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  1. Seth Weeks
    Looks like a great app, thought I would try it out on my Nexus 4 (rooted) running a fresh install of 5.1.1 Lollipop. When the app is launched it appears to try to install a driver. That's when I get this error: "CF.Lumen cannot be installed or updated, because there is not enough free space on the system partition to install the driver. Please make sure you have at least 4 megabytes of free space on /system" Looking forward to trying the app once this is fixed and updating my review. Thanks.
  2. Totally Broken Now
    Zack Worden
    Ever since my upgrade to 5.0.2 it has been saying I don't have enough room on /system to install the driver. I know for a fact there's more than 4mb free. I would really like for this to start working again. Especially since I paid for the full version. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Does exactly what it says
    Bennett Todd
    Still prefer an OLED for bedtime reading, but if I've got to check the LCD phone, at least it won't glare quite as shriekingly blue. Minor glitches on the Galaxy Nexus (maguro) but it works great on Nexus 5. The author gives superb support.
  4. So far so bueno
    Duke O'Data
    I've tried multiple blue light apps and they all seem to work properly for short periods but ultimately start behaving erratically. If this app works I'll give it 5 stars. It was easy to set up and the interface was simple and intuitive.
  5. What happened?
    Dorien Ackerman
    This app was great, it came on tonight and looks weird like there is a filter on my screen, not nearly as nice as it used to. What happened? Edit: update changed my driver, I put it back to cf and its great again
  6. Is there any way of disabling notification?
    E-Chan Chocobo
    It does what it promises, but is there anyway of disabing the notification?
  7. Top developer
    Joshua Cole
    There are a few names in the android community who are truly innovative. Chainfire happens to be one of them. SuperSu is by far the best su app on the market. He gets some criticism about the lack of open-source but his level of development is so far above most it's incredible. Chainfire3D was a similar awesome app back in the days of gingerbread and with Cf.lumen he's taken a good app and made it perfect. Chainfire is one of those names who you can't help but admire. This app is perfect in every way!
    Joe Schmoe
    Videos are no longer filtered. Now I can't use it to browse stuff and watch TV on my phone at night. Fix it up and you got yourself a five star app.
  9. Good even if you don't root
    Rafael Nonato
    I was too lazy to re-root my phone after I upgraded to Lollipop, and was glad to find out that this app works nonetheless. It doesn't look nearly as good, but serves its end. One note though: if you use f-droid on your rootless phone, you need to disable cf.lumen before installing any upgrades through f-droid. Otherwises, you'll be unable to click on the "install" button.
  10. Love it, but...
    Ben Hepler
    First of all, it's 1000% better than the garbage that is the twilight app, which serves a similar purpose. Second, there's a bug that makes the screen tint extra when the screen is rotated. This double tint also appears in the recent apps screen. This may or may not be related to the fact that I am running 5.0.1. Again, great app! That's the only flaw I've seen so far.
  11. No more bloodshot eyes
    Andrew Sowerby
    At first, I thought this might be a little gimmicky, but after 36 hours of use, it's clear that this will become one of those truly essential apps. I can see this as being one of the first ten apps I install on any new smartphone. You just don't realise how harsh the blue light is until you run this app for a while, get used to the soft, warm tones it produces, and then disable it. You're immediately struck by just how cold and harsh the blue light is in the evening and nighttime.
  12. Best app I've downloaded
    Graham Kineshanko
    The compatibility with lux is kinda bad but if you just run them side by side it's incredible
  13. Best Android Equivalent of F.Lux
    Amitab Mukerjee
    Chainfire is one of the most respected android developers out there - you can buy his products sight unseen and not be disappointed. As such, I was thrilled when I found out he decided to make a F.lux like lumen reducing app. Needless to say, it's fantastic and, as with his other apps, I upgraded to Pro for the meaningful enhancements and to support further projects.
  14. LOVE it!
    lola w
    since downloading this app, it's hard for me to use my phone without it on!! I love how it makes everything so much easier on the eyes, switches from day to night mode automatically based on actual sunlight, is customizable, and uses very little battery life.. only thing that would make it better is if the free version didn't have the logo on status bar.. otherwise GREAT app!!
  15. Good app, bad support
    Andrew C
    Paying customer, liked the app alot. Had big issues on the new oneplus update to cm 12s. Sent support requests(with surprisingly obnoxious hoops to jump through), no response. Resorted to switching to another rom. Thankfully cm12.1 makes this app unnecessary.
  16. Thumbs up
    Dean Bailey
    Great! All fixed. Thanks for the help.
  17. Faster in Rootless Mode
    Michael Stenson
    Moved to Rootless mode and noticed a performance improvement. I liked the features and how deep the red can get on the root mode, but my phone would crawl on any draws or refreshes in any app. I became too frustrated.
  18. Can't install driver on 5.1
    Onse Nguyen-Flai
    Says, system wouldn't have enough free space. I'm unsure whether this is a permission misconfiguration on my partition or it is actually a bug.
    Glen Flanagan
    Required location set BEFORE allowing access to any features even which DON'T need location (color filters, etc). After applying invert color, all features were disabled and remained disabled after filter removed. During testing, NOTHING changed. All app colors were unaffected. Worthless and unnecessarily invasive (doesn't need all the permissions it demands, even if it did work) galaxy tab 2 7.0 kitkat 4.4
  20. Better than Twilight
    Halo Ali
    I'm kind of upset and happy at the same time that this works better than Twilight Pro that I paid money for. Thanks for the app, Chainfire. I used your root tool for my S4 as well so thank you for everything you make for the Android community


What`s new

CF.lumen driver now also works in Performance mode on various Nougat devices, and the grayscale filter has been upgraded from a toggle to saturation slider.