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Reviews 212,718

  1. Best tank game ever trust me...
    Alexander Johnson
    Is absolutely fantastic, you may improve the graphics bat this game RULES!
  2. Mark Bishop
    Cant even start the game, network error message every time I try to register! Tried about a million different password and nickname options, every single time, "network error" when i hit register, nice! Guess I am out of luck!
    Dugan Barrera
    The best tank game ever! Better than world of tanks! Really good graphics and tanks! I met a lot of ppl on this game and they are nice ppl. Go GHOR! Oh, and make it so u can sell tanks plz
  4. Love the game
    Lance Thompson
    Love it but I can't use voice chat fix this plz other whyes best game I have plz fix
  5. G.H.O.R. Corporation
    aqua absharz
    I bet this is no.1 tank games with almost 0 problem. Only i hve find out it's weakness is can't sell what you bought, gun can't shoot more upward and downward,i mean when u face lowest tank that closed with u, u actually already die because ur gun just can't move more downwards. And last weakness is idk when the last time i've updated this game..i think u all supposed attracted people with this game as ur marketing strategy. This game have soo many potential to grow aggressively. Love this game. T.Y.
  6. If you want 5 stars from me
    Dave Fletcher
    Need to be able to sell back unwanted tanks and make it easier to earn coins
  7. Freddie Pollard-Pratt
    I love this game it is one of the best games I've played
  8. Hands down best tank game out right now!
    John litchfield
    I've tried every one and this thing is ridiculously good.There is 50-60 tanks, artillery to choose helicopters and jets either helping you or killing you.Great game,tough to start, stick with it! . You move up fast enough and the graphics are better than they look it's a hell of a lot of fun! You can open your own locked room and practice with your self or friends.At 250mb's its less than a 1/6 the size of world of tanks blitz(2GB) and better graphics!
  9. Lol
    Luke Bailey
    Didn't no you had to sign in
  10. Awesome!
    Eleno Escobedo
    This game is very cool but 1 problem. That's pay but other than that awesome game!!!!!!
  11. Really great game!
    Edgardo Manguiat
    But it would be nice if you could sell your tanks. That would make it easier for new players to get coins.
  12. Very good game
    My only concern is that my Google play services stayed on, it turns off every time just that I can't earn achievements. Also, the lobby ranking is horrible.
  13. Gg
    Josh Palmer
    Best game ever I seareasly recommend it
  14. erik
    Natalia Balan
    Is good but wot blits is better
  15. Joe Rustom
    Beast tank game i ever play really amazing
  16. Ok thanks
    Jasom Martens
    Ok I bought an artillory tank the m109, and well I really dont like the way you have to aim, and its hard to kill anyone because most of the time your 300mm gun doesnt do as much damage as there 120mm gun. But thank for replying
  17. AWSOME...
    Zachery Elliott
    it is vary hard to earn silver and please take out the mod mr.banhammer and i will give five stars,my name is ghost squad26.. and please lower the prices of most of the weaker tanks so we noobs have a better chance :\ and for some reason it keeps freezing in mid game...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!!!! im ghost squad26
    Xander Dog
    Other players are so OP and rewards are so small and i cant take to be killed and killed again because i have a shitty tank i FU*KIN hate this you should seperate high tier tanks to lower tier like ARMORED ACES so that the match is balanced =.=
  19. Best game ever but?
    Zhai Hwang
    This game is so sddictive and so so amazing! I love it! 5 *****Stars! But whats up lately, been saying conne ting to loby for over an hour nor, is the server down? Ok so its now working anymore so i bring it down to 1 star! It is just remaining at the login screen frozen on connecting to lobby, and thats all i t does!
  20. Please fix! Please!
    Hi, im [stb] swat from Tanktastic, and i am having trouble logging into the game. Everytime i press the application to play the game, it says "connecting to lobby" and it gets stuck on that page. I don't know whats wrong with the game, maybe it's going through some processes or something but can your fix it please. I really appreciate it. Thank you!


What`s new

- T-14 Armata’s stock level has been reduced to 74
- A push-notification system for sales and offers has been implemented.
- A bug that caused invisible objects in different maps has been fixed. Objects which could not be seen, but which prevented tanks from moving forward, will no longer be a problem.
- An option with the ability to reverse the tank has been implemented to the settings.
Full Release Notes: