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yodo1 games
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Mike Petersen | Programmer

Zach Lowrance | Programmer

Clare Hallock | Producer

Eric Fowler | Programmer

Reviews 39,933

  1. Update Everytime Game Starts
    Lazee Crow
    I used to love this game. Waited patiently for the update. But now that it's updated why do I have to download the update everytime I want to play. Please fix this.
  2. Amazing but...
    Kombat Ninja
    I love this game but I can't access the tavern even though I have good connection?
  3. Adam Bullington
    It's fun so far. Haven't played much yet.
  4. frozon Ozone
    Why is that when i try to place a character down it moves my screen up and i have hold to place
  5. Not balanced
    Robert Daniel Pascual
    Creeps run too fast and the damage can't be measured. Please balance the game. Great characters.
  6. Управление
    Zen Fitness
    Надо тапнуть раз 15 чтобы выделить участок под башню
  7. I like it
    Drake haynes
    An OK game needs more I think and a hell of a lot cheeper
  8. Tavern connection down
    Lori Addington
    I really love this game but the tavern has been inaccessible for over two weeks. Bug??
  9. Anne Liang
    I like the game but I'm not getting the souls I paid for...
  10. OMGTD! Good game!
    Sherman Richards
    Unlike most tower defense games this one follows Greek mythology with a little twist to it. I had this game last year and it was great. After downloading it onto a new device its having problems with starting and loading but when I do get to play it is fun
    Josh Rose
    I love Greek mythology immensely. So I thought I would love this game and I do... Problem is I can't play it without it crashing. I haven't had ANY game/app do this, lag, or any other problem since getting my droid mini. I don't understand it but it just randomly happens during gameplay.. Wtf?
  12. Poor Touch Sensitivity
    Stephen Dockendorff
    This game has potential to be awesome... but when you have to tap ten to twelve times in one spot to summon a god... it gets annoying. It keeps moving the screen, ever so slightly, instead of actually letting me summon a god. This poor touch control also makes it easy to waste powers. This game is more frustrating than it is fun.
  13. You guys charge way to much for upgrades/heros
    Calvin Edenfield
    4 bucks is about the most people are willing to pay for a phone/tablet game when they can get a xbox360 game for 19.99 so you would make more money to charge less specially when there isn't that much replay value even with the hero's think about it
  14. Great game!
    Kristine Irish
    I love this game but it crashes 9/10 times I try to play it on my Samsung Galaxy S5. It works okay on my tab S except for trying to summon gods on the far right of the screen. The right most god gets cut off the screen so I can't select it.
  15. Love this game.
    Gerard Farin
    It's a very good way to kill time, and fall asleep afterwards. It's a compliment. :)
  16. Andrew Maher
    Crashed often on my S5, and the screen is very unresponsive forcing you to repeatedly attempt to summon or upgrade a god. When content is linked to a number of stars failing due to poor controls is extremely frustrating.
  17. 75e
    Jérémie Josse
    Until 75e in-game content, for a smartphone game! I could maybe pay 5e for a full version but not that much, and it doesn't even offer full version. 8e for a heroe. Its possible to play without paying but knowing this remove the fun from it.
  18. Waste of my time
    Tony Hollenbeck
    When I try to open it up it lets me play for 1 minute but then my game freezes and than kicks me out it does it every time
  19. Omg td
    Paul Mark Caparida
    I love this game but its too hard for me to upgrade gods and to get 3stars . I hope u can give us more soul.
  20. Support is terrible
    Chuck Moore
    I used to love this game and e end spent money on the heroes. When I upgraded my phone and lost everything their support tried to reimburse my souls but every time they did the game crashed. After 2 attempts to give them to me they just stopped answering my emails. Been emailing once a week for 2 months with no reply. I am very disappointed as I used to enjoy this game. No more Yodo1 games for me until they show me they have changed


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FIXED ISSUES: Fixed purchase connection bug.

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