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Nick Buchen | Chief Financial Officer at California State Lottery

Sacramento, California Area |

Bill Ainsworth | deputy director corporate communications at California State Lottery

Sacramento, California Area |

Elias Dominguez | Social Media Wizard at California State Lottery

Sacramento, California Area |

Glenn Lewis | Investigator at California State Lottery

Sacramento, California Area |

Reviews 10,998

  1. Waste of Time
    David Valentino
    Worked great at first now it just freezes and crashes. I already reinstalled twice and it still does not work.
    Sean Bono
    The absolute #1 most helpful feature the CA Lottery could add to this app would be the ability to add 2nd chance tickets to our accounts via bar code scanner. The current method of entering 2nd chance tickets is inconvenient and time consuming. Adding that new feature would be an amazing upgrade and appreciated by many.
  3. App is handy
    Davis Vang
    Good app. I like it. It's easy to use and handy. It is good enough if you just want to check the winning number and prize. But once in a while it crashed and unable to launch the app. Would like to see the feature of account login and second chance number entry.
  4. Keeps crashing
    Allie Sanders
    No point in using the app if it keeps crashing.
  5. Needs more
    Rena M
    App would be nice if you could login to your account and also be able to enter your 2nd chance tickets w/barcode scanner & gave results & winners weekly & end of game draws.
  6. Thanks but expect more of you.
    youngmir b
    At the very least you can add a bar code scanner of sorts to make it easier to enter tickets into your 2nd chance drawing. As a thank you of sorts perhaps to your friends out there.
  7. 2nd chance
    Bob Le
    Would be a whole lot better if you can enter non winning scratchers into the 2nd chance right in the app.
  8. Suggesting
    ryan olson
    you should add the ability to scan a ticket to check results like you can in retail locations and also add the account log in so I can scan my second chance tickets
  9. Strikin it rich
    Jipatia Scruggs
    The app is ok, but since I've updated the app there isn't that section that used to show you how long you have until the draw begins. It used to let you know how long you have before you can't play a ticket. Now it jus takes you straight to your choice of results. Of all the portions of the older app, knowing how long you had before closing time for a game was one of the BEST features. Can ya bring that part back? If you, I will then give it a 5 star rating.
  10. I love California lottery
    Marian Hill
    THANK You for all you do making a difference in lives . GREATEST app !
  11. Used to work, not anymore.
    George Nichols
    App crashes when selected. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Something is obviously broken
  12. Lame
    Richard Gray
    Add the ability to scan a ticket and it'd be worthwhile. As is, it's just decent alternative to the website. 2nd chance registration capabilities would also be nice.
  13. Not much app in that app
    Clarence Dold
    This provides less information than a web page. I thought it might have past results for my favorite numbers, or be able to scan my ticket.
  14. Can't scan 2nd chance entries
    Yin May Tieu
    Useless app. The New Mexico lottery app has scanning abilities. This one doesn't.
  15. Joseph Jim
    Tried to enter to submit the 2nd chance Super Lotto plus with 2nd Chance Code. Never can get through. Sorry about that.
  16. Nice App!
    zelide cain
    As a suggestion, it would be great if there was a feature where I can input my lotto picks and would compare to the winning numbers, then notify me. It kinda takes the hassle out figuring it out, just a suggestion.
  17. What's going on with this app?
    Sally Backstrom
    For 2 days been say unfortunately California lottery has stopped.
  18. phon tui
    A ticket is valid for 6 months & yet this app only posting up to 1 month of past results. What the hell?
  19. Does what it does
    Huy H
    Should add function to recognize your numbers and tell you if you've won something.
  20. Amanda Briscoe
    I so far like the app... I do agree it would be better if I could log in and submit my 2nd chance.


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