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Anton Rybakov | Founder, JoyBits

Россия |

Tom Cypher | Programmer

Pavel Moskalevich | Software Developer

Vladimir Lebedev-Schmidthof | Software Developer

Reviews 15,057

  1. Boring
    Lizzie Cook
    You don't do anything except go down the list and try to put stuff together, and most of the time it doesn't make anything. More tedious than fun. Wish I had tried the free version first....
  2. Lame
    Too random, too many ads especially for purchasing it.
  3. Randon crashed
    Vampir rifqi
    Jusr bought it and i got a random crash in the game :(
  4. So many ads
    Chris Blyther
    Seriously spamy even after turning partner ads of and buying the game.
  5. Doodle God
    Lindsay Scott
    Highly addictive, with fun & unexected combinations, some of which made me laugh out loud
  6. Weird modern level
    Kitty Hockensmith
    I liked the game until I got to the third level of the Modern Age and I feel like the categories are really obscure, so it's incredibly difficult to even consider what elements to mix.
  7. Really seems cool, but...
    E. Ahad
    I'm stuck with the same elements and can't make anything else. I've tried all the combinations I have (which are only 4 with their branch offs), and none of them create anything new. Sucks.
  8. Better as a web game
    Andrew Lee
    I paid for this because I loved the little web game it grew from. This game spams you with ads even though it's a paid game. Also, all the bells and whistles they added make the game less fun and more complicated. As you go along, the element creation process is less intuitive and is almost 100 percent dumb luck, guesswork and using the hints. Also, if the ingredients for something are available and you are in the wrong age, creation will fail and you have to guess to do it again in the next age.
  9. The worst of mobile gaming practices
    Kalman Clement
    Incessant notifications, meaningless social integration requests, rampant in-app purchases. Simply having this game installed is far more annoying than any fun you'd have playing it.
  10. Better and better!
    Victoria Wallem
    I've had this app for a very long time and just recently picked it up again after multiple updates. I'm amazed at how much there is to do now! Way more entertaining than it was originally and I love that there's a way to save your progress now!
  11. Used to be a good game
    Family Oygenblik
    This game is bad simply for all the ads that it attempts to shove down your throat. Even with the paid version for 2 dollars there are still boatloads of ads (most being unable to be closed out). There are also countless notifications being sent out randomly during the day even when the game is off to get back on the game. Also, their system of spamming microtransactions at me does not seem appealing at all. Stay away from this game. A couple years ago the problem was nonexistant but now its not the same.
  12. Pay but still stare at ads.
    Josephine Robertson
    Game itself is cute, has potential. But there was no warning that the paid version of the app is still riddled with ads, including video ads that can't be dismissed. I hate ads, and I will gladly pay to not see them. But to have paid and still have ads? This app has been uninstalled and I will not download anything else from this publisher. For shame.
  13. Cant play it.
    Lanea Stroup
    I bought the game but everytime I try to play on my samsung galaxy tablet it glitches out and crashes the whole system. The music warps, the screen freezes and then everything goes black for a few minutes. When the display finally comes back the game is closed out. This is the only program on my tablet that has ever caused these kind of issues.
  14. Good app but...
    Matt DSGNS
    You expect if you pay for it that removes the adverts. Sadly this is not the case. Terrible money grabbing.
  15. Fun BUT!!!
    laura phousongphouang
    This game is fun and addicting. However, when I spent 150 gold for hints, it never gave me the hints. Now I'm too scared to spend more. Is this a glitch?
  16. Handymann
    Dewey Bergmann
    I liked it but it should have more puzzles and adventures i beat all of them twice
  17. Too many ads and bugs for a paid game.
    Got to 140 items but the 3rd lvl does't unlock. Achievements are broken, sometimes they pop, sometimes they don't. I disabled partner apps on the settings and still get a shit ton of ads for their other games all the time. The game tries to sell you stuff all the time, extremely annoying. Don't buy.
  18. I hope God actually does this <3
    Coleton McGuire
    Love it, am hooked on the bonus content
  19. Good but
    Harley Prelip
    I can't see the icons for the elements. It just shows a name its dumb. Lg g3
  20. Deanna C
    Pretty challenging honestly. Great graphics. Nice thought provoking concept


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