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pharaohs way slot free
pub xeus
طبله مصريه


Monthly active users estimation: 175,000

Reviews 35,531

  1. WARNING!!! Company steals from your bank account!
    Shannon Miault
    Everyone, please check your bank account if you make a purchase. I did after a supposed "failed" purchase and out of curiosity I checked my bank balance minutes after and $19.99 was STILL debited out of my account! I emailed them and heard not a word back from them! Not only does this shady practice happen but its ironic that on multiple occasions the game crashes in the middle of a tournament and its tough luck on you (me) because they will not reimburse you for your loss. Robbers! Please beware!!!
  2. Over 7,000,000 stolen from my account!
    Michelle Craig
    Literally went to play Poker, won 12k after 4 hands, there was a player who kept going all in, so I left. Went to play 21, he followed me there and my player became him! Wtf When I left, I had 900 coins.
  3. Helen Devereaux
    So many ads...lot of issues with pay outs and levels. Not a lot of explanation about the game, daily bonus, half the time you spin up for the bonus in a game and it doesn't play it, the gems or diamonds or whatever they are called doesn't move from level 39-40, i've been playing for days and days and it hasn't moved, what is going on
  4. Jared Edwards
    Need to keep pop-ups to a minimum.... There is way too many.... And the daily login bonuses... I haven't gotten any for almost 3 weeks now..... Mostly due to the pop-ups..... And other times it just doesn't show up
  5. Slots pharoahs journey
    carla andrews
    Screw this it but no help from you...Was on level 29 came back for bonus on level 0!!!!!!!got 18 stars went to turn in racked up over 790 diamonds 10 @n every hit on chest. Came back now THEIR GONE wtf...a couple of hours go by Still jacked up. IF YOU FIX IT I JUST WANT MY LEVEL 29 ALMOST FINISHED PLUS I HAD OVER 15,000,000. 2-3DAYS THEN I WILL TELL FB OF THIS FLIPPIN GAME
  6. Easy to play
    Sheryl Young
    Very creative, addictive, and I really enjoy this one. Generous payouts! Well done!
  7. Joyce Taylor
    I had 12million plus credits, I played big and won 9million plus credits and it was not added to my score. It was as if I never played that round. So please fix the theiving thing
  8. maryc Turner
    The graphics are gorgeous. Great pace and wonderful payouts--love this game mcturn
  9. Ads crashing my phone
    Nick Egerton
    Ok to start with but later bombarded with ads, so much so that they constantly crashed my s5! Do not install this crap!! Uninstalled!!
  10. Pharaohs journey
    Heidi James
    Great graphics,easy to earn bonus,fun,fun,OF course is not boring..
    Apriil Morrison
    The game keeps stopping and force closing causing me to lose tons of credits and GEMS!! I'M not rich so it's rather heartbreaking when this happens. I reopen it expecting them to be there and nothing...FIX THIS
  12. Richard Burks
    Still level 1 and already asked for a rate. Be back soon with that one or two or three star rating I am assuming lol
  13. Fouad Chokeir
    This is nice one of my favorites slot games matter what or how long you play you're always a winner we'll that's for me I don't know about other people playing for this game I wish they can make more games like that
  14. Good game but...but
    Mantu Andrei
    I love this game but i can't play it because adds starts coming and when it happens the game shut down. 1 star, hate adds
  15. Lina Tondo
    I have had the 30 diamond that is awarded after 7 day been lost thanks to those bloody popups. This is the 7th time noe and am very unhappy. Iwould like them all back because I am entitled to them please fix problem or will uninstall. Not happy Jan!!!
  16. Pharaoh Slot Game START GOOD.
    Rosabellaaquino Aquino
    But play more to know little while to check how it work for me.
  17. Lakeista Webber
    The game has too many pop ups for other apps. I like the game itself, but I keep getting interrupted.
  18. Too many credits to advance
    Kim Butigan
    This is like the wizard of oz slot it just takes to many credits to get anyware what i see is all they want is your money ! There is no way to finish the games you could sink 1000s of bucks in them and sill not get to the end !
  19. Kim Phan
    I really like the game. It's enjoyable and good when passing the time. It also saves me time and money from going to the real machine. Also the ads are annoying. They come up one after another.
  20. Pharaoh's slots
    Linda Ladeaux
    Thanks for finding my game. I'm very happy...happy...happy. Thanks again. This is still my favorite.


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