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Yaron Leyvand | Vice President - Social Casino at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Jamie Davies | Vice President of Games at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Benjamin Webley | Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations at Zynga

San Francisco, California |

Lastikka Marko | Vice President, General Manager at Zynga

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Reviews 416,621

  1. Skimping on purchased credits?
    Brittany Hale
    Is there a reason that I didn't receive the full 6,000,000 credits I bought for the 99 cent special? I'm short 300,000 after the payment processed. I don't usually buy credits but it seemed like a lot for just a buck, and yet you still skimped on the credits. Not a great way to keep people playing your game.
  2. Lose credits
    Katie Tripp
    I used to live this game until every time I would win big and log out of go back in to find that my credits were no longer there!!! I had been in contact with customer service a few times and then all of a sudden there was no one to contact anymore!! What a joke!
  3. When are there going to be an increase in the hourly bonuses. I have been at 1,475,000 for three worlds now. Come on...I'm at level would think I would be getting more than that by now. Grrrrrr
    Robin Iams
    As if it isn't bad enough it takes 84 million points to level cheated me out of my bonus credits....grrrrrrrrrr
  4. Mike Noviski
    I give it a five star rating but on my phone I got to keep uninstalling and reinstalling it every time I want to play it that sucks very bad but the game is very fun to play I love it
  5. The more you buy the faster you lose
    Nancy Duggan
    At first I loved this game. I thought it was different from the rest. Then they got too big and started to not let the ones who buy chips win. Uninstalling this game. Find another game to play.
  6. Rating
    Deborah Harrison
    Rating : 4.5 stars. Need to increase winning credits. I've had three free spins and haven't won a dime. Please loosen the slots.
  7. moto g
    Laura Kimball
    love this game. credits run out but can rebuild by collecting free credits every 2 hrs. it's free & graphics great so 5 stars
  8. Cool
    Peter Frank
    This is the coolest slot machine game I've ever played and I hate these games, but worth a download for sure
  9. Wizard of OZ
    Tammy Pagel
    I like the game but credits do not go through like they should and THE HIGHER you get in the game the harder it is to advance how can you advance when you are suppose to get 78,000,000 and your bonous is messed up.It is impoibble to advance WHEN YOU NEED 670,000,000 TO ADVANCE WHEN YOU ONLY GET 1,400,000 CREDITS. THE HIGHER YOU GO THE LESS YOU WIN. GETTING VERY VERY FRUSTATED. You really should get more credits tne higher you get in the game 1 400,000 after being at level 226 is NOT COOL please give more credits and make the COMING SOON LEVELS come FASTER
  10. Michelle Rhine
    It's great until you get to the scarecrow. The land never really pays out so you can't bet high and keep playing unless your willing to buy money
  11. I'm in heaven
    Eric Barnes
    When I've depleted my bank it aways gives me a 3 mail bonus to watch ads
  12. Sheila Dannelly
    Excellent game. Fun, fun. I do agree with others that the win rate can be stingy. It takes forever to build money when you can't afford to buy.
  13. Very good games ,just need to actually be able to win seems like when you buy coins you never win for some reason
    Allen Abbott
    Great slots but need to pay out more especially when you make purchases,and to top it off I just made a purchase of coins thus morning and still have not got them
  14. Still does not work on one of our tablets
    Robert Powell
    A few major updates since my last review and it went from one star to two. Much room for improvement in almost every area.
  15. Good game, has some issues
    Holly Belch
    I would give 5 stars but when I open the game for the first time each day my counter says I have 15 minutes before I get bonus, why? Also, my husband plays this game, when he runs out of credits he gets an opportunity to watch a video for 3 million credits, I don't get that!
  16. Trish Walker
    Graphics are some of the best i have seen. The worlds are outstanding. However, it is utterly ridiculous that whether i win coins or buy coins, you take them back almost immediately. If you want customers to be happy and recommend this to others then you need to loosen the slots so that we are able to play longer than a few minutes. This is the third time I have left Zynga in complete disgust over this issue.
  17. Hooked
    Janice VanReese
    Love playing the game but it's to high to get to the next level. Run out of credits all the time. When I try to bet higher I don't win. Do better with minimum bid.
  18. Wizard of awesomeness
    Malcolm Hayes
    I love everything about this game. It's a lot more than hitting spin. I have the music stuck with me and it's a happy mood. I start whistling and people around me are like why the f and you singing that.....haha. Not sure how you could improve?!! Love it . Thank you!
  19. Takes too long to get to next level. Worst slots ever. It has stolen 3,000.00+ from my bonus. When I retrieve bonus points it has not added the bonus 3times. Please correct this mess up.!!!
    Carol Newell
    Cannot win enough coins to get to next level. Have to save up and collect bonus and know what is to get enough coins to play 200000 it gets boring
  20. Dorothy DeMello
    I believe the game is rigged, cost too much in higher level . Not enough bonus's too bad . Grapics are pretty good though. Just really hate rigged games . F'ing hate cheaters


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