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Anssi Klapuri | CTO at Yousician - WE ARE HIRING!

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Robert Aarts | Developer / Consultant / Instructor / Lifeguard

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Seva Moshanin | CMO at Yousician - World's largest music educator

Finland |

Chris Thür | CEO at Yousician - WE ARE HIRING!

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Reviews 272,425

  1. Vry nice idea but...
    SODA me
    Learning too slowly... Can y'all plz increase the daily practice time. It's restricting the pace.. N the ads to buy premium are tooooooooo not okay for an app so good..
  2. sofia caspelich
    I have been playing guitar for over a year and i just got the app. You should allow to choose your level for free. Because everything in the beginner section is slow.
  3. So far so good.
    Joy Stevens
    I've had a guitar for years, but never lessons. So I only know a few chords and have zero picking skills. I just started today, but so far it's getting me doing things I hadn't done before in picking and frets. It seems to make practice fun and game like. We'll see how it goes.
  4. Pretty good
    Carl Valdivielso
    It keeps bugging you to get premium and it does rush a little bit but overall very solid app! Would recommend!
  5. Kinda disappointing.....
    James gillihan
    Just added this app and got premium for the main reason that you advertise I can upload songs I would like and that is not a option when trying it tells me to go to Web page but then page won't let me sign in so I take it the only thing I'm paying for is no adds and the no limit feedback? Kinda disappointing.......
  6. Eh
    Cool idea. But it just freezes past the home screen. Absolutely now way would I put money into something that does not run
  7. Cant beleive i wasted time on this
    Damian Byram
    This app literally made me tune my guitar repeatedly until i shut it down. Its awful at picking up sounds. I know how to play guitar but i thought that this could help me hone my skills but turns out its horse.... although i do like their separate tuner app. Id suggest that over this
  8. Great to learn, even free
    Jason Zolina
    Can be hard for it to hear you on mobile. Turning your phone down in a quiet room works if you can get that.
  9. Great
    Marquis Willis
    Although the premium version of the app is $10 a month to have unlimited lesson time, and no interruptions, this app is an amazing tool in order to accelerate the process of learning how to play the guitar. With real time feedback, and a gradual progression system, you can easily get better at guitar. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn.
  10. Good
    Alvin Chan
    I love this app but the only thing holding me back is the audio listner. The speakers are fucked especially when I play on the third fret. Other than that, it's nice.
  11. Freezes
    Brian Personius
    I haven't been able to get past the start here video. Every time I try, the video freezes and the app locks up. On a G5
  12. bryan marquez
    It was doing good until I got to level one now it freezes and won't download the songs or let me continue learning at all
  13. mjvalderrabano
    I have been playing guitar for the past few years and wanted to try this out to see if I could learn more things but I started out at a beginning level and it took forever. I already knew the chords. Also, when I was playing them it said my notes were wrong or it couldn't hear it although I used headphones and played loud and clear. It just frustrated me and I would've been better off teaching myself than using this app.
  14. Tuning
    Michelle Horan
    My guitar string when I tuned it popped out. :/ now I only have four strings
  15. Really cool!!!
    Mia Wilmot
    The lessons are very practical and you can go at your own pace. I just picked up the guitar and I already feel comfortable with it because the way they explain things makes so much sense. Love it!
  16. Bass?
    Chris Vargas
    Is there any way I can learn bass songs on this? If not, can I be redirected to something that can teach me bass songs?
  17. Great idea
    Justin Wallace
    If your guitar is slightly louder or quieter than it wants it to be than your app doesn't work. The tuner also is a piece of crap. ( easy work around tho) I will admit that it could be good if you have a super tuned guitar and perfect volume, but you would also have to k ow exactly what you are doing wrong because this app wont tell you.
  18. Love it but 1
    Brandon Coats
    I love this app, learnt so much from it. I just hate how quick you run out of free trial for the day.
  19. Arizona Surelle
    I have a difficult time learning things properly and quickly because I have a learning disability, and this app makes life so easy on me, being a beginner guitarist..however, my daily free lesson time is getting shorter and shorter-it started off at about, I wanna say 30 minutes? Now its 5-10 and what angle are you getting at? I didn't even buy the guitar and amp and stuff, it was given to me when a friend moved away. I can't pay for a monthly subscription right now but I need the 30 mins I started out with
  20. Enjoy the app
    Howard Testerman
    Works great now that the jumpy video bug has been fixed. Not sure if it is me or the app, but on the chord section it doesn't recognize the chord sometimes. Not a major issue.


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