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Misha Lyalin | Chairman & CEO at ZeptoLab

Россия |

Alex Veretennikov | Product Manager at ZeptoLab

Россия |

Lucas González | Product Manager at ZeptoLab

Madrid y alrededores, España |

Jorge Rosado de Alvaro | Game Designer at Zeptolab Studios

Madrid y alrededores, España |

Reviews 68,576

  1. Fuck off devs
    jitendra garg
    Seriously. I paid for full version when it was new. Now I have to go through the same ad as normal users. What was the point of backing you guys? If you are going to do shit like this, I wish you will rather get no money at all. I wish I never paid a single penny for this game. Thanks for giving me one more reason to pirate your games.
  2. stupid adds
    iAndrew Tichauer
    If I wanted adds I would have downloaded the free version I mean who pays for an app with adds the only reason I paid for it was to not have adds my advice only download it if you like adds popping up every time you change a level other wise don't waste money
  3. Paid version with full screen ads
    Amithy Garcia
    Don't install this apps because it will only sabotage your phone. Banner ads in menu and full screen ads everytime you go through a level or after you quit a stage.
  4. Paid app?
    Luis Luna
    So I bought the game yet if I want to advance to the third season without having to complete the first two I need to pay again? I changed phones, so I need to complete everything again? What did I pay for if I still get ads?
  5. Chance Ceasar
    I liked it until i started getting notifications that I can't turn off? How do I turn off the notifications? !
  6. Ads in paid version
    Rick V
    I've had the paid version for a while and it was fine. Haven't played in a year or so and started playing recently. Now there are ads for different games. Great game but don't like the ads for a paid version.
  7. Enjoyable puzzle game
    Todd Smolen
    This game is great while you are waiting for something or someone. Also it is good thinking game to exercise your brain. Keep up good job with creatives. Thanks. Galaxy S4
  8. Russell Samuels
    Great game, but what's up with the ads? I paid for this so that I wouldn't have to see them!?!
  9. Problems transferring game data
    angel caruuth
    I can't get the data from my tablet to my phone I'm stuck on level 1 box 1 on phone but on tablet I'm almost half way through season 2 plz help and I will give 5 stars
  10. Cutest puzzler
    Mystical Temptress
    If you love cute little creatures and enjoy puzzles, download this. Om Nom is the cutest little guy you'd meet and he's hungry for candy. Figure out the puzzle and feed lil Om Nom!
  11. Ads and popups in paid version!! DO NOT BUY
    Ruairi O'Sullivan
    You absolute scum. Ads in a paid version. I will NEVER buy an app from you again.
  12. Good game still get ads.
    Tillman Robinson
    I paid for it why am I getting ads.
  13. Great!!!
    Worathan Wongpiriyaporn
    "Pay to play" still work more than "Pay to win" games.
  14. I don't want notifications
    Luke Allen
    The game started pushing notifications and there's no way to disable that, so I have to uninstall it.
  15. :3
    felipe lozada
    So cute, i really love this game :D
  16. David Hepworth
    I paid for the game and now it has ads. Also annoying notifications with sound after I have turned all sound off. It's a shame because otherwise it's a good game
  17. I paid for this game
    Christopher Lowe
    The game itself deserves 5 stars. I bought the full version a couple years ago and thought I'd install on my new phone. Now half the levels I paid for and played before are locked and demanding I pay again for them. Instead of an update to save progress to Google, they delete it and demand you pay again and put up with obnoxious ads as well.
  18. Persistent Ads in This Version
    Kenny Fresquez
    Typically, when you purchase the paid version of an app, you do so to prevent advertisements. In this case, the ads remain. It doesn't matter if they're pushing a recent game that they made; a full page pop-up after every few levels is irritating. I see no logical reason to pay for this game when the free version sits right next to it.
  19. Greed spoilt it
    Jeremy Rickard
    When I paid for the game it was to get rid of ads, yet now they are back! Do we get a refund?
  20. Ads?
    Martin Cousins
    Why do I have to clear these Ads in a game I've purchased.


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Sweetness of candies increased — Om Nom chomps with even more pleasure.