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Yaron Leyvand | Vice President - Social Casino at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Jamie Davies | Vice President of Games at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Benjamin Webley | Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations at Zynga

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Lastikka Marko | Vice President, General Manager at Zynga

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Reviews 2,691,896

  1. Needs bugs worked out!!
    Crystal Woods
    Love playing when it works. As soon as my game loads it shuts right off. It gets really aggravating. Bugs really need fixed. Seems like there is a lot of players experiencing same problem. What good is the game if you can't play it??
  2. Game is good til level 60, then
    Shannon L
    IT DIES. I always try to make things to sell, not just copper but wind chimes, not just blueberries, but blueberry jam. And I sell all my extras like miso, coconuts and Valencia oranges. Before level 60 I would empty my barn my stuff sold so fast, now it sits for days, even the good stuff. Also, before the book would be full of quests, now nothing. It's like we get here and then nothing.
  3. Farmville country escape 2
    Yolanda Palmer
    I loved this game up until I upgraded and lost all my levels was on level 30 with a lot of objects on my farm after upgrade it kicked me back too level 1. Really pee off please help,it finally put me on level 23 but the amount of stuff and challenge I've done are gone please please help
  4. Sol Ruiz
    Love the game. Very addicted. But updates make the game run slow. Not everybody have the same things. More than 3 month that my cooperative partners can protect some selling items just to be purchase between us and even updating some of us cant do it yet. Chat is not working properly and get imposible during events. Sometimes does not want to play it because of that.
  5. Im a daily Player
    Bobbi Sue Lockhart
    I really like the events that they have. Its a lot of updates. ( at least one a month) But thats what keeps me interested in playing. New challenges! Great prizes. And if I dont finish an event so what. The fun is in the playing!
  6. Fun but be wary of in game advertising
    Julie Carpenter
    Very addictive game. Must have a lot of free time to win events but love the coop feature that allows players to sell each other items, send helping hands or chat. Be very careful with "watch to earn" videos though - made mistake of downloading one of games it advertised & it was a Trojan. Lost everything when only way to get rid of it was to reformat. Just tried to watch another ad & it may have had a virus as well - clicker beware.
  7. Aggravated
    Beth Frye
    It only works half the time time. I can't sell things or retrieve from the market because it won't ever connect. Just spins and spins!!!!! I would play everyday if they would work out the bugs!!!!!!
  8. Could be better
    Lauren Fehr
    It's a fun game but it's difficult to do the missions when certain items require so many ingredients and the barn can only hold so much. Then you have to use half of your keys to expand the barn only to be able to store 10 more items. The barn shouldn't have a limit on how much you can store because there is enough items in the shop that require a lot of keys
  9. Courtney R
    I used to love this game and would play all the time and really looked forward to the events. After this last event, its clear the events have become impossible to do unless you spend 24/7 playing and then some. And why do we now have to update the game instead of just restart to get the new event or we can't play at all? Some of the mobile devices (ie phones) do not have all this space to constantly accomodate large updates all the time. This is the second in just about month! Please consider.
  10. Used to love but I now not liking at all
    Debbie Hickman
    Game won't work. Screen is unresponsive to touch on all my devices. Reported over 2 weeks ago and keep being told to be patient they are working on it. I call BS, it shouldn't take that long without some sort of resolution. I think I have wasted money on keys. FIX IT!!! Will change rating if its ever fixed.
  11. I can't start the event !
    nur iman zuliqha
    I had already updated the game to its new features but i still can't join the new event.. what the hell is this? Please fix this thing ASAP
  12. Not as Good
    Jane Doe
    Farmville the first one was so much better but you can't download it its just a bunch of crap like farmville swap and 2 now I have the second one its just not the same!
  13. Worthless
    Lori Ryland
    If the game quits after only 30 seconds its worthless, regardless of how good the game could be if we could play. Uninstalled.
  14. MotoG
    Linzy Newton
    Trying to get my farm back that's connected telling me I need new game content but it won't pop up. I'm on level 39 and will be very disappointed if I have to start over.
  15. Coop chat & buy goods needs improvements *
    Ruby Isham
    I like it but they need to put scroll button on coop chat & buy goods cuz the window it froze all the time plz get it better ty. After i up graded it now it won't open on my tablet wow it just got alot worst than it used to be. So from 3 star now it's 2 star disappointed :/
  16. The game is fine, but it is too obviously a cash grab.
    Tyler Mandrik
    Everything can be sped up with keys and to be the most efficient player you need a large amount of keys. I even accidentally spend keys trying to plant seeds and accidentally click the upgrade button. There isn't even a second screen asking me if I am sure I want to spend my keys.
  17. Disappointed
    So I have my gf play on my phone cause she really likes yer games, problem you allow the boost option to function when relocating something, you took 10 keys, so she could finish building not sure if that was even what was going on or supposed to be butt she was not speeding upgrades up she was moving a building a BUILDING moving it not speeding anything up , now because the way you designed it she can't play no storage need keys you took ten for no reason without prompt plz replace or I remove game!!!!!!
  18. Can be addictive
    Dana Johnson
    I enjoy playing the game. Haven't had much success with the events, you have to play 24/7 to get through with them or spend real money and purchase special event characters. Not a positive thing.
  19. Farmville2 country escapes
    Rowena Conley
    I loved it till i updated it and now it stuck at 99% and go nowhere wont load nothing so I'm not goi g to play it any more if you all don't get the bugs fixed....
  20. I really like this game but....
    Temara Sheppard
    It won't let me buy or sale anything or get helping hands or visit friends farms anymore please fix this asap


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COMPETE in 2 stages to earn rewards like Keys, Padlocks & more.
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