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ace of spades
جلسه لعبه جلسه لعبه جلسه


Monthly active users estimation: 2,000,000

Reviews 20,376

  1. Great
    Abhishek Nag
    4 star, only because I think UI could be a little better. Also sometimes my partner acts like a dumb person (just like my roommate whom I use to play 29 with! :P ) But good job, overall.
  2. Very Good
    Sudip Sen Gupta
    I love this game.Nicely done.Pls implement the one point rule for the last hand. Also,It will be nice to have the feature of saving the state of the game-in-middle, multiplayer support and extending the scoreboard beyond one set.
  3. MD. Rashiqul Alam
    The pair for a suite chosen sometimes does not work. As a result we have to loose the game.
  4. need improvment
    Tarak Mondal
    1. give option to bid directly between 16-28. that will enhance the chances of winning with a good hand. 2. partner trumps his own partners confirm cards, which makes waist of the trump card. improve this, definetly 5 stars from my side then
  5. Bad partner
    Sampan Pathak
    The partner with whom I have to play can't make intelligent choices. For example once I was quiet sure that I would win the game and it was a match of "re-double" and I was going to make it double hand. But my impressive partner kept an unwanted card without passing it while chance came and though I won the game I lost the chance to make it double hand what resulted in only 4 reds. But away with that, he keeps making certain worse choices over and over again which results in losing the game.
  6. Nice , but
    Icche Dana
    Its nice app for timepass... But need some features like Single Hand... We also want multiplayer option through bluetooth connection... Hope this app will entertine us more nd more...
  7. Good game
    Abc Xyz
    Partner code writing is not good. No logic. No concern of cards. And it feels like it loves black only. I have witnessed many times a game is lost by partners playing patern, make Ai mode toughest possible and give partner control to user and see.
  8. Good game
    Srimon Chatterjee
    Please include a multiplayer option if possible...
  9. Nice
    Amit Kumar
    It would be better if u improve UI or develop 3d model
  10. Stupidest partner one could design
    Piyush Arya
    Seriously never won a set because of the dumb partner. Throws a pointless trump in a trick I am surely gonna win.
  11. Lot to improve
    Arghya Das
    In real lyf I gt a partner like that in this game...surely I would kill him..he plays like bullshit..I have never seen a player like him..i know its ur programming..I reqst the developer kindly check the partner always trying to play jack to give me 3 points...and opponents getting packs with topcard 9..bullshit..
  12. Awesome
    provash gharami
    This is very lovely game. Love it enjoyed it
  13. Monayem Rubel
    i always like 29 if u add the sound it will be more exciting.
  14. Good game
    Abhishek Kumar
    Please implement scoreboard and multiplayer for LAN and WAN.
  15. Very good game, but needs some improvements
    Developer Team you should add SINGLE HAND PLAYING & no trump or reverse trump option.then the game will be more flexible and interesting.
  16. Nice game but
    Yubraj C.
    Dont have the option to play "single."
  17. Average
    Pushpita Dutta
    The game is very nicely developed but some of the moves by the partner is very amateur specially trumping on my win when there are irrelevent cards left with my would be good if the difficulty level is increased...
  18. sunit
    sunit roy
    love you. this is best for me.
  19. Nice job yar
    New update to play double is suprb....I can given there five star but one thing i want missing is to play single one when i have card so plz work on it....
  20. N7100
    Manish Karel
    Rest everything is super fine and in comparison with similar apps i will say it's on top. The only problem is partner there should be either mode selection of it. He bid without proper hand most of the time top trumps are found with opponents and it bids like 19+, removing it.


What`s new

Partner's logic updated.
Feedback framework implemented.
Support for 64 bit devices.
Few UI bug fixes and some rare crash fixes.

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