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yee call
yeecall free call of hd voice
yeecall free video call and chat
yeecall messenger and video
yeecall messenger and video call
تانجو مكالمات فيديو مجاني دردشه ورسائل
درشات شات فديو


Monthly active users estimation: 31200000

Reviews 301,611

  1. Can't make calls
    Nicolas S
    This sounded a good app now I am very disappointed having wasted my time as it doesn't allow you to make phone calls. I do not want to invite anyone I wish to make calls.
  2. Good app
    Azlan Hassan
    Easy to use, simple but better if can invite whatsapp friend to here.
  3. Way too much access is required
    Walt Pennington
    I get some issues that need access but when an app asks for my camera, that is my red line. Not using till I get an answer as to your application needs of my phone. I don't trust easily. Blame it on the time we live in. I also find the scripted responses that , say the same thing over and over is suspecious at the least , sorry! I will not respond to the email address. It needs to be posted here for all to see. If we can't do as I reguest then we're done.
  4. I don't have 3G network in my country area
    samar qayyum
    I try it on 2g edge data voice is not clear
  5. azimul islam
    before update its very good. but now voice quality is soo bad when network quality low... plz fix it
  6. Good clear call s
    Brooke Mccarty
    New so no problem with app yet
  7. Big Popo
    Eduardo Viera
    See when I see new to this.....
  8. " வாழ்க வளமுடன் "
    ponnurangam PONNURANGAM
    எல்லா APPS பெற்று பணியினை செவ்வனே செய்க தமிழா வாழ்க வளமுடன்.. பொன்னுரங்கம்.
  9. Awesome but
    Jerat Michael
    Nice app! clear voice, but it has some issues. Please fix it
  10. Excellent
    Pravin Barde
    It's very loved one ,group communication voice clear
  11. I'm new so don't know it yet
    Robert Sandoval
    I don't understand it yet but I'll try it
  12. very good!
    long ruan
    I love this app. Voice is very clear, con call is free!
  13. murtuza loharchalwala
    Good.give the option of sharing on whatapp
  14. Small problem
    Keith Whatley
    Why can't I just dial a number that I want to call? It seems kind of illogical to have a phone call app that doesn't have a contact list you can add to and call who you want. For me to give it five stars it would have to have a dial pad as well as an automatic add to contact list to call whomever you wanted! Please fix this issue or I will have to go from three stars to one. Thanks
  15. Tim Petitpas
    It doesn't make sense how do you get ahold of people with this app can't figure it out I'm on the screen when you call call your friends how do you calm tell us that there's no directions on how to do it pretty stupid make it easier I'll give 5 stars I have not been able to contact nobody I've had a week I think it's an app where you people want to snoop on our phones
  16. Trust
    Debbie Cosgrove
    I am not sure what prospective I should have on this app
  17. mansukh kalsariya
    code not send by system. i tryed 30 times. but code not send... so i can't sign up for this apps.
  18. 5 stars
    alex escobar
    i gave u 5 stars before dornloading , i hope u guys deserve this and i also hope it will help me aloot
  19. To
    Audie Kimberley
    Start with it was a cool app and then after about 2 week's it would NO even open it would just look like my home screen plzzzz fix. It was a grate app
  20. Yee call..
    Gene Skyles
    I tryed for 10 min to let it download but it wouldn't