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Maciej Mróz | CEO at GameDesire Ltd.

Kraków, woj. małopolskie, Polska |

Adam Marszałek | Senior Software Engineer at GameDesire Company

Kraków, woj. małopolskie, Polska |

Francisco Ramos | Business Development Manager at GameDesire Company

Polska |

Karolina Kiepas | Marketing Manager at GameDesire Company

Kraków, woj. małopolskie, Polska |

Reviews 40,456

  1. Love it!
    Jeff Bolima
    The only real negative I have found with the game is the players that like to go all in on every hand. That is rookie like and an embarrassment to poker players everywhere.
  2. 4.1 Update Rubbish
    Damian P
    1) Avatar disappeared off mobile. Replaced with standard Android Avatar. 2) Too dark for daylight mobile play. 3) Hand cards are smaller than board cards. 4) Can no longer see what other players have in their bank. 5) Game crashes. 6) This is a poor attempt to copy popular similar online games. Very disappointing.
  3. Omid Sadeqi
    I love it... Of course I rather to play advance mode on PC but flash is awesome
  4. I loved it
    muiandy rajamanikam
    This is one off the best game I love it
  5. Not much like real live poker.
    Chuck Eckholm
    Don't play here if you want a semi real table experience. Play money makes for some messed up called bets resulting in amazing draws when they would likely fold if playing with real money. Why else would someone call an all in bet pre flop holding 2,7 off suit?
  6. Randy Vanness
    Can't read the cards. All squished. Ace looks like a 4 or a king. Why????
  7. Not sure how random the hands really are
    Fun game and really user friendly to help keep the pace of play up. BUT, I've never seen so many straights in a real game. Makes me wonder if the app generates truly random deals.
  8. awesome!
    Mahdi benhannan
    03/04/15 awesome, no ads, one account for poker, most realistic pool and snooker games and more...just one request to improve social features.
  9. App version Blows
    Darren Hoffman
    You can't use your Yahoo login to use the same account!!!! Also if you could weed out the slow & d-bags it would better.....just like in real life.
  10. Same winners its bullshit
    Anthony Saunders
    Dont waste your time or money... its the same people winning in bingo and poker over and over again with multi million coins in their account. Obviously its computer generated players that the computer has for us to play againts... pure fraud just drive down the road and throw your money out the window its equivelent to playing on game desire.
  11. nor liza
    Make a big screen is more better. Thnks
  12. Game is fixed
    chris whitten
    Don't waste your money the game is fixed
  13. Finally! A poker app....that is truly about playing poker.
    Steff Sallie
    I would enjoy a timer or maybe a "play your hand today" buzzer! Lol. For the folks that need the entire segment of time ....everytime before they play or fold their hand. I love poker. This App Rocks.!! Thank you Again.
  14. Lame
    Michael Gordon
    Try it for yourself so you can see how gay it is.
  15. Not much action lot of folding
    Dean Bradley
    They put little arrows in front of people's names and what they bet have to have a very large screen to see it
  16. Ron Hanson
    Entered two tournaments and amounts were deducted from my account but was not seated at the tournaments.
  17. Syncing issue
    bobby cole
    This poker app doesn't sync with the phone and the computer l logged in with Facebook from my phone and played won 250k then I decided to play on the same app on my computer and it only says I got 3k I dont know the problem so I installed it
  18. Elizabeth Innes
    Great app, however it's so popular that it's now been 5 days since I could connect.
  19. Brian Walsh
    Lots of cowboys who just max in and die but come back with a full wallet in the next hand. Otherwise a good app
  20. Great
    hassan ashrafzadeh
    Enjoy it and it is fantastic game.