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ayo game


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  1. Rhonda Hooks
    It was ok. I'm starting to see the cheating that everybody is talking about. For instance, why does the computer go first when I won the last round? It wasn't always like that. Some rounds are too hard to win if u don't go first. Standard Quest 27 seems impossible. Please fix! I liked the game before the cheating started but about ready to uninstall now.
  2. Makes me think!
    John Hewitt
    I'm sure that there must be an unbeatable strategy to this game, but I haven't found it yet.
  3. Dan Leasia
    Ads are not wanted. Is there a paid version without Google stupid ads? Best game but not with ads blocking game.
  4. Works Well
    Arioch Fiftythree
    Good game. Plenty of variety due to the game modes. As a beginner the level of challenge is adequate.
  5. Great!!!!
    Chantal Bernard
    Best Mancala I've played!!! Loved the quest.
  6. Jake Hamm
    This game sucks don't waste your time on it!!!!!!!!
  7. Decent effort.
    Retro-Matic Gamer
    The quests would be a neat addition, except that they're pretty frustrating. Cups level 31 is completely unsolvable, and Cups level 19 (and many other levels) requires the computer to make a random mistake and you abuse the "timed turn" mechanic to skip turns and force the computer to make moves you can capitalize on. Like Checkers, Mancala can be solved like a puzzle to a perfect game, unless the setup conditions are exactly right for a balanced game; in many of the Quests, the conditions are biased and handed to the AI, where your only hope is that the AI make a random mistake, which is exceedingly rare (impossible at higher level maps). Still a good Mancala without the broken Quest mode, except that the broken Quest Mode is the one thing that made this particular version worth installing above others.
  8. Great!
    Jaime Whitsett
    I have always loved mancala but could never find anyone with an equal love of the game. Now I can play it anytime! It's nice to have the option of changing the difficulty level, especially for the days I don't feel like too much of a challenge LOL. I Haven't had any problems at all and I have an older android that isn't up to par for most games. A definite 5 star rating from me!
  9. Different but great
    Chris Miller
    It's different than what I'm used to with the normal mancala,. Only one thing is in the quest mode in "cups", level 19, it is near impossible, It is set up with set gem spots to complement the computer n gives them the distinct advantage by far and the player a major disadvantage with my amount of gem spots per cup. Please do review it. I've just completed "timed quest" and it was a great challenge. Really love this version you created
  10. Mancala is a brilliant game
    Liz Allcote
    I've never saw this game before, but once you get used to the rules, which I had to read twice, you will really get hooked on it, hook line and sinker.
  11. Just what I wanted
    Connie _
    The game does exactly what it should. Perfect.
  12. Graphics
    Sarah Galiyas
    Needs more graphics. Nice if you win coins to spend in store to buy more balls during game.
  13. Very fun game!!
    Christina Sweet
    But tend to notice that the game will cheat alot. It will take two sometimes three turns when its not rightfully its turn to go again!! Really need to fix this problem, otherwise I would give it five stars.
  14. Fun
    Gigi Dvorak
    Nice way to pass the time (esp in waiting rooms). I like being able to adjust the settings/colours to suit my mood. The option to change the background is nice, too.
  15. Best mancala in play store
    Zephyrous P. Arabesque
    funny , less ads , excited gameplay mode
  16. Terrific!
    Jon Durand
    Awesome game, best version for variety of game types. Only improvement needed is a harder difficulty setting for the A.I.
  17. Melba McFadden
    Nice choices to vary the generic mancala usually available.
  18. Challenging
    Cheryl Westra
    Not the usual game I learned but enjoyable p
  19. Great so far....
    Cindy Laidlaw
    Any chance this will be available to play online with friends soon? I would really love that... My daughter told me about this game and thought I would give it a try. Addictive. Runs smoothly. Makes you think. Thanks Melyni, for telling me about it and thankyou to those who made it available as an app.
  20. Cathy Szabo
    Great options for play. Wish there was ad free option.


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