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cny central mobile app


Reviews 54,398

  1. Nice
    Erik Márföldi
    Really great app and also all services what you provide. Nice app, but english language is missing.
  2. Very pleased
    Hofnar Aurel-Dragos
    Simple, elegant and efficient. Exactly like it should be :)
  3. Yeah, but
    Fabian Kofler
    Love the concept, looks great. Unfortunately, some contacts are missing tho they are definitely in my phonebook. No FAQ on how contacts are compiled. No search in contacts possible. Friends definitely exist, but cannot see them in the respective tab. They can see me in their app tho. Other than that great stuff, keep going!!
  4. Leo Winter
    Add please a option to let music play in the background...
  5. Statistics entries after update not visible
    New Lunar Republic
    Android 5.0.2 | CM12 | GS4 Mini LTE ||||| only the circle with the percentage and would also like to see the payment references in the app beside the website and the rest is working perfect as always :)
  6. Innovative bank account
    Marvin Frommhold
    Easy to use, beautiful designed app. Best feature is Money Beam where you can send money via text message or email. However, there are some hiccups: no line of credit (overdraft), no EC card (unfortunately in Germany you need one), not ROM flasher friendly (you need to do a call to reactivate the phone with your account after you flashed a new ROM). Nevertheless IMO Number26 has a great future and I am part of it! ;)
  7. nice, but tablet version is missing
    Barbara Ondrisek
    please deliver also an android version vor tablets as well
  8. Great idea, but buggy as hell
    Valentin Neu
    Statistics not working. Crashes. Waiting for the new version
  9. Still buggy app
    Unfortunately first impression - login screen and it didn't work properly. The background is back and there is an error 'can't play video'. When I put my login and password I do not see what I type. Besides that it seems its working as I have opened an account correctly. Also, no English version.
  10. Excellent app
    Ioannis Chiotakakos
    And it will get much better with the upcoming features. One thing though, I am not receiving any notifications for some reason
  11. password lengh
    Thomas Prenner
    can't login because my password has 50 characters but the app obviously only supports 25 characters. pretty annoying because I can't finish signing up without having to log into the app... EDIT: They fixed it! The app looks nice and works pretty well but crashes sometimes.
  12. A unique everyday banking experience!
    Amir Azimi
    To me the most important value of this release is the immediate indication of your cash flow as soon as it occurs. No need to get receipts because instantly you are aware of how much you spent and your up-to-date account status. Although I haven't tried the beam transfer yet due to limited adoption phase, I'm really looking forward to give it a shot as soon as my friends sign up. It would be great to see monthly budget constraints and monitoring coupled with tips to save more money in future releases. Overall immense value and disruption in the highly-bureaucratic banking infrastructure in Europe.
  13. WOW!!!,
    Josef Vataman
    The back-end provided functionality to this app is really awesome. The design is not bad, too...
  14. Banking was never simpler
    David Preener
    Super quick account set up (\u0026amp;lt;10min) and ubiquitous lightweight experience! e.g. withdraw cash whenever, wherever for free!
  15. Cannot open account
    Christian Bock
    Closed group, can't use app or service
  16. Guter erster Eindruck
    Markus Müller
    ich habe leider noch keinen invite code und warte noch darauf, aber Eindruck der Tour macht schon Lust darauf. die Funktionen konnte ich nur kurz bei einem Kollegen testen, werde dann das Rating entsprechend anpassen.
  17. Aleksandar Zlatić
    Funktioniert bisher ganz gut, bis auf ein Paar kleine Fehler mit der App. Das ganze sieht sehr schick aus- ich bin sowohl von der Karte als auch vom Interface total begeistert. Außerdem gibt es bei der Registrierung nen Fehler im Online ID-System, und zwar, für Leute aus bestimmten Ländern funktioniert es leider gar nicht, unabhängig von ihrem Aufenthaltsstatus in Deutschland. Allerdings hat das wahrscheinlich weniger mit Number26 zu tun, als mit dem Partner-System, das diesen Service für sie anbietet.


What`s new

We're keeping it clean and simple with the latest update – starting with your transaction history list. Check out a new and improved design, with better layouts and icons for an easy overview.

For our customers in countries where N26 financial products are available (France, Austria and Germany), you'll now find these features in the Discover section of the app, safely nestled next to your Partner Offers.

Enjoy the changes!

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