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Monthly active users estimation: 4,500,000

Reviews 236,940

  1. Fun game, bad app
    Douglas Miles
    I loved the game. But after the first time playing it, there was NO WAY to restart the game. Close the app and re-open it, and you're back to the Game Over page. Also, a whole lot of ads. Going to uninstall it and try one of the many other "2048" games out there.
  2. Addicting!
    Kit Robertson
    Can't play it for a long rime b/c it gets boring after 20 tries, but I cant help but to play it again and again.
  3. Fun for your brain!
    Eric Bettis
    This game actually requires thought and a little skill, while not being so intense that you can't play a quick, reactive game. And it's addictive!
  4. Stars
    Hidayah Hamdi
    It's really hard compared to 2048 plus. I've tried a lot of time but I still couldn't figure it out.
  5. Not too bad
    Ashleigh CLARK
    Please tone down the amount of ads and I'll happily give you 5 stars. Great game just too many ads
  6. Great!
    Jazmin Amenta
    I have been so eager to play this game. When a searched it this was the first thing that popped out. Trust me if you haven't played this before, this is recommended. Enjoy the game!
  7. Not working right after awhile
    Crystal Abernathy
    I like this game but there are a couple of issues. One is, it seems like the grid is one line too small. Just when I'm about to make really big points, it's over, because you run out of room on the board. Also, I got pretty high scores at first, now I can't, even though I'm definitely BETTER at the game. It's like the moves have less points after you play it for awhile! Weird. I also wish there were options to change board size, timer, etc.
  8. Addictive
    Ernest Hymel
    Fun addictive game that is easy to play for hours or in short stretches of just a few minutes. The ads are annoying but the author of the app has to make money somehow.
  9. Good stuff
    A Jasniewski
    Ads are obnoxious, as they block the whole screen, and are frequent. Author has to make money, but idk it's irritating
  10. Good game, bad app
    Rosie Warren
    Keeps crashing and it won't start a new game when you have lost or won. The ad at the start is really annoying as well.
  11. good
    dalal othman
    There is a lot of copies of this game and I recently installed it and I don't know any thing about it I don't know where is the original one but I found this copy pretty good actually I hope it is the original one .
  12. Annoying
    Emily Roundy
    I love the game, but the constant ads are overly annoying. I know it's free but this is just ridiculous.
  13. I like it
    Maryssa Hicks
    Ok so one day i was bored and my brother said download 2048 i said what's that so he showed me and i started to play and now im adickded to the game.So it's a good game when your bored.
  14. Addicted
    Amie Whitmore
    Love this game easy to grasp and also takes technique. I'm well and truly addicted
  15. Like another user said, there's no apparent way to start a new game.
    Charter Jacobson
    I play one game, it shows me some full screen ad, and offers no way to start a new one. Really lame if you don't want your users playing ever again.
  16. Too many ads
    Daniel Rygh
    Game is really well coded but I find the ads too invasive to give more than 3 stars. App is good enough I would pay a dollar to get rid of them and give it 5 stars.
  17. Good start. Needs work.
    Steve Brandt
    Entertaining game, but overly intrusive ads. Also, on devices with fixed "home" buttons (ex my phone) the options button is not displayed, like on devices with "soft" keys that move with the orientation of the device. The missing options button prevents restating the game, changing options, etc.
  18. Can't start a new game
    Lorraine Wallace
    What is the point if you can only play once? Rubbish! I like 2048 but will be installing a different version so I can play more
  19. Cool math game!
    Leslie Wlotzka
    This is really a cool game&extremely challenging. I have played 4 games so far...keep getting a bit further each time. This is a great game if your mind is just overloaded. I find it really helps me wind down.
  20. Just awesum !
    Shreya Sumant
    Frm day 1 itself I gt addicted 2 dis gme. ! Its jus an amazing gme ! V good graphics ! Luv dis gme !


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