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  1. Love it but....
    Natalie Bogart
    I love this game it gets very addicting once the levels get more challenging. However, I don't like how the lives are set up... They should regenerate like on candy crush and I'm on the frozen planet now and I've ran out of lives but I should still be able to play on easy mode because it costs no lives to play easy mode but that menu doesn't even come up since I'm out of lives. Please fix otherwise what's the point of it being on my phone?
  2. Lags and force closes
    Salem Moonchild
    I love the game from PlayStation but this lags and really does force close in the middle of the match and i don't get my lives back. Will keep the game till update to fix the bugs comes out. It truly is a great game.
  3. Losing for no reason???
    Theodore Kiessling
    I really like this game...but. Multiplayer makes no sense to me, maybe I'm doing it wrong. Here's a scenario: Start with three players, myself and one guy take out the third player. I have half the buildings and he has the other half with roughly equal troops. He attacks and I defend successfully. The second his last attacking troop hits my building, I lose. I have half the buildings (including buildings with stars over them). It is horribly infuriating to lose when we're equal in power, makes no sense!
  4. Fun but very buggy
    Sean Fountain
    I would give this 5 stars, no questions asked, for the incredible gameplay... It's just that the game freezes a lot during multiplayer and counts it as a loss, often the server is unreachable despite strong data connection and it kicks you off a game and counts it as a loss... many players seem to disconnect their internet and get you frozen. If you hang around for upwards of ten minutes it sometimes registers the other player disconnected, but otherwise you are locked out and have to take a loss.
  5. Oh the thin red line you tow
    Ger Wat
    This is truly a great game it allows the player to ride the thin line of simplicity, aggravation, skill, and entertainment. If you lose it isn't because of some glitch or bug you simply weren't good enough - but you could be. It gives you something to work for as opposed to all the mindless tap games out there. The mission is always simple but accomplishing the task is the challenge, and the FUN.
  6. Neat game, major bug
    chris pomerleau
    I went to play the game this morning and when I turned it on it said it required additional space, I clicked okay and then it tells me it can't connect to a server... I tried with WiFi and without, both failed. I even tried reinstalling this game, that didnt work either. I own an S6, and this is the first game to glitch on me. Disappointing.
  7. Justin X
    Great gameplay, but the lives system and the multiplayer system are both annoying. You play a handful of times, then once you get into the game you get cut off. It's basically a pay-to-play game (or use an innumerable amount of adds).
  8. Few issues
    Domo Premo
    Game was fine on first install enjoyed it and seemed like a decent game to play however, after a few days of playing I started getting connection errors, the game wouldn't connect to the server and my lives were constantly at 0, I decided to reinstall the game after getting message saying there was a update, after installing the updated game by removing then reinstalling, nothing worked the game would open for a few seconds telling me there was no connection and then moments later it would crash my whole android system having to power down just to fix the issue after a few more uninstalls and reinstalls the game finally got to the "you need 100mb free space to download the update" when clicking download I hit a download fail error telling me the connection failed and I cannot download the update, meaning you can't play the game, I tried to download the update around 50+ times and am still trying to get it to work but still no luck, this was a good game I never got any bugs while playing that stopped me from playing the game apart from not being able to download the update making the game impossible to play.
  9. Android version or else is the problem
    Khairi Syamil
    Good game but always lag and force close. Maybe the problem is my android version(4.0) or else. Please fix it...
  10. Few bugs and occasional freezes
    Rifki Bahri
    Concept is great, just need to fix few bugs and occasional freezes in multi-player mode.
  11. UI Issues
    Lord-Art Lomarda
    I can't use the power ups on the right (green button) because Lollipop's on screen menu is popping up whenever I press that side area.
  12. Good game, bad app
    Ben Williams
    The game is quite fun. Although I don't particularly like how the soldiers must be preserved through the next checkpoint. App has a lot of bugs, freezes during multiplayer games, crashes on start, crashes in game.
  13. Cracking Game
    Jiannis O'Flaherty
    Love every minute of it! Challenging but not complicated to understand.
  14. Very Limiting
    Shane Giles
    You can only go past the first few stages before you have to buy something in the app. Calling it free is misleading and a rip off with how much the game glitches.
  15. Really fun, But broken
    Cody Vasquez
    Wa really enjoying this game. The single player was pretty fun and the multiplayer was lots of fun as well. Th multiplayer occasionally froze but worked wel most of the time. Then they updated the game. its entirely unplayable. Every time i try to play it says its trying to connect to the server and never does. Please fix this.
  16. Good game until new update
    Toby wareham
    Game played well on s6 edge until new update for game was released now can't even play it because fails to connect to server via data and WiFi
  17. Kendra Kellar
    I tried to buy acorns and payment was successful but i never got them so i tried again still didnt work..otherwise i would love this game
  18. Do not make purchases
    Marek Brys
    My purchase was not applied. I liked the game decided to make a purchase but it did not get added to my account. No response from there support
  19. Force to closed
    Nikko Calla
    I download this Game I think this is good game and after and I open it's downloading again and it finish in the middle of the game the game force to closed fix it and can't play it
  20. Really fun game!
    Jose Ponce
    Nice game, good way to pass the time, and best of all requires strategy which makes it great!


What`s new

New Brand VERSION 2.0
* New interface
* 4 new planets with new interactive objects
* New awards for completing planets with maximum stars
* In campaign mode, army units restore over time, progress is not reset
* 15 new multiplayer maps
* Skins and avatars in multiplayer
* 6 new boosters, including 3 epic ones
* Daily awards for entering the game
* Ability to change nickname