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Reviews 47,478

  1. Robert Infinger
    Best tool around, hands down...but I REALLY miss the multiple tunings section. Ya, you get one custom tuning, but I use several tunings and loved this part of the app - so sad to see it gone. 1) Standard 2) dadgad 3)dadgbe 4) dgdgbd - open g...
  2. Excelent App for musicians
    Pablo Antonio Rosales Petit
    A very complete app for musicians you don't need other apps its amazing...Nice work. Just a suggestion... in scales organize also for modes is easier to find it
  3. Used to be a cool app until they gutted it
    Nicole Monchamp
    There used to be a list of default tunings that could be used. This is now gone. You get one tuning and one custom unless you pay. Normally I would not mind paying but not when you snatch functionality away with no warning and then do not even guarantee that it will be returned once you pony up!! I am uninstalling this app.
  4. Timothy Bryce
    Can't change the tuning out of drop d. Subscribed still couldn't change the to tuning. Scales are in music form not tab form so I can't read them. Subscribed still keeps tellling me to join plus. I already joined plus an hour goes by I uninstall. Be great If it worked
  5. Used to be a good app
    Eric Simpson
    Pulled all the different tuning options once the product was established, and want to charge you for it now. Not worth installing anymore.
  6. amazing
    Henry Morris
    an amazingly comprehensive app for any guitarist. Thanks for making it free, a lot of work was put into it.
  7. Best app & not just for guitar
    Jay Bone
    I can't think of much they could do to improve this app. It has everything but a piece of tail in it. Can be used for many stringed instruments. I use it for guitar, banjo & mandolin. Nearly everything in it is adjustable. I can customize my tuner by changing it from 440.Hz to 432.Hz. change fretboard length on scale charts. They thought of everything...cept the tail
  8. Smart Chords
    Adam Beltz
    Smart is no mistake! This app is actually everything I need as far as music, & instrumentation is concerned, as to do w/the Internet.
  9. Very good app
    Kristof Elst
    Allows for chord searching on exotic instruments like my cuatro. Also allows for great alternative grips by forcing root bass, open Chords etc.
  10. Wunderbar
    Archie Bunker
    Scales, Chords, loads of stuff. AND!!!, It even has a flashlight!!! Drop your pick? No worries!!!
  11. Horrible
    Andrew Brown
    I couldn't stay on one instrument for too long before it went back to the instrument selection
  12. Mike Towey
    Unbelievably good app. Does everything you could want and more. The layout is clear and intuitive, features are exhaustive and personal preferences are highly customisable. Novice or pro, don't hesitate to download. Would give it six stars if I could.
  13. Amazing
    Mark Tweedie
    Everything you could want in a music app.
  14. One of my favorit apps for music
    Jordon Voss
    Has every quick and easy way check your self or teach your self music. It is the best app of its kind. And I hope they will make a chords and tabs sight for songs. Speacial thanks to the creators.
  15. Amazing
    Guillermo Encaje
    Extremely helpful in terms of the mechanics & technicalities of guitar.
  16. no one is close
    Zachary Barnett
    Let me retract my statement. no other app is close, but if u want to crush it, allow recording.... :-)
  17. Wonderful tool
    Kim Cascone
    Very nice app - can't wait to use it during practice sessions!
  18. Amazing
    Nuhr Candy
    Seriously thank you very much for this app who created it its an amazing person thanks sincerely.
  19. Smart chord
    Mark Johnstone
    You need need oh and need this nothing else !! Top of the pops m
  20. Wow.
    James Smith
    Absolutely everything you could possibly require. Nothing else to say.


What`s new

⭐ Songbook: Accelerate or slow down the speed at which you'd like to practice a song (Android >= 6.0). It affects the audio play speed as well as the scroll speed

⭐ Scales: Print a scale shown on the fretboard with all its patterns

✅ 38 new predefined tunings for Lute

✅ Many changes/fixes

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