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ivf calendar
nuvaring app
nuvaring app reminder
pms buddy
pms cycle tracker for men
pms tracker
женский календарь месячных
календарь месячных


Monthly active users estimation: 750,000

Reviews 192,808

  1. Jasmine Webb
    Cutest and simplest tracking app out there but also has a ton of unintrusive features if that's your thing. No complaints whatsoever. (:
  2. Awesome app!
    Breanna kato
    I love the features and I've been using it for everything! Tracking symptoms and moods. I especially love that I can track my flow now! I really like the simple design that's really intuitive. The widget is a great reminder of my next cycle.
  3. I love the app..
    Joy De Sello
    I love the app..not complicated, easy to understand & very helpful. But please let me know what to put or to indicate in the app if I got pregnant. My last period was March 08. Thanks
  4. Carin Basson
    Reasonably accurate period prediction. Simple and clean interface, very intuitive. Love the month view default and the discrete widget.
  5. Uninstalling
    Paulina Javiera
    Used to be great until monetizing became the top priority. Now I can't sync with Google calendar without buying premium. No thanks.
  6. Great
    Daniie Foister
    Fantastic app. Perfect for me as my partner and I are TTC. So easy to use and simple for anyone to understand. Love it.
  7. LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar
    olivia morr
    This is a helpful app! It has helped me accomplish NFP successfully for the past year. I imagine it will be a great tool if I were trying to conceive. Taking charge of your fertility is much easier with a app like this one.
  8. Good features
    Treva Bergem
    I love how we have the reminder feature!! I wish it could be a lil more customizable and maybe a lil bit easier to understand the calendar.... maybe a key to show what a symbol or color means that way you dont have to search for it!!! Another thing add more useful features for premium... i have the same thing as everyone except that i can edit the name of my reminder!! Other than that.... great
  9. I've kept only this app out of the 3 I've just tried
    Kover Emese
    The most simple to use out of 3 though still too much feature for me.
  10. Love this app!
    Leani Payne
    I just love this app. It's very usefull & easy to use. I think some extra things can be added to make it even better. I have a request to insert an indication of which days the possiblity of conceiving a certain gender is highest.
  11. Love the app!
    hailey hinojosa
    Best one yet! Simple and perfect. USE THE CODE 8tjy66 TO GET TEN CREDITS WHICH YOU CAN BUY PREMIUM WITH
  12. Love it
    diane dolan
    Use code s8dkx8 to get 10 credit s towards premium
  13. Thank you
    preeshja p
    I am so happy there is an app like this one! Thank you.
  14. Akansha Doshi
    Love the app! Love the new update! Looks amazing and works just right :)
  15. Love it
    Ozzhanetta Lee
    Is easy to use. I just hate that the countdown widget messed up after the update. Still 5 stars
  16. Great!
    Maddie Tuggle
    Helps me realize my periods have been irregular! Not so sure what the unsafe or safe phase means, but that isn't really needed(: Love love LOVE IT!!
  17. Awesome
    Shii Shay
    To all great women out there! This app is really great. The widget is really useful. Keep up the good work! Use this referral code: qt7dkd to get 10 credits
  18. Brigitte C-A
    Good app, cute design! No problems until this last update - the countdown widget doesn't work anymore. Please fix! edit: the widget was fixed a few days after I posted this. This app is very useful and has a nice & clean interface with useful features to track moods, temperature, and other symptoms/indicators of where in your cycle you are. great app!
  19. Favorite app
    Leah A.
    I've tried a few similar apps, but this one has been the simplest to use. It has also been the most accurate app when predicting the date of my next cycle.
  20. Best tracking app I've used
    siqi ren
    Been using it for about 8 months now, simple and clear to check and log


What`s new

★ Pill Reminder: An updated pill reminder with the option of tracking 24 day pill packs, in addition to the existing 21 and 28 day options.

★ Additional Contraceptive Reminder: We have now added support for vaginal ring, in addition to the existing pill reminders.

★ Custom Cycle Reminders: Set custom reminders based on your menstrual cycle. For eg: Set a reminder for intake of hormone pills on day 10–14 of your cycle.

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