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  1. Shelly Leabch
    Really? What is the point of even trying to play the game, if the objects you have dont work, you just keep going back and forth, very fruserating. I have paper knife and wire, they dont combine let alone trying to unlock the door in some way. Please help! The hint just highligts the dam lock on the door in the yard. That hint is not would like to rate higher. Feedback please.
  2. Adventure!
    Lauradelenn S
    Plenty of adventure to be found here, along with an interesting plot line, simple but logical puzzles, and good graphics. My only complaint? Items too small to be seen without a way to magnify them- a glaring error in a pc to mobile port.....but not enough to detract an entire star from the rating, imo.
  3. Loved it
    Gail Barnes
    Brilliant game didn't expect it to be this good well worth the money disappointed that they have no more games like this
  4. Fun!
    Julie B.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It has some great elements to it and it kills the competiton from Alawar, Eipix and Gojii. Their new stuff is awful. I would gladly pay for more games from this creator though! Love the comic book element. And yes, stuff is small and hard to see at times but I had no trouble finishing the game.
    Rachael Todd
    I absolutely loved this game. Best storyline/effects/setup/everything. There are a couple of grumbles that I'll mention because other people are having issues. Shelley, just keep putting the wire over the lock. It should work. Somethings didn't work & it just took loads of go's. The hints no help at all. It just kept bringing the map up. Try holding it down for longer, then it points to an object but that's it!! Not everything was highlighted on the easy level so keep looking at other objects too. Once you've got the UVA light & can't find something, try using it even if it's not stated (& in HO games too). Then photograph it. I hope that's helpful to some of you. I'll keep checking back so if stuck put in review & I may be able to help. For me, I am so glad I persevered at the beginning!!
  6. I liked this so much I googled to find it for PC!
    Linda Stephens
    I liked this so much I googled to find it for PC! It is too difficult finding some items without Zoom on tablet so I am playing it on my PC and thoroughly enjoying it! Bravo! If you add a Zoom to the hidden object scenes, this game would be perfect! More please!
  7. Brilliant
    Deborah Emery
    Loved this game so much. Was challenging but not to the point where it was impossible. Just wish it was longer or at least something similar. :)
  8. Needs help
    R Darin
    Good game however, bug's in trying to get objects and photos using the camera. Please fix this! The game cost two dollars plus. . I'm frustrated because I want to play what I paid for.
  9. Player
    Sandra ashton
    Chain disappeared off door as soon as I started didn't show up anywhere no matter how many times I tried shame, could have been a good game. Uninstalled then tried again same thing happened. Glad I hadn't yet paid for it UNINSTALLED permanently.
  10. Terrific New Mystery Game....Highly Recommended!!
    J May
    One of the Very Best on the Playstore and will give you hours of fun and some historical facts too.
  11. Mystery of neuschwanstein
    Crystal Cole
    I can't remove the broken chain on the start of the game all I get is the oil can bicycle chain not the crank not none of them work to remove it. I even payed for the full version of the game I would like my money back
  12. Looks fun but...
    Bridget O'Connell
    No zoom? How can anyone see these objects?
  13. Mary Murphy
    Cannot pick up bullet in office just spoiled a good game uninstalling
  14. Not too bad.
    FN BS
    Some glitches and items real small to see because of no zoom. Good job with first game! Fix problems and please release more!
  15. Disappointed
    Lisa Scott
    Right when you get into the game and ready for the next chapter, you are ask to buy the full version, Not worthy the cost UNINSTAL
  16. Cardinal Biggles
    Lovely graphics, decent plot and some nice puzzles within the game. You will need the walkthrough vid on YouTube. It's £2.12 to go beyond the first few rooms. Probably worth it.
  17. Kelly MacKechnie
    Nice new kinda game ,although there are 2 sorta like it called "sanctuary and John raven" all in all this game is awesome indeed,also its a long extended game and stays awesome the whole way through
  18. One problem
    Samra Shah
    I dont know how to use a magnifying glass....i didnt find it on my screen....although wonderful game and awsome storyline
  19. Uninstalling!!
    Rose Ann
    Most of the item that are listed are soooo sall.. I can barely see it!!
  20. Only played free portion..
    MamaJ B
    Very well done game! Not too challenging but quite entertaining.