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Ebrahim Behbahani | Lead Software Developer at Ilmfinity

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Siraj Fakhri | Graphic Illustrator at ilmfinity

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Ebrahim Behbahani | Over six years of successful software and applications development in a global team environment.

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  1. Love the CREOS!!
    Albertus Mario
    This is a very good game, bringing more complex mechanics to pokemon, but it still have some bugs.. EDIT: the devs are so great and responsive, bug fixing is done nicely, and they listen to our say about features we want in this game! This game is really a 5 star material, and I'll buy more game from this great devs!! Get it NOW!!!
  2. Excellent Pokemon-like RPG
    Brian Welsh
    I had been wanting a Pokemon style RPG on Android for a while and found this on Kickstarter and helped back it. I am definitely not disappointed. The game has plenty of its own unique twist on the genre to make it feel nice and original. The combat is very refreshing and the game can be challenging. I love how some Creo evolve based on the types of attacks used the most. Also I would LOVE the ability to place the ride/swim/dig, etc buttons on the HUD. Going into the menu a lot gets tedious.
  3. Best Pokémon Like, Hands Down
    Jacob Rubin
    I've been addicted to this game since I downloaded it. It is so well thought out and well made, it even improves on Pokémon in some ways. There are still some technical issues, like sometimes with digital control I can get stuck on the environment, or if I leave the game and come back the sound glitches out and sounds like a bunch of 8 bit explosions. Other than that, fantastic game. Can't wait to see how it's improved.
  4. Maybe the only game that I love
    Desert Eagle
    There isnt many games I enjoy they get boring or have you pay to win or like energy bars.But this game maybe one of the best game Ever! And this pokemon game is so good, keep up the good work guys
  5. wow best purchase to date
    Lewis Passmore
    ive been waiting for a game like this to surface in android thanyou to the developers im gonna be putting in plenty of time playing this !!!
  6. For once no complaints about a game
    Not saying its perfect but its real good and not not the same level as as good as kemco but much much better. Great game tigher mechanics and polished ui. Huge selection of monster to capture and evolve and lets face it, thats why we are here and the selectikn is good. If an offical pokemon game were to come out it the two would be comparable in style and over all polish of the game to each other and that says something when one is a pokemon game and the other is from a new series that sells for one dollar.
  7. Yurixy E
    The game is amazing! Congrats for the developers. I just wanted to point out some annoying bugs that makes the game freeze or crash: When you press too fast to skip npc dialog, sometimes the game just freeze and you need to restart. Other major bug is the sound goes crazy when you swipe from top to bot to see the battery % for example. I hope they fix the bugs and keep improving the game.
  8. So Much Potential, But...
    Skylar Neal
    The game is plauged with balancing issues; especially early on. I found myself spamming Heal as much as possible. I like the mechanics and all; but the AI feels cheap because of the leveling imbalance (I'm looking at you Taku! Seriously, level 15 Furen during the last arena match then you Taku with your level 17 and 19 Creos without coming across a new area to catch new and stronger Creos first?!?!) Other than that major problem, I really like the game.
  9. Helpful
    James G
    Just a heads up If you enter Lanos office at the start going left all the way will trap you against the wall and your creo in the bottom left corner. Also think about full rotation of the screens orientation would help when I'm charging my phone. Alright back to playing ^^.
  10. Great frickin deal
    Eric Nordstrom
    Great monster trainer-type game. Mechanics and aesthetics are very tightly executed. Well worth the 99 cents.
  11. Amazing
    kenward evan
    I was waiting for so long for this kind of game to come to mobile. It is finally here and I do recommend it very much. Can't wait to tell my friends and get them addicted to this.
  12. This is Exactly What I Needed on Android!
    Stif Da Swirl
    It's great, everything is great! Though in Lanos Office, you can get stuck in the corner by the table and have to reload save. Also, anyway to get opacity options for the HUD? The interact button covers up items sometimes. More improvements I hope for are more responsive analog controls and auto sign-in Google+, I have to manually sign-in every time.
  13. Crashed twice
    Ishmael Shanghie
    I opened the cash shop to buy 300 cash gacha to get a new Creo and it crashed my game twice now and I lost my 300 cash each time. I'm going to try a 3rd time now just to make sure . EDIT : So it worked the 3rd time but I still lost my cash to the shop. Is there anyway you can check for that ?
  14. Callum Green
    I constantly lose control of my character and cant move them please fix and ill update to 5 stars
  15. Heo yeah!!
    Eli Rodriguez
    This game is awesome. I hope you guys keep making more and milking it like the real pokemon franchise. I'm willing to drop $5+ on each iteration
  16. Great Game
    Vincent Urbina
    Wow this is a wonderful great game but i agree that the map should well im not sure but more details so its easier to read
  17. Awesome
    Danzx Japan
    Gak sia" buang duit bwt game ini
  18. How does this game not have more attention?
    Mario Beltran
    I mean seriously, this game is really well polished. I hope this game gets more attention, the combat mechanics are excellent! Also, I second the idea of an on screen minimap, maybe you could make a small map and tap on it to make it slightly larger? Also immersion mode would be greatly appreciated. Food for thought.
  19. Love it
    TNT Wizard
    This is Great wouldn't be a suprise if this game is the most popular app on the store
  20. Good game
    Charles Harrison
    Great pokemon clone. Although my all electric creo learned a fire move.


What`s new

Your Creo from your cloud save can now be exported! Exporting is available in the setting menu. Your Creo can be viewed at The site is currently down but should be up later this year. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.
This update also includes minor bug fixes.