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euo trucks driving
euro truck simulator 2
nasty freestyle
грузовики симулятор
дальнобойщики 3d
игры фуры
симулятор дальнобойщика
العاب تريلات


Reviews 245,437

  1. Improve this please
    Leo The Boss
    No animals.if I crash my truck car keep going and hit me and then it makes my truck hit the railing so it cuases more damage and also when I stop in the highway and then I start driving so I'm slower then the cars keep going and I crash and it cuases more damage to my because of that I just got the game and I'm minus 9,000.please just change that and then the game will be the best
  2. Doesn't feel ready/finished
    Neil Robinson
    This game is like the bare bones of the game it could be. The environment is sparse, most of the time just flat green land as far as the where can see, with the road you're on, barriers and cars. It is all flat - no hills! There are occasional bridges and overpasses, but you never go up them. The in game GPS doesn't recalculate if you miss a turn. The asset library is small. There are no in game rewards other than earning cash to buy a better truck, which you can do faster by watching ads. Needs work!!!
  3. Pretty good game.. But you guys gotta fix this..
    Achyuth Tonpe
    I was going to Paris from Madrid without any damage to the cargo.. I was just thinking I was doing pretty good, when this happened.. The game threw a FREAKING SEMI ON ME ON A BRIDGE..!! 5 stars for sure if you fix this.. Otherwise the game is awesome...
  4. Too much tilt sensitivity :(
    Khurram Gulzar
    No turn indicators .... no horns ... game hangs ... buyed renault truck and side mirrors are of scania :( otherwise driving on highway , good experience ... but please change the graphics like you shown in the pictures ... and add tilt sensitivity setting .. please :(
  5. Mico Checha
    It's ok but you can't see both sides truck. And as much you drive careful some one's always heat you to make you lose money on the cargo . Places are far away ... at least make them interesting . Stering wheel stuck and GPS or whatever you call the red line always tell you after you pass .... please fix it game it's ok except for few things
  6. Better than two games i know
    Oscar Gonzalez
    This game is better than any other game in my phone butone problem when i stop the cars just don't stop and just keep on going Keep up the work. You should do a off road game
  7. Great one
    Hanad Mohamud
    My favourite simulation games are trucks and this one is one the best trucks i played before really nice graphics and maps. Pretty awesome.
  8. Great game
    William Lam
    The game is good but whenever an ad pops up and I close it my wheel is always turning left and than I crash. Fix and 5 star
  9. Ernesto Leon
    This game is pretty amazing, I like all my truck games, and this one is even better thank you for improving
  10. Boitumelo Ashley
    I lov the game but same cars are nt good on the road! Thy jst come frm nowhr nd bump in to ur truck nd that thng sucks please fix that! Nd on the road i would like 2 c same other trucks go nd deliver on duty like i do!
  11. Add Horn and turn lamp pleasee
    Juan P
    I'm promise i will promote all my friend, add human and animal too :'))))))
  12. It's good.... download if you desire to drive truck....
    Pankaj Thakkar
    So nice ... thanks by this much better game. It's my first choice to play. I prefer to drive it....
  13. Best truck simulator on play store
    Rhys Faulkner
    I've wanted to be a truck driver ever since I was a little boy
  14. Love the game
    Abby Noonan
    I love so much when I was playing the game my trailer fell off my truck so I love it. ❤
  15. It's a good game
    Callum Stewart
    I like this game a lot however you need to change the sensitivity of the stirring because it's to high. Could make a game like this but for a car because you could get a different expirence
  16. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 APP CLOSES
    Mitch Howard
    Not playable at all can change settings etc but when I click play it force closes please fix.
  17. Good driving game
    Claudiu Ionel
    I love this game! Hope to see more updates and new features like: right side mirror, more achievements. Congratulations for this awesome piece of software!
  18. Add More
    Kudzai Pariya
    Best truck simulation game, but please add more trucks, tolgates...increase the map, boarders please and more European countries
  19. how to get rid of ads
    Leo Davies
    will rate 5 if I had a way to stop the ads causing me to crash and ruins the game. also cruise control doesn't work
  20. Love it.
    caroline gallagher
    Wish there were turn signals and windshield wipers and a horn to use


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