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Reviews 1,117,901

    Mark Slisz
    I had purchased the 300gold pieces and had never recieved it after emailing the developers they had refunded my order in a promptly manner.
  2. Gun won't reload
    Sheneka Blackmon
    This game is fun and action packed but when I use a round bullets and I run out, when I buy more the gun won't reload and I die because I can't shoot. Thinking about deleting the game if I can't figure out why my gun won't load.
  3. Free Running Gaming
    Reef Lawless
    This game as so much potential, but ends up being the most boring sniper game i've ever played. The missions are all the same and the daily reward always give you the same rubbish. Shame.
  4. Andrew Legerski
    I would love this game if you didnt have to use energy i hate games like that all you want is my money other than that good game
  5. Liked it but...
    Julie Hadden
    I finished the chapters and achievements except the guns because I won't buy the bullion to get it. Now it's boring because I know where the bad guys are and have nothing to work towards. Btw it shouldn't count as a miss if you blowup a barrel to kill a bad guy.
  6. Pretty cool
    Tikka Bauzon
    Enjoyed this game until I hit the wall where you have to buy (with real money) the next weapon to efficiently advance.
  7. very
    ryan esg
    realistic . responsive controll . cud be great if there is cover controll . i dont want to spend too much money for armor . if i were to spend bullet and upgrade and not to mention guns plus it wud be very realistic if i cud take cover hehe . cud you make zombie of this :) .still no cover controll....still taking hit
  8. Game is trash
    Carlos Lopez
    I have had this game for months now and I have every other part of the Excalibur except the stock. The daily lottery spin is garbage. After reading the comments I'm glad i didnt spend more money on the game to keep spinning the lottery. The armor is a joke, it breaks very easily and doesn't really protect you and you have to spend your money on fixing the expensive armor as well as med kits to get through the higher levels. Make the guns easier to get without having to rob a bank. Im done here.
  9. Moderately entertaining
    Roy McMillan II
    As with many of these attempts at sniping games, this one falls short of the mark. The game has no plot, the weapons are very inaccurate in the area of loading and firing rates as well as power and accuracy. Also the bad guys must have unobtanium armor. As a Marine I am always looking for a good and accurate shooting game. Unfortunately this one is just as disappointing as all the others
  10. Big problem
    Kevin Johnston
    Second to last mission on level 14 kill all enemies with silencer undetected by anyone the top center enemy on the screen can't kill with a single bullet not even a headshot and I have the best gun with the power maxed out all other enemies are dead I tried to kill him and it says I'm found out mission failed fix this problem and its 5 stars
  11. Chris Gouge
    You need to have it to were can get more cash and gold for doin other short missions
  12. Horrible
    Kevin Shahan
    So when you play the game you buy armor and health packs, but when you get shot at, the armor doesn't go down and it's only your health. Why buy the armor if it's not going to do anything? Fix this and they game will be so much better
  13. Great game but
    Anthony Fuentes Jr
    I don't like how I have to wait so long to get my gun, and to also play stages I have to buy gold. Most of the armours are useless. Fix and I will give it 5 stars.
  14. Best Shooting Game!!!
    Allen Gathings
    Every single game that I have played like this was bogus but this one is amazing. Great graphics and really easy to use, a little challenging sometimes... Perfect game!
  15. Donnalyn Tan
    I like the game.. But I'm a bit frustrated... I'm done playing all the chapters 1-14 and yet I'm not able to complete the excalibur gun.. I can't have the gold handle because I don't have a bullion to spin... Argh... I'm not lucky enough to win it in the lottery... I think you should create more battlefield.. coz it's get boring when I already know where they hide..
  16. Roye Gopie
    If u do not buy the gold u cannot get the gun and u hardly spin the wheel n win the gold or the parts for the gun. So I got stucked for about 5 months now. Just going to uninstall. Typical foolishness
  17. Parnita Baral
    Very enjoying game. Enemy are very powerful in endless mode&energy level need more time to refill
  18. Cuan Walker
    Bought 50 gold bars on the special offer and the money got taken off my account but I never recieved the offer???????
  19. Good but
    Ravi singh
    Some time this game was automatically uninstall from phn nd in this game the guns pric is to high...only 3 4 city faces agian nd agian in evry level....
  20. Rigo Munoz
    Need more chapters or something to advance to after completing every chapter with 3 stars and fulfilled all achievements. Work on this and you will get 5 stars.


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Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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