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  1. Love it, lots of fun, good graphics, slight learning curve.
    Kev Louie
    I enjoyed this. I would be interested in trying your other game. Thanks.
  2. O'Brian Strachan
    Two capital ships and it's smooth sailing. Got lucky unlocking missile and then plasma right after.
  3. Four stars.
    Marc Robinson Lim
    People want a game that is legend and.. this is the game. But however, it is seemingly hard to finish because I got stuck on The Wanderers. I can't seem to beat the level. Great game though. Cheers, to addicted players.
  4. Needs inprovment
    Dhanushka Jayasinghe
    I cant beat it. There needs to be more slots to build on. If you do i may consider buying.
  5. Need more development/improvement
    Jon Smith
    Need to be able to increase scientists and engineers. Fun but need improvement. Tech upgrades in game inconsistent. Should have a flow in weapons and shield development. Bolster/Gatling fire AI too slow.-Always missing. Turrets almost usless. Fighters equipped with missiles fire too close to target end up being shot. Why don't fighters have gatling too when available?!
  6. Great time waster
    Sean McFarlane
    Stories are challenging and game play works well. Plenty of different strategies to try
  7. Enjoyable
    Graham Cooksey
    Enjoyed the game - but found I could win by using the same strategy in each of the episodes. The look and mechanics of the game are sound, however there seems little point in marines. Needs a better AI to enforce a distinct change in strategies and resource allocation to win, in order for me to give 5*. Also would like to change load out of some of the bigger ships e.g change turrets. CANNOT WAIT FOR HARBINGER!!! IT LOOKS AWESOME
  8. Hard but doable.
    Ilhom Rasulov
    I love hard missions, but as they get harder progressively. This one is hard from the beginning. I didnt like it at the beginning after about 10-20 failed rounds. I had to play around 30 or more rounds until I came up with a proper strategy and combination of resources to progress through waves.
  9. Fun game
    Seth Conyers
    I think it could do with a short tutorial to show new players all of the different things they can do. Otherwise it's a fun game
  10. Love this game
    Austin Spivey
    This is seriously one of my favorite games now. Can't wait for your guys next game to come out this week it looks so good! Keep up the good work!!!
  11. Holy crap.
    Robert Strimaitis II
    Oh my god. Easy is harder than hard on most games. Still trying to beat the first mission . LoL good job.
  12. Amazing game
    Ken Falgoust
    One of the best, most fun, and exciting games I have played in a long time.
  13. Dope
    Dope sppace battle tower defense galactic shyyyyte
  14. Way too hard
    Richard Thompson
    Options are so very limited early game that it doesn't even feel like I have anything I can do to influence the outcome
  15. That video tho
    BlackStorm Videos!
    The video brings the customer into downloading. The music of it is perfect. The voice speed and volume matches. Not all game trailers does that good of a job. Now I haven't played it yet but it looks fun. The point of this comment is to congratulate the developer of the game and video for doing a great job.
  16. Nice Little game
    Aaron Hazard
    Some of the greatest tiny teaser games in Android store like this one, fail to raise the bar, include some stages, set the standard for your business go professional and release a shareware version.
  17. Fun, shallow.
    Jeremy Coffield
    First off, this is NOT roguelike in any way. This is an arcade tower defense game with only one tower. I do enjoy it, though.
  18. Three stars
    James Grummette
    Open all maps an you'll get 5 stars from me
  19. Too hard with very limited choices
    Stuart Endo-Streeter
    Only a few paths to surviving the first carrier wave and those depend on getting lucky with the random technology upgrades. You will always lose at the first carrier wave unless you get very specific tech upgrades, which are randomly determined. Needs further balancing before worth buying.
  20. Love it
    Brian Phallan
    Love this game been waiting for harbinger says comes out today been checking every hour since midnight lol


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