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  1. Awesomeness!
    Hannible Julien
    I normally don't review at all but this game is amazing! I hope you keep updating it and adding new features, like I have never had so much fun playing a game on my phone before. Just great game guys.
  2. Must get! I swear you'll like it.
    David Roberts
    Deleted other review. I really like this game, even has an auto save if you close the app. You play by tapping the location you want your ship to go. The weapons will be on auto fire unless you target a large ship. You can assign your weapons to specific ships. Sit back send in your fighters to knock down their shields move within range and fire a nuke. Honestly it's a good arcade space tactics game.
  3. Awesome FTL-ish game play
    Mark Debord
    I've only played for about an hour but so far I'm having fun. Reminds me FTL, which is a good thing (I have like 350hrs on FTL). More variety in the missions and weapons would be great
  4. Good tactical roguelike
    dana schoonmaker
    Space, explosions, ships. One you get the feel for the game's mechanics, it's fairly addictive.
  5. Excellent
    Ryan King
    It's been a long while since I've written a review, but I have to give this one, at first I didn't know what to think, I neither liked nor disliked it, but after getting the hang of how it played, I found myself getting deep into it, and now I really enjoy it. However it still needs a few improvements, but the development really seems to care about it and have already done some upgrades to it, I bet it gets the treatment it needs before all is said and done. Good job!
  6. Reddit viewer
    Peter L
    Got the game after seeing that you guys actively listen to the consumers, looking forward to this game getting even more flashed out.
  7. Ok
    Carlo Bascos
    The price is pretty high for a game lacking content in a lot of areas, but I did enjoy 15+ hours I spent on it. I hope a future patch or a sequel makes things meatier.
  8. Brilliant concept, good game!
    Louis Godefroy
    Good game, great infact, iv just beat the game but there are a few things maybe devs can look at, 1stly, there doesn't seem to be a need for any other weapons other than the cheapest ones. Once you have done up the recharge time, they obliterate anything from fighters to factory's within seconds. 2nd, your player level needs tweaking, after finishing the game on easy and normal I still wasn't level 2. Don't know if I did something wrong, not too sure.
  9. A good game that needs some fine tuning
    Tyler Wall
    A few thoughts: the fighting is smooth but unbearably slow, could you add a double and quad time 'fast forward' buttons? Adding some sort of thruster type would also be nice. Also ideas: aoe, ships have unique abilities, stealth / cloaking, a cargo / trading with 'legal and non legal' goods between star systems (you would have to add a police component to 'chase you' if you wouldn't let the police on to search the ship - you could also become a wanted fellon and have to find someone to 'wipe your records'
  10. Reddit thread.
    Shelwyn Estrada
    Bought it because of the reddit thread. You better listen to that marketing advice. Good game has a sound glitche when to many sounds play and you kill and enemy tje explosions make a loud screech noise and sound freezes for a few seconds and it's back to normal. Good game.
  11. Good. Campaign way too short for the money. Hate the level system
    Marcus Hardy
    Are you going to expand the campaign in the future? Three phases is way too short for this price point. Game isn't bad. Story is thin. But length is the real letdown. Also, recently had to reset my phone. Past progress does NOT transfer via Google Play Games and dev has made the level up system so sloooow in a recent update. I'd have to play 6x more to get back up to unlocking the Armada. Literally, might have to beat the game a half dozen to a dozen times. Probably more. No thanks.
  12. Very good.
    C Anderson
    I can't understand why the ones who have played this game can complain about the cost. This is one of the best mobile games I have played. It is a bit unpolished but still very good. my only complaint is a needing a bit more info in the tutorial. Very good game.
  13. ronald deasy
    Like its predecessors (battle station, battle station classic) this game super-seeds all of my standards, and BUILDS upon FTL with its own UNIQUE gameplay. Anyway to the real review, this game is hands down amazing, easily understandable GUI, gameplay, storage mechanics, and most importantly, the purchase mechanics, are well thought out. Now As far as gameplay goes, think of the movement of your fighter ships, but this time, you are given COMMAND of the ship, this ship can basically have a fleet maximum of 3 ships each carrying their own different weapon/drone bay slots (based on the ship you buy). Now given this, alot of things are available with out research (something i miss is the researching function) but... as it stands this game is great already. Now onto the problems, with the gameplay,, onto the issues. New updates make highscores easier to get higher, thus making it a bit more painful on the leader boards (more fair perhaps?), Needs more ship unlocks, more lore, more fleet capabilities/increased difficulty with enemy ships. Anyway beat the game on all settings and top of the boards (except easy..) lol well made, i hope to see more ship additions/parts/storylines added in
  14. Great, Unique Game
    Eric Podlaszewski
    Awesome game, it's so satisfying having a fleet of powerful ships tearing apart any opposition. There needs to be more ships, missions, and weapons (I've read that this is upcoming). I find myself intentionally stalling on hard so that I can build a (basically) fully upgraded fleet near the end and see the immense firepower coming from it and melt enemy ships in seconds. Adding allied, uncontrollable ships would make it more interesting, especially with harder enemies(very needed). Amazing, very well done.
  15. Harbinger
    Jim Gramza
    Ridiculous, the first two times playing were great. Very addictive, cool concept, all of a sudden, it's absolutely impossible to beat even the first map! Swarmed by ships you can't beat, restricted movements, limited... I could go on, but I've wasted enough time, stress, and money on this crap. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.
  16. Noam Mendelssohn
    Updating my review. Pretty slick game, quite fun. However, ship unlock far too slow. Guys it makes no sense. You have no iaps, which is awesome. So don't force people to grind. Make unlocks far easier, and don't force me to play hours on end. Makes no marketing or gameplay sense. Update: LOVE the fact devs are responsive. Top work guys. Also, if my criticism is putting anyone off, don’t. I'm a critical person. Go figure. Must be me not breastfeeding as a baby or something. TL;DR: GAME IS GOOD++! READ THIS LINE! I COMPLAIN BECAUSE I PLAY IT TOO MUCH. (make the option to unlock ships easier and add mission ;) )
  17. Best Game App I've Ever played.
    Nathan Hayes
    I picked this game up on a whim from hearing the AMA on Reddit just to try it out, can't stop playing it. I'm not even that good at the game but I keep playing the levels until I beat it!
  18. Quiet high price for low amount of content.
    David Jones
    This game is good, but lacks is feature's. I have played and won the game a few times there are some problems. 1:High price low content. 2: Sometimes when you close your phone reopen it will let you jump even if the 30 sec cool down thing for enemies is there. 3: Not many types of enemy ships. I would rate it 5/5 "if the new game your making will be an update". I would like to hear a reply from you developers. Reply: Thank you for the quick response and after reading your response I will rate it about 5 st
  19. Promising, but it needs some improvement
    Andy Nugroho
    Good concept, but it needs improvement in game balance. The progression to unlock ship is too slow.
  20. It's alright
    Scott Jackson
    I didn't really see any strategy in this game. Maybe I am doing it wrong but after deployment which you only sorta control the ships move so slow that most battles are over before they get anywhere.


What`s new

Maintenance update. (Edit: Now also fixed BSE Haven turret slots)
- New ship BSE Haven
- 2 new hangars, Gatling fighters and Photon bombers
- Increased alien ship blueprint drop chance
- Fixed BSE Siege point defense turrets
- Added remove hyperspace white flash to options