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张晓晖 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场总监

Yangpu District, Shanghai, China |

郭新涛 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场经理

安徽 合肥 |

董可晨 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 — 城市经理

Hefei City, Anhui, China |

丁伟峰 (david ding) | 商务拓展总监 — 上海地奇网络科技有限公司

Zhabei District, Shanghai, China |

Reviews 7,214

  1. Cheater
    Louis Ng
    Been cheating loyal players who pay for in game items, when queried was given dodgy reasons.. Play if u dare
  2. 超騙錢的遊戲
    不值得浪費你的時間來玩,每服都是同樣的那幾個官方走狗。他們不用充值也比你強,元寶也用不完的 hack, 還放肥婆講鳥話來拉笨蛋來玩。Not recommended to be on Google Play even!
  3. Like....but need English
    Henry Mancilla Jr
    Please u enjoy the tutorial but want to know what they say and where what is. Please fix it and I'll won't erase and give a bad review
  4. 烂官理,更新名不能用facebooK上没有人理。
    Low hua liang
    只会一直想我们花钱,可是有问题没人理. Don't download this game, after update can not use Facebook account to login and no admin Care about it.
  5. Just another pay to win game
    Kenny Lee Jian Siong
    This is just another pay to win game.
  6. Hamsap
    Fakrudin abu bakar
    Will love to download it and then will extremely dissapointed. Lol
  7. This game famous just because of your ad...
    Ahmad Khusairy
    This game is too bad for youngsters and not so user-friendly..! The downloaders must be getting gems or too pervert.
  8. Sad really
    Mike Bentley
    This has the best, and sexiest, graphics of any app I gave seen. Pity there is not an English version.
  9. Android 5.0 lollipop
    Jerry Peng
    After the update the game still doesn't work
  10. mc jong
    Always crash. Fix it. Very annoying. If no fix dont waste money.
  11. A Game about Luck and Gambling
    Hwa Siang Kok
    This game is mostly about spending money to "gamble" for the items that you need. The more you spend, the higher your chances are at getting better loot. It gets tiring after some time if you play this game for free, because the game is designed with the odds stacked heavily against you as you progress further into the game. It makes you frustrated when you realise you don't have a shot at the the godly items, such that you will end up paying for in-game purchase.
  12. Yoshi no
    Just here 4 the gem that's all nothing more plus this game sucks and I don't play Chinese game for immature theme especially has women with less clothes coz it's so '98 type of game...
  13. Ok.
    Xu Xifei
    Who says you need to pay to play this game? I've been playing it without coming out with a single cent. All you need is some patience, patience and patience.
  14. English please
    Tommy Vang
    Id play this if I understood wtf u guys r trying to say
  15. aznan fin
    I like this game.. a kind like heroes and king bounty.. if in english I will play more and give 5★
  16. Gems
    Huzaifah Yunus
    I really dun understand juzz here 4 gems
  17. Can't play on tablet
    Samz Lo
    Can't play on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & Asus Memo Pad, only can enjoy the game on phone, miss the big screen. Otherwise, it is a nice game, but be patience, if not you will spend a lot of real cash.
  18. me too meeper
    naylie 2003
    i only wanted free gems plus i don't understand the game
  19. Gems
    CtrlAlt Derp
    Everyone is here for gems HAHAHAHAH brave frontier ftw
  20. Amazon
    Darry L
    Please make this game available for Amazon users to purchase ingots!