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Reviews 31,845

  1. Poor
    Michael Luder
    Sun+ tie in was a terrible idea to gain users. A great idea to fleece a few suckers AND lose credibility. Not to mention all the problems Ive had with transfers saying their completed and on deadline they reset? Then theres ad banners that block sight of the tables, frequent crashing, notifications that link to nothing... the list goes on.. 1* is generous..
  2. David Mcnalus
    Does what it says on the can. Even better now they've added the new icons which show players injured, suspended etc..
  3. Marce
    Jose Nobrega
    Good app, can log in within seconds instead of having to go on website online. Annoying that had to join Sun + but was easy enough to cancel straight away!!!
  4. Dreamteam app appreciation
    Cheri Smith
    This app is easy to use and all the changes that are made due to feedback are appreciated. As the chairman of our league it's good for updating the notes and for getting info on anything footbally you need.
  5. Sun Rip Off
    Stuart Green
    App works great but being forced to get sun + for the chance of winning prizes leaves a sour taste. App 4 stars / Sun 0 stars
  6. David K
    Deividas Kadys
    Great app, everything you need to follow your DT.
  7. Ok but annoying
    Neil Bishop
    Down side is having to put debit card details in even to play for free which i dont think is safe... should be an option to opt out of Sun+ so we can just enjoy the free game.
  8. Getting better but. ...!
    Lincoln Charles
    Much improved & getting better all the time. .....ditch the forced subscription to Sun+ and it's up to 5 !
  9. Murdoch wants your cash...
    Jon Gair
    Just trying to make money out of you by signing up to sun + and making it difficult to cancel. Will not be doing sun dream team next season...
  10. Sun dreamt am app
    Derek Gillespie
    Easy to use overall great now even better with euro dt
  11. Sorted out now
    Jonathan Hall
    After initial issues it appears to be ok now, still not impressed at the fact you have to sign up for sun plus then cancel it straight away, should be optional rather than mandatory !!!!!
  12. Sun at its best
    Paul Millr
    Makes you register and put in you debit card just to play. Slow to update also.
  13. Jonathan Gray
    Works great saves a lot of time going on website version
  14. Dream team
    Richard Crampton
    Very enjoyable game. Love playing all the different versions of dream team. Would recomend it to anyone who loves football.
  15. Dream team app
    damien bannon
    The app works pretty good. Shame about the people who run dream team and do the points. Blatant Liverpool fans and have admitted it on the Facebook page.
  16. Dan Smith
    Works great now I have a newer version and phone. Keep getting notifications all day and when I click them nothing happens! Also dont know how to turn them off! Can anyone help? Apart from that its awsome
  17. Good app
    Ruhul Islam
    Stil doesnt allow late entries in to mini league. But decent app
  18. Lee Lambert
    Wow its unbelievable...Ive never had an app like it
  19. Steve Moore
    Kept forgetting to cancel the contract. Mugged for months and never even looked at a goal. RUBBISH. I wouldn't mind but I used to buy the sun every day anyway
  20. Speedy2015
    Chris Coombes
    This is not a bad app sometimes it freezes and crashes apart from that it's ok


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