out (other players are not as diligent). Please fix!
  2. Great game but buggy multiplayer
    Paul Carter
    The game is great and brings back a lot of good memories. Issue I currently get is to do with multiplayer, every now and then I will lose the games in progress (disappears from game last), get sync errors or my friends lose there side of the game. This needs fixing. Feature request would be allowing more then 1 vs 1 in any one game.
  3. Not opening...
    Ahmad Naffa
    The app is not opening its saying you need a license verification. I don't understand.
  4. Love the game but online mode is broke
    Isaac Speckhart
    I love the game and can play online against known friends. Unfortunately online games against random players never make it past the 2-3 round before I get an error message about corrupt data. The app also frequently asks me about cloud data being more recent....I emailed Team 17 a week ago and haven't heard back.
  5. Notification error?
    Jaime Hernandez
    I recently upgraded to a galaxy s6 (sprint) and when playing online, I don't receive notifications, when its my turn, like I did on my old galaxy s4
  6. Great game, a lot f fun like the classic worms games
    Jason Keating
    Awesome game but I'm stuck in a ranked match with a player who will not place their worms and cannot create a new game without forfeiting which I should not have to do. Please help.
  7. What the ....
    Karam Khafaga
    when i open it it tells me the download has failed becuse the resource could not be found so i bought the game but cant install it wow great..............
  8. Would be 5
    Stephen Turner
    Worms games have always been some of the best multiplayer games. This one with asynchronous game play is top notch. This would get 5 stars but still has glitches where i can't continue a game and have to restart with my friend. Also I no longer get notified of my turn. It's set to show notifications but doesn't. Will get 5 if fixed.
  9. Fun concept but multi-player is terrible
    Ryan Bruce
    It's been mentioned dozens of times, but multi-player needs a serious revamp. No notifications, and I have some games with over 100 days inactivity. Needs an automatic resign after a certain point.. I'd even be happy with 30 days! Want to clear out these 6 games but they're ranked and I don't want to have to forfeit.
  10. Awesomeness never dies!
    Il Pella
    For being an old school worms player (since the very first release) I must say that the new features added to the game make honour to team 17! Playing cards is just great, and overall it has been given the perfect amount of newness without losing the typical Worms flavour. Gameplay gained a great deal of variety.
  11. I always loved this game since early pc releases
    Rami Ayoubi
    After installing on my samsung note 2 it keep giving me an error message that cant contact license server
  12. Fix it,but love
    Iain Taylor
    The homing missile won't hit swash on the club pontoon fight
  13. Keeps crashing
    Senyahish Daniel
    If it wasn't crashing nearly every single time I try to play it, it actually would be pretty good. Until it's fixed, one star it is.
  14. Epic
    Frankie Franks
    I'm having a little trouble working out the controls and how to play though could you add a gide or something please.....?!
  15. shayne mcnew
    Keeps putting me into a game that's already started and when I quit it says that the file was corrupted and when I exit out of the game it counts as a loss. Also how long does one have to make a move before they automatically forfeit or something? I love the game but there are many bugs that still need to be worked out.
  16. Great to play with friends
    Aaron Gould
    Turning on pass and play mode is a good way to have exciting competitions with your friends! Cards are dumb, but they can be turned off.
  17. One major problem
    Christopher Reay
    This game would easily have gotten 5 stars as it's a proper worms game and works well over mobile. However it appears that only 2 player games are possible, taking away the biggest part of the fun which was playing with 4+ friends.
  18. Great game
    This game is hard but after a while you start to get used to it still angers me but its ok P.S I like how the holy hand grenade goes like "Alla ooh ya"
  19. Failure to Download
    Andy Kearsey
    3x ive tried to down with storage space of 1GB, 3x it gets to 48% then cancels download due to and error 909 code, despite 3bar 3G signal. Totally useless, giving up. Fix immediately and i will reconsider downloading!!!
  20. Love the game, hate the bugs
    Dan C Bakke
    Soo many corrupt games all the time.. super disappointing to have a game break all the time. When a game works, the games play is awesome, and the game modes are a lot of fun.


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