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Dustin Hooker | President at Tercero Logistics, LLC

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  1. Wow!
    Chris Gebel
    My first video game is back! The only complaint I have is the foot sounds don't work. On the other hand, it's great!
  2. Gr8 game m8 r8 88/88
    Gr8 game i blaze to this game everyday
  3. Classic Zoombinis Revisited
    Anne Nowicki
    If you've played this ad nauseum as I have since your childhood, enjoy this Android reboot. Overall a good game, seems to have a bug in the last portion where you must wait until all the bubbles carrying zoombinis have popped, and they have stopped moving into position. Otherwise, even if your zoombini is on the ground after the bubble popping they will not move forward with the rest. Just a bit finicky, though that happens with the original version occasionally as well.
  4. Alexander Lobo
    I donated to TERC's kickstarter when it went live and I'm thrilled to finally see this released. This game was a huge part of my childhood and the team has really done a fantastic job of faithfully recreating every aspect of the game. As for the game itself, this is not your traditional boring educational game. It is pretty creative in the way it presents its puzzles and makes logic really fun. The music is also fantastic and I'm really glad they kept all the original voice work and soundtrack. So far I've played two full games and haven't encountered any bugs or strange mishaps which is really nice. My only major complaint I have about the game is that sometimes I'll accidentally press the continue on button while I"m still getting the Zoombinis across the puzzle and the game just moves on to the next level leaving the remaining Zoombinis behind. It would be nice to have a confirmation button that asks if you are sure you want to move on to the next level even though you still have more Zoombinis to get through. All in all this is game is a classic and seeing it come back to life after almost two decades is amazing.
  5. Great remake of a classic
    Emily M.
    Loved this as a kid and it's still great now! No issues as far as crashing or anything so far. Would really like to see more of the original sound effects in the app (eg: the sound of the Zoombinis walking/flying etc, them reacting more eg: jumping over the mine shaft, being hit over the wall) but that's minor stuff. All in all a great remake and still a great logic game for the kids (and kids at heart!).
  6. Lily Rasphoumy
    My childhood has been revived! Oh my gods, I had completely forgotten about this game until my cousin reminded me. Thank the gods for him. Now I can relive this obscure part of my life and enjoy it all over again!
  7. molly bruckman
    I was so excited to play but it won't go beyond the loading screen after the resting spot where I chose the down path :(
    Cornelia Lotito
    This game was the most important game of my childhood. It taught me how to reason and how to use logic and also how to keep education fun. Thank you so much for bringing this game back, I'm so happy to get to play it again! And the updated look is very cute!
  9. Zoooooooombinis!!!!
    Tony J Laflamme
    Just recently I've wished I still had this cd rom hoping I could put it into my laptop and hope it worked.... now I don't have to. This is the best game ever way up there with reading galaxy and math blaster. This game has increased my iq no matter what age I would play it at.
  10. My childhood is back!!!
    Aaron Coker
    I loved this game so much as a kid, and now, 14 years later, I can enjoy it again. Great game!!!!
  11. How fortunate for Zoombinis
    Kathryn Ledbetter
    The greatest game of my childhood comes back to life! The original narrator and sound effects really make the game! Hip hip zoombini!!
  12. We've waited a long time for this!
    Amy Hallett
    Had an old computer for a while and my kids got hooked on the game, but when the computer went, so did the fun. We were so excited to see there is an app for that!
  13. Hip hip ZOOMBINIS!
    Julie Christofaris
    Amazing game, great on the tablet. Logical journey for any age. Can't say enough good things about it.
  14. Educational
    Very nice and educational game. Would advice all parents to have the or 8-15 year old kids put inat least 10- 20 hrs into it.
  15. Yay! !!!!
    Matthew Spowage
    Finally been brought back to the modern day on new gaming platform
  16. Awesome.
    J Steward
    great remake. it's like a blast from the past :) only thing I'd like to see is new challenges added!
  17. Finally!
    Bitsy M
    So much nostalgia packed into one game! Great game.
  18. Amazing!!
    Ashley demain
    I grew up with this game and loved it as a kid. I'm so glad they brought it back and love playing already!!
  19. Brilliant.
    Kyle Rainnie
    So glad to have this back in my life. Can't wait for my daughters to be old enough to play.
  20. Love it!
    Ai Kirin
    Memories are flooding back. No problems so far.


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