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Ye Wang | CEO at Doodle Mobile

中国 上海市区 |

istar shen | Game Pirate

中国 上海市区 |

zhe cui | Game Developer - Doodle Mobile

China |

Zhixing (istar) Shen | Mobile Games Pirate

上海 松江区 |

Reviews 111,228

  1. Hidden objects
    Carrie James
    Bomb Azz game, got a new device, have to start all over....ugh..... still love it tho
  2. Nope
    Michele Long
    The pics are way too cartoony. Half the time they don't even look like what you're supposed to find in the short time allowed. Not a fun game after abt 55 levels... same thing over and over. Uninstalled.
  3. <3it
    Steph Figueroa
    I have bought all characters and earn al trophys but it just stays there nothing more, it needs more challenges.
  4. Tatiana Ebanks
    Just had another update and still wont play with the same error messageWas working fine :/ awesome game but now wont start up and keeps crashing please fix will give 5 stars if I can play the game again
  5. Good time pass
    Anusha K
    Some objects are difficult to find in more numbers. Eg musical instruments, glass, sports equipment. If it s 2 or 3 easily can find but when it is in 6 or 7 difficult to find in 10 sec. Time is very limited.
  6. Amazing but
    Sara Ph
    I love this game, but the only thing that pushes me to stop playing it, is that it's extremely difficult to get more coins.. To get all the characters and buy all power ups, I am in need to play for 2 years!!! I am not that patient Plz let the game give us more coins to be able to go forward
  7. More levels pls
    wanted 671
    I don't get how a tomato isn't a fruit, knife is not dinnerware, and moons are not "illuminate things". Spiders are not insects also, they are arachnids. Aside from all that, its a real fun game. Please add some more levels though!
  8. Average
    Jenny Yanke
    Would like to have no clock option. Also obejcts Are so close together that often you get a time deduction for hitting the object beside. Also sometimes gives a time deduction for swiping to move the screen. Maybe a side arrow would solve that.
  9. Could be fun
    Orlando Griego
    Could be fun but it doesn't allow but a few tries before you have to wait (plus no indication how long that wait is). Outside of buying coins there's little chance to continue forward if you don't find the items in the very short alotted time. I eventually just uninstalled out of frustration.
  10. Great game
    Delano Borrageiro
    I really enjoy this game it is amazing. The only issue I have is that they aren't enough levels please please please add more levels .one of my favorite games
  11. sanika kshirsagar
    I love this game , it is a excellent game ♥it. This game is too cool . I love it among all of my hidden object games. Plz download the game . And can u plz make more games like this , love it , bye guys - bye .
  12. Its fun
    Lexy Nellis
    I really enjoyed this really fun and interesting games I know the lots of other people would enjoy it too this is one of the best games I've ever played.
  13. Great App But...
    Ethan Conte
    This app is great but I wish it would give you a little more time to find the objects. 1 minute is ridiculously short and some of the objects are hard to recognize as what they say it is, like "teeth" is a vampire with tiny fangs coming out of its mouth. How are we supposed to know that. Please fix.
  14. Addictive
    Amanda Higginson
    Absolutely love this game it is so addictive. The only downsides are they need to add more levels as I have completed it several times but also some of the ideas you have for things is unbelievable for example when you ask for a kettle and what you actually need to press is pictures of vases with handles or when you ask for glasses and you need to press an egg timer! In england the items can be very different to what you expect but all that aside great game, give me more!!!
  15. Fun but some problems
    Casey Blair
    Just finished the game and it is definately addictive. However, the game cheats where one item matches description in one level but not another . Penguins ARE birds and they DO have wings. Butterflies ARE insects but snails are NOT. Don't even get me started on what constitutes a planet. Overall, will keep playing if more levels are added but PLEASE fix descriptions.
  16. Not neat
    Mint Sze Min
    Frustrated with the fact that some items are actually inclusive but when press for another level for the same thing it becomes invalid ... creator need to check whether items contains that portion, if not its v annoying -_-
  17. Its nice but.....
    Faisal Javed
    This pictures r not good:-( ur right michele long
  18. Fun! Addictive ! Entertaining
    Gourab Chatterjee
    Amazing game extremely addictive and some times extremely frustrating to play...but none the less waiting for more levels..
  19. I play this game all the time.
    Nathania Skeen
    Especially at night when im bored. Never had any failures or hiccups. I do wish there was more time to find the objects and why do you have to go back to the start point if you lose? Let us just start over. That's really annoying
  20. Once You Get The Hang Of It, Addicting!
    Corinthia Alvarez
    I need more levels!!!!! Once I got the quirks of a shoe not being clothing a star not being a luminous thing I beat the game in 4 days. More levels please!!!


What`s new

Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.