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governor of poker
governor of poker 2
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покер оффлайн
техасский покер



Ilona Kostelijk | Game Developer bij YoudaGames

Nederland |

Gerben Papo | Technical Project Manager at YoudaGames

Amsterdam en omgeving, Nederland |

Gerben Papo | Technical Project Manager

Ilona Kostelijk | Game Developer

Reviews 209,805

  1. Geraldine Molnar
    Doesn't play. Keeps kicking you off before play even gets a chance.
  2. John Alexopoulos
    Typical poker garbage! I'm sure if u pay $$$ u will win, but otherwise very fixed!
  3. Really
    Randy-n-Dawn Gross
    This game is so slow and twice now when I log back in I have lost at least half of my total chips. I have played this on my PC and it was much better than on a tablet. And yet another problem in your game. When I hit call it folds my hand. Kinda hard to win when I can't even play. You people need to fix this game. It sucks the way it is. Ok 6 days and counting without a win what a joke. So just won a strand go tournament. And on queue game disconnect and I never got my 500000. Winnings. U people are really something.
  4. Game is great but....
    shin hyun wook
    Same problem given by previous users. When i open it, i see youdagame blue screen then it crashes. Money well spent
  5. Screwed
    Edward Raynor
    U can be playing and if people don't bet a few hands in a row they sit out. In sit n go mode this sucked because game won't end. Need to kick people off. Unless this changes will b deleting game
  6. Pokerface
    Ernest Six
    I dont know what the others mean about theses problems in the game except that the problems must be them not knowing how to play.Gr8 game
  7. moe fish
    Fun game great customer service. Sometimes game will freeze on startup otherwise five stars!
  8. Needs improvement
    James Heid
    Some bugs but that's pretty normal. Really lost points with me that the dev couldn't take time to make an exit button. Have to pull down notification bar and use task killer. Update: "yeehah!!" notification is super loud and obnoxious and always goes off at the worst times. Need option to silence this.
  9. Not good
    jhonan jimenez
    This computer programmed my name to be always a loser. Even though my card is good. And my opponents card is shit. They always give a pair card to my opponent.
  10. Great Game
    Neil Mountford
    One of the better online poker games, if you want to play off line have a look at Governor of Poker 2.
  11. Great game. Lots of fun!
    Seamus Mac Aindreasa
    3rd isntallment of GOP is great! Multiplayer was really the only way for the franchise to go, and Youda have done it perfectly.
  12. Fun but...
    Beeper Pollak
    It was a fun game but it crashes every time I open it
  13. Governor of poker
    Brenda Rojas
    Crashes all the time on I phones it's a really good game but u need to fix the crashes!!
  14. It's alright
    Josh Bock
    Sometimes freezes and you miss a hand
  15. Jonah Hackley
    I just lost all of my stuff as well as friends
  16. Horrible game
    Nicholas Bates
    Full of donks. Everybody shoves preflop every hand with utter garbage. Completely unrealistic
  17. Hand rankings
    Egidijus Stanaitis
    You need to work on hand rankings, because sometimes people with flushes or higher hands lose to three of kind, etc. And you need to work on big blindz in cash games for new players at a table, sometimes you get to pay few big blinds in a row just because a player joined a table before you, make more big blinds at tabel, not just one. Plus tou need to work on bet a pot button, it works for me like 1/2 pot. Change it and its fine game
  18. Good game but......
    Yogshaye Ramhota
    Can't play the game. Keeps telling that I have connection problems where I have a full connection. Please try to fix this problem while updating the app.
  19. Hubert Martens
    C de la #&$# keep saying I got no internet connexion, i am on wi-fi
  20. STUCK on the "LOADING GAME" screen after UPDATE
    Bryan Arap
    Why i cant access my account. I already tried clearing cache and data. But no luck. Please explain


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