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Manos Moschous | CTO at AbZorba Games Betriebsgesmbh

Greece |

Constantine Moustakakis | Software Engineer

Greece |

Vangelis Tsanos | Software Engineer at AbZorba Games Betriebsges M.B.H

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Alexander Vourtsis | Animation Director at AbZorba Games Betriebsges M.B.H

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Reviews 108,227

  1. Please add new features.
    Dustin Hancey
    Please add royal match, win the actual tournament chips rather than saying you won the tournament.
  2. It's alright
    Ebony Ivory
    It's kind of like the royal 21 blackjack which was a 5 star. So it's alright compared to the other blackjacks. But on here you can't keep splitting your cards if you get another split card while splitting. Then you can't split a ten and a queen, a king and a queen if you get them at the same time. You're supposed to be able to that because they are wild cards. That's wack you can't. If you all are a part of royale 21 or the new 1, please go back to the way it used to be when playing/beting.
  3. Dealer constantly draws 21!
    Brit Barrow
    It's downright comical having the dealer draw 4 to 6 cards over one hand after another and getting 21 with the most improbable odds. No way! Dealer is seriously getting 21 lately on just about every hand and it makes the game impossible. The odds are stacked way too heavy in the houses favor. No possible way this is "just at random"! Sorry. I have a strong love-hate relationship with this game!
  4. Fun game to play
    Garret Hopkins
    great game that's not easy on you like other games. More realistic like Vegas!
  5. Love hate relationship
    Nailah Harvey
    The dealer some how gets a 18 when everyone else has a 17. Or the dealer gets a 21 when when 3 players have 20, 19, and 18. At certain poinys tge game doesn't want many to win. At some points you can tell when everyone is going to lose or win. For example if everyone has low numbers the dealer also has a low number too but then everyone ends up with a 15, 16, or 17 and you can't hit because you willlll go over. And then the dealer somehow gets a 20/21.
  6. Lost everything
    Tyler O'Leary
    I was sitting at a table and apparently if your Internet goes out for half a second it force kicks you and you lose all your money. I lost 80 thousand bucks because the app reloaded on me and kicked me from the table. I was having fun until this happened but I'm not giving them more money so I can continue playing so I give this 1 star. Awful. Truly awful
  7. What the hell! Had 34,000 dollar bet out, lost connection but u say our chips are protected but when it came back up, I not only lost my bet, but all my money. What kind of scam are you running? Before you updated and that happened, I always got my money back.
    Romilda Spease
    Funny how the wheel goes back and forth instead of one way. When it starts slowing to 200 or 300 thousand or 2 or 3 million low and behold, it goes to sorry. The dealer gets 5 20s in a row no matter how many cards. Real dealers at casinos don't have that much luck. Your it's all luck comments are bogus. Before you updated the game we at least had a chance and it was nice to play your game. Guess you knew what you were doing
  8. Need to fix
    Wade Morgan
    Will not load. Keeps losing connection. I know it's not on my end. Also, in the short time I've been playing, I'm starting to question the "random luck" the house seems to have drawing cards. Not sure I'm gonna keep this app. [UPDATE 07-02-2015: Problem has been resolved and game is playing fine. I am upgrading my review to 4 stars. I still question the house's uncanny ability to get 21 so often, or otherwise I'd rate it 5 stars.]
  9. 21
    Kurt Fedee
    My hands are becoming predictable. The dealer gets 21 with low cards. This game used to be fun.
  10. Tiffany Paker
    It needs a pop up notification alert for the inbox messages and the bonus clamp bit overall I love
  11. Game won't work.
    Loads but never let's you join the table and play.
  12. Worst blackjack game
    Hue Jack
    The dealer always gets 21 ... Almost all the time I got between 18-20 !!!
  13. Stop Random Selection
    Rory Hallam
    Press the green button and land into someone's game. Unfortunately, like the real world people just like jumping into your deck and playing part of your hand which is highly annoying. Let them search for a game and ask before joining a person running a progressive.
  14. 24/7
    filthy sanchez
    Like the title says. You can play it whenever you feel like playing some blackjack. Good stuff.
  15. ArmyMP
    Jeremy Macan
    I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't so expensive to get diamonds
  16. Robert Godmar
    Just won fifty grand but did not give it
  17. Not random
    Alan Crowley
    This is a very well designed game but that being said after playing it for a couple months I've seen the dealer constantly getting fives and sixs face up 8 times and not bust. This game simply is not random and not worth playin
  18. Ripped me off
    Roger Spaulding
    I played the game for a while but this has happened twice now. The button for stand is right where an ad pops up. The first time I had a $60000 bet on the table and I accidentally pressed the ad and the play store popped up. I pressed the back button and it said I lost my connection and so I lost my entire bet I had on the table. It happened again a couple of weeks later (just now) and I lost almost $50000. Game has ripped me off just because the ad is in a dumb spot.
  19. Still having problems trying to invite Facebook
    Callum Rutherford
    Just doesn't let me invite Facebook friends to the game to earn chips like the game but with no chips no play please fix it
  20. Good
    Annette Conway
    Takes ur money then gives u se back




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