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Yaron Leyvand | Vice President - Social Casino at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Jamie Davies | Vice President of Games at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Benjamin Webley | Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations at Zynga

San Francisco, California |

Lastikka Marko | Vice President, General Manager at Zynga

Helsinki Area, Finland |

Reviews 470,850

  1. Fix issues plz!
    Lynn Deutsawe
    A lot of issues still..getting kicked out of bonuses etc. And yet more problems... no breakfast or dinner coins, no more free coins with videos, constantly getting kicked out of games or reels keep spinning and will not stop! I loved this game but lately just not that interested because of all the problems! Please fix!!
  2. Pam Humphrey
    I like the games, I just wish they didn't have to download again after so many days. And I don't like the jackpots popping up. Hoping Android users can get free coins
  3. New update
    James Payne
    Installed updates will not let me log on as soon as you read this you're going to put it down as an older version cuz your game is no good going to uninstall
  4. S Mulhall
    Please you need to fix issues. More than a dozen times I've been unable to open the app or it throws me out and gets stuck slot I'm the middle of my playing but needs slot of issues fixed.
  5. Joyce Dandridge
    I have contacted them on numerous occasions with regard to not receiving my breakfast or dinner coins and they don't even reapond nor do i get videos to watch i just stop playing so much for communication
  6. Crap
    Tara Ivanoff-King
    Not only have they stopped us from getting free coins but they have also gotten people to beleive that at the end of their new thing, path to riches you will get the coins shown, not true, I had well over 600,000 and at the end I only recieved 7400, I haveplayed all of their new things but taking away our chance for free coins was and is B.S.
  7. S Schweitzer
    Great Game ☆ but if keeps feezing ... and in the TED GAME everytime the car comes by it freezes the page while it keeps spinning endlessly. ?. So I have to force fully shot the whole game site down ...loosing my winnings and the Money I had bet in that game :-( That really takes a lot of the fun out .....
  8. Gail p
    Hit it rich zynga sucks 4 days I have not bought points until things change no more buying for me .good luck zynga your app hit it rich is a joke
  9. Hit It Rich
    Carol Murray
    I love the app and the games. Hate the Jackpot bonus games.... too high max bid to play. But overall one of the best apps on this site.
  10. Hard to enjoy...
    jae oates
    I played this game everyday all day. I was able to collect my free dinner coins and breakfast coins but for some reason I haven't been able to collect anything since July 11th 2013 when i came home from vacation, no breakfast coins no dinner cons and even prior to that - I had to go on the web page and log in on my Facebook page to collect my free coins now that I'm home and not on vacation I'm not able to collect anything. What's up with that why am I missing out?
  11. Fun stuff
    Marilyn Kirn
    Highly addictive. It's fun when you hit big. But when you run out of coins I wish it didn't costs as much to purchase more....other than it.
  12. Leasa Carter
    Most games won't work. Loved emerald city one of two could download. Thanks for putting this back
  13. Charles Winston
    Love all the games just wish there was higher hourly bonuses to keep u playing and the 75000 brought back so u can start over
  14. It kills time once a day
    willIam gardner
    I don't waste real money on games that pay with fake money cause I'm not an idiot!!! But if u save ur free bonus you get every 2 hrs. You can spin the wheels a few times once a day
  15. Neato themes! Bonuses, matches, music, graphics, rock!
    Ed Shep
    Fun to spin on familiar faces and stories, catchy matches. Bonus games are creative. Sound of Music is awesome. Love Wizard of Oz story. Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road :) And, Sharknado! Rad!
  16. Sandy Parker
    I like the variety of the different games available for me to play, problem I have you don't really win to much so increasing your bet to be eligible for the mystery prize takes your credits then you can't play for days until you get more credits
  17. Very addicting!
    Jeffrey Chisholm
    This is one of the better slot games out there. Bonus chips every two hours instead of four or more like other games. Fun slots that aren't jumpy or glitchy, and the bonuses can get exciting! I highly recommend if you like slot machine games to give this one a try!
  18. Won't open!!
    eileen gunzburg
    Use to be a great game game used to have 5 stars. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times... Not cool!
    Lori Santoro
    **Update** No coins available on their fb link. They keep giving breakfast and dinner coins BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. They also stopped giving free coins for watching videos on the game. REALLY, Please fix these issues. This is or soon to be WAS my favorite game....Love all the different games. Works great for me. Wish it had better payouts.
  20. Beverly hillbillies
    Sherry Willard
    Rapid spins.points lost. Interruptions. I tried to inform. But no response. Lost 9 million pts within 72 hr. Now I've kept losing. Can't win pts! Very Disappointing!


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